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Mini Mani Moo is a NYC based company selling innovative nail polish for people around the world.

They had grown their brand solely based off their work – creating amazingly innovative products and attractive content to drive customers. They wanted an agency to help them take their business to the next level with their new product launches.

With our extensive experience in paid advertising, we dove both feet in to help this brand keep growing their amazing brand worldwide.


01. Educating video ads

When you have a product that shows a beautiful final result but demands a bit of work, make an educational video. It’s one of the best way to make your customers see themselves doing it themselves. While you are showing the video, you can even share tips and advantages of your products.

02. Test audiences at the beginning

We don’t recommend testing audiences indefinitely with a 50/50 split. We tested audiences early, picked the clear winner and changed the budget split to 90/10. We spend 90% of the best audience and 10% on new audiences to get results while staying innovative in our approach.

03. Dynamic Search

More and more, we are relying on advertising platform to guide us when it comes to optimization. It helps us focus more on what matters, the creative & innovative aspect of the brand. For us, it’s great news because working with someone less expensive than us means they don’t have that edge in content creation.


We were able to generate over $260,000 in revenue with an average ROAS of 3.98x. This helped them attract new customers from new advertising channels.


Explore new channels

We often hear about the Pareto principle and we get it. Focus in business is very important to reach success. We think this is true for companies that are starting out and have a learning curve for everything they try. When you work with an experienced agency like us, we don’t have that learning curve. Advertising in as many relevant places as possible can help your brand build omnipresence. When people see you everywhere, it’s usually when your brand takes off.

Start from your ideal customer

Finding new ideas is all about having guidelines. The most important guideline we found for Mini Mani Moo was their audience of females between 18-40. With that information, we saw how Tik Tok would be a great platform but it didn’t stop there. We also wondering why women above 40 didn’t buy their product. This led us to start profitable Pinterest campaigns to drive further growth.

Creativity is infinite

When we say creativity is infinite, not everybody has that ability. We pride ourselves in constantly coming up with new innovative ideas. In other words, our creative muscle keeps on growing and this is what is helping brands truly grow. In terms of creatives, we’ve played with every format: image, video, carousel, instant experience and catalogue ads.

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