ZooFest, Montreal

Facebook Ads & Google Ads, Social Media Management


Zoofest is an annual festival held each July in Montreal featuring comedy, theatre, and musical performances.

The organizers wanted to appeal to 18-35 year old audiences – most of our friends hadn’t heard of it yet. So our mission was clear: bring them maximum visibility while still generating consistently strong sales. 

Luckily, with our experience in social media management, design, SEO, and PPC ads, we were ready for the challenge.


01. Social Media Management

We took charge of their social media accounts and began posting highly shareable branded content on a consistent schedule. We even kept up on memes to stay current and relevant with our posts.

02. Facebook & Instagram Ads

We ran ads on Facebook and Instagram to promote the event, as well as to sell tickets. This is where great copywriting and design played a huge part in the campaign’s success.

03. SEO Optimization

Our skills in SEO Optimization helped us to create pages that increased their website traffic and kept users online longer.


WOur best ads had a $0.10 cost per click
70% engagement rate with a total advertising reach: 82,349
806,846 impressions



Be creative with your images. We really flexed our creative muscles with Zoofest and were able to create some amazing, funky, on brand images for use in their advertising and social media campaigns.


Focus on your audience and learn as much as you can about them. Digging into audience research is super essential. We found out as much as we possibly could about their ideal customer in order to raise awareness for the festival and also reach people who are likely to purchase tickets.


Lookalike audiences are great for scaling. For maximum reach, we used lookalike audiences to reach even more people with similar behaviors and interests to the ones that we were already targeting. The result was amazing and our total reach exceeded 82K.

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