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MyPart is a revolutionary platform for songwriters to get their songs matched with artists well-suited to sing them. They use AI to match the songs with artists such as Cardi B, Dua Lipa, Alessia Cara, David Guetta, and many more!

They wanted to run Facebook Ads to generate leads for their services and even wanted to try out TikTok Ads. Our experience with Facebook Ads and other paid media made us the perfect match!

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01. Testing audiences and creatives massively

Audiences and creatives have a huge impact on results. With this in mind, we kept close track of every interest audience and creative we tested to use this information to spend on the highest performing combinations. Because they had so many great artists to test, we had our work cut out for us – but we found some winning combinations.

02. We saw the full potential of TikTok ads

Don’t sleep on TikTok ads – we saw huge success with them. The platform is ideal for using native content to connect with audiences. We tested ads initially that were the same style as the Facebook Ads that had been successful, but quickly discovered that native content performs much better on TikTok when we switched our strategy.

03. Clear and consistent messaging

No tricky and convoluted messages here. MyPart’s services needed to be simply explained so that users would be reassured and encouraged to learn more. With that in mind, we stuck to clear, simple, and transparent messaging that outlined the benefits, potential rewards, and addressed any concerns users may have. With some minor edits, we ran multiple versions of the copy to keep things consistent.


We were able to generate an overall $1.59 cost per lead on TikTok and $1.89 cost per lead on Facebook & Instagram. 


Consistency is key

We had our Facebook Ads down to a science. The style of the images and messages in the copy remained consistent. After initial testing of ad copy and creative design, we stuck to what worked and introduced new artists to feature as we continued tests. We essentially had a template with branding and messaging consistent with MyPart so that users would recognize and remember the brand, even as we tested new artists.

Different placements, different results

While we normally like to use automatic placements for more consistent results, we saw success with testing Instagram only and Facebook only placements. This worked for MyPart especially because of the way they interact with users differently on the two platforms. We found that the same targeting would yield very different results depending on which placement we used. This way, we were able to waste less money targeting both placements when we knew which placement would be doing better.

Think like a TikToker

Our success with TikTok came once we put ourselves in the shoes of a TikTok creator. With videos that didn’t stand out loudly as ads, we saw a much lower cost per lead and a higher number of impressions. The successful videos featured an explanation of the services delivered in a way that TikTok users are used to seeing so that it came more naturally to them.

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