Trylon, Montreal, Canada

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Trylon is an apartment-hotel located in downtown Montreal. They offer long and short term stays and good connections to all that Montreal has to offer for business and leisure travellers alike.

Their suites range in size from studio to 2 bed apartments and they cater to a wide range of travellers. But their website wasn’t working as hard to show off their high-quality  accommodations as it could have been.

They were in need of a total website and branding makeover – so we answered the call.


01. We rebuilt their entire website

We got creative and found new ways to showcase their accommodations in a new light. In addition to rebuilding the site, we seriously stepped up their SEO game with blog posts and keyword research. You can check out their website here.

02. We used Google Ads to promote

In addition to Facebook Ads, we also ran Google Ads for Trylon. Especially in the rental/travel markets, Google Ads is a pretty powerful tool. With smart keyword research, we were able to target lower competition keywords for a much better overall cost per conversion.

03. We managed their social media

We managed their social media to help take care of positioning and engagement.


We grew their organic traffic by 400%


Create content your audience loves.

By including blog posts on your website, you’re seriously enhancing the user experience on your website. Trylon’s blog posts and content shows off some of the fun things renters can do in the city and beyond while staying with them, and that’s a valuable inbound marketing tool to have in their arsenal.

Attract customers with beautiful photography.

Trylon is a lesson in how amazing photography can make all the difference. By simply updating the website’s photography, we were able to see a huge difference in conversions coming from the website. We did photoshoots and video shoots to create some amazing content for their website and ads.

Long tail keywords are good.

By focusing on long tail keywords instead of the most popular ones, we were able to target more keywords that were less competitive. This gave Trylon an edge on longer tail keywords. Less competition = better chance of ranking highest!

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