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Farmers On Wheels, San Francisco

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Farmers On Wheels is a San Francisco based company allowing you to get farm fresh produce delivered to you.

They had previously worked with an agency that didn’t met their standards of development. The brand was getting quite popular and wanted experts to help them grow even faster. As a startup, they needed innovative ideas and profitable results.

With our extensive experience in paid advertising, we dove both feet in to help this brand bring fresh produce to California.


01. Creative Testing

From previous campaigns, we quickly saw that most creatives were recycled a lot. While this is an easy strategy, it’s not good long term because creatives tend to stop performing. We quickly started our creative process of suggesting new ad formats & creatives to find new opportunities and stay in the offensive.

02. Audience consolidation

With too many audiences, the budget was spread out without being able to make an impact. We analyzed their top 3 audiences and focused all our efforts into them. If you keep changing your audiences, you can’t test your creatives effectively. We often choose one objective at a time.

03. Dynamic Search

While standard Google searches were still the norm, we quickly jumped on the opportunity of dynamic search ads. With much stronger results, it felt like a natural choice to focus on this campaign type to help the brand grow. The results were fast, efficient and reliable which is exactly what the client was looking for.


We were able to generate over $200,000 in revenue with an average ROAS of 3.21x. This helped them attract new customers at a satisfying rate.


Creative collaboration

Making ads by yourself is a surefire way to make mistakes. It’s why we set up a collaboration process involving everyone from sharing ideas to conception. Making a transparent process helped us collaborate with the marketing manager at Farmer’s On Wheels which had tremendous knowledge of her marketing strategy and customer base.

Show the product

While it’s often tempting to show a lot of things in an image, you should focus on one thing. We’ve seen over and over again that putting your product forward drives a higher ROAS. It’s why all the ideas we recommend made the pictures & creatives focusing on one marketing angle at a time. People want to see your product, it’s what makes them buy.

Never stop innovating

Even if things are running smoothly, you must constantly create new creatives to drive the highest ROAS possible. We set up a system of creating new ideas on a weekly basis to always stay one step ahead of the curve. You never know what will work but you can use your intuition and data to drive you in the direction. Sometimes, we just take a risk and the rewards are huge.

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