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Humps is a Los Angeles brand launched in May 2017. They sell recycled material sunglasses for the travellers around the world.

They were looking for an agency to work to revive their brand still riding on their initial success drying up. As a somewhat established online brand, they had run a lot of campaigns prior to us. The problem was that none of what was working before was bearing any fruits.

With our extensive experience in paid advertising, we dove both feet in to transform this brand to its initial success.


01. Consolidate campaigns

We saw that the company had been running too many campaigns at once with a very bad return of investment. We handpicked their top audiences as well as new ones we uncovered. We realized a big part of their audience was interested in EDM music and artists such as David Guetta.

02. Revamp their creative

We know that Facebook ads results is all about the ads we show to people. We made tons of suggestions to improve their images and video ads which turned out to perform extremely well from unboxing videos to adapting to the seasons.

03. Max Performance

We immediately cleaned up their entire Google ads account from the wrong campaign formats for a very competitive industry. The first opportunity we saw was to launch a Max Performance campaign. We created mood boards to showcase our creative needs & launched multiple asset groups with different angles.


We were able to generate over $500,000 in revenue with an average ROAS of 3.56x, which was almost 4 times better than their previous agency.


It’s all about creativity

Great design isn’t enough to create strong ads – you need paid advertising specialist to break old patterns. We brought a constant flow of new ideas for the creatives attracting constantly. Our approach was to share a constant flow of mood boards and examples.

Consolidate campaigns

With too many campaigns, Humps was wasting thousands of dollars every week on low performing ads. By consolidating, their ROAS jumped very quickly in the right direction. Our love to single campaign accounts or a maximum of 5 has been very fruitful.

This also allows to focus on cleaning up the house. Turning off anything that doesn’t perform to spend more on what does perform. Variety is overrated.

Content over technical

The company had worked with a lot of technical marketers focusing mostly on the metrics. Our approach is simple – creativity and A/B testing. Focusing on results doesn’t improve results, working on the account does. Understanding that has been what allowed the brand to have a breakthrough and level up.

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