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Kigurumi sells animal onesies costumes around the world.

They had a pretty solid brand with a strong reputation for quality in the market. Their goal was to scale even higher and keep pushing the brand’s expansion.

We analyzed their entire paid media strategy and made very specific suggestions that they were keen to try based on their goals.


01. Massive creative testing

The important thing to us was to not miss out an opportunity by not having tested all creative angles. We mapped out every creative ideas we had alongside their previous well performing creatives to make a testing strategy. This led us to segmenting our campaign approach – test a lot and then optimize for a smooth scaling experience.

02. Target ROAS

With the idea of always getting the highest ROAS for the client, we decided to approach all our Google ads with a specific target ROAS in order to drive the performance we were aiming for. For Facebook, we restrained from manual bidding as it took down our spending by too much. This allowed us to keep a steady spend on Facebook and a high return on Google ads.

03. Structured approach

With every campaign comes a time when we question the structure. In our experience, changing the existing structure during a campaign is the worst thing you can do. It dramatically reduces the paid media results and impacts the brand in a negative way. We decided which campaigns, audiences and objectives we wanted to run with their budget split allowing us to focus on creative testing instead.


We were able to generate over $800,000 in revenue with an average ROAS of 7.8x. This helped them attract new customers from Facebook ads, Google ads and Tik Tok ads.


Maximize cross channel abilities

When scaling a campaign across multiple channels, you must take the time analyze them by comparing them to each other. One channel can have a 10x ROAS and the other a 2x – while you shouldn’t close down a channel, you can definitely greatly reduce its ad spend. Spending more on your top channels is one of the fastest way to increase your profitability and revenue.

Marketing angles first

We can optimize our structure, settings or even audiences but what matters most is our marketing angle. What are we promoting and how are we showing it through our creatives. We had tons of motion design ideas to immerse people in the world of Kigurumi. In our experience, your audience won’t change but your creatives will.

Test slowly

Every time we launch a new channel, there’s a testing phase where we learn about what works well. This usually means only 10% of our ad spend goes towards the best performing creatives but there’s no other way to find it then testing. It’s why we usually recommend testing slowly and scaling aggressively rather than the opposite.

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