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Basso is a fashion brand selling sneakers, shoes, and accessories with a target audience made up of mostly Gen Z.

They approached us because they had been doing their ads in the past but wanted to outsource it. They had been growing entirely from Facebook & Instagram ads so they really knew a lot about the platform. They had outsourced to another agency who had done a poor job prior to us. With our expertise in Facebook ads & fashion eCommerce, they knew we had the skills to take them to the next level.


01. New creatives and copy

We made tons of new creatives & ad copy for their ads by fully immersing ourselves in the ecosystem of their customers. By doing this, we were able to create advertising that related more to their target audience.

02. Branding and banners

We helped design the banners on their website to match the current sales that they had on. This allowed our ads to match what was on their website and thus increased the amount of sales they were able to make.

03. Facebook power of 5

We set up our Facebook Power 5 campaigns by creating a single CBO campaign with all their best audiences & ads. The concept is that if you run a CBO with the best advertising, you can get more consistent and better results than in single campaigns.  We were able to help them generate a 3.22X ROI in their first 7 months with over 6 million impressions.


We generated a ROAS of 3.27X that was consistent. It was the best campaign they ever ran in the account in terms of volume, ROAS and consistency. They had campaigns with higher ROAS before but none that stayed as consistent as this one.


The Facebook Power of 5 is your friend

Don’t be afraid to leverage the Facebook Power 5. We made a switch 2 years ago and everytime we came back to using ad set budgets or manual placements, the results were worse off. We’ve even seen clients trying to prove us wrong only to bring their cost per purchase going up by 10x.

Test Smart

No need to keep all audiences & creatives running. The goal here is to make new tests but keep a minimalist mindset. We want to put all the budget on the best advertising while testing new creatives to find the new winner. It’s like investing, putting all your eggs in one basket is the only true way to grow. You have to choose that basket carefully, but when you find it, don’t hesitate.

Scale on a single campaign

Scaling doesn’t have to be about having multiple campaigns. We’ve been able to increase the budget by $50 to $100 per day on our single campaign while keeping a strong profitability. From what we’ve seen, ad sets, budgets, and campaigns can do better at the beginning… but our CBO’s stand the test of time.

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