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Menu Extra, Montreal

Facebook Ads and Conversion Rate Optimization


Menu Extra is a Montreal Gastronomie brand launched in 2019. It was built initially by two chefs – Francis Blais (winner of Chef Canada) and Camilo Lapointe (winner of Chef Québec).

They had great initial success from their creative work and recognition but were looking to increase their sales through advertising. Accelerating their revenue was their main goal. They needed an agency that specialized in customer acquisition.

With our paid advertising expertise in eCommerce, it felt like a perfect fit. We jumped with both feet to help Menu Extra keep growing, faster.


01. Test multiple audiences

With great advertising, we found it important to strategically test audiences. To accurately have the information, we segmented our test based off single interests first and then single location. It allowed to hone in the best audiences early and save thousands of dollars in advertising.

02. Leverage creative insights

With a lot of different creative, we had to truly analyze the impact and results of each in terms of revenue and engagement. We believe that it’s not about videos or images working but rather the type of image or video and the product. By taking these parameters alone, we were able to quickly improve our content strategy.

03. Testing flow

Paid advertising success depends on constant testing & improvement of ads. We kept making new creatives every week with new ideas, copy & creatives. It allowed us to keep our feed filled with constant novelty and winning ads.


We were able to generate over $400,000 in revenue with an average ROAS of 13.3x, which helped them double revenue within 1-year.


Test in a strategic way

There are always tons of variables to test: location, interest, creative and product. By being very strategic in our approach, we were able to get the answers we needed much faster. It’s kind of like a horse race where we are looking for the winner.

Share insights to everyone

While it’s easy to keep insights to yourself, sharing this insight with the creative team, the product owners and ads specialist makes a big difference. Being transparent really improves creativity. For instance, sharing which ads worked the best can inspire your clients next product.

Never stop creating

No matter how your ads are performing – paid advertising is a dynamic world. You need to constantly test new creatives & ad copy to stay on top of your game. It’s why we created a flow of launching new ads no matter what. Always be testing is not just a saying – you must live by it.

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