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Formaticum was looking for a strong Facebook & Google ads agency to drive performance for their brands in the direct-to-consumer market. They had worked with numerous agencies before with no results whatsoever.

Being vetted as one of the top Facebook ads agency in the market, we quickly stood out as a great fit to move the brand forward and drive a continuous flow of sales.

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01. Don’t spend too much on testing

It’s important to keep testing new audiences, copy and creatives but not overdo it. We quickly realized that we had a best performing ad that was outperforming any ad we were creating. Once you found something that works, we recommend diminishing your testing budget because the end goal is a strong ROAS.

02. Test numerous interests without attachment

It’s fair to say that testing audiences is on everyone’s mind. We often hear the words “find your audience” but on Facebook it’s not so precise. It’s important to spend on audiences that bring results. It’s not because a lookalike is supposed to work that you should spend on it.

03. Images are often the best

When it comes to ad creatives, everybody keeps talking about videos but behind curtains images still drive 90% of conversions. The reason is that to drive a conversion, you need to keep people curious. A video that reveals it all gets people to not go further.


In our first 6 months, we were able to generate an an increase of 75% in their monthly sales. Our ads generated a big boosted presence for the brand which was gaining tremendous visibility in the US.


Keep testing audiences

It often feels like we have an infinite amount of audiences to test but it’s quite the contrary. We have a limited amount of people to reach. It’s important to test each angle. We might be surprised to see who truly resonates with us.

Keep your visual quality

We only tested the top tier images for our client even if they had around 50 GB of images & videos. The reason is we don’t want to waste money on bad creatives and we need to trust our instinct in that decision. 

Test to scale your budget

When we scaled initially, we weren’t able to keep the CPA. It’s when we switched to a CBO model and tested numerous audiences simultaneously that we were truly able to increase the budget to new heights.

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