39+ Inspiring Instagram Ad Examples in 2023 (Curated by Experts)

15 Inspiring Instagram Ad Examples 2021

Instagram ads are in a league all their own. Since the platform is so different from Facebook, you might feel stuck trying to find Instagram ad example inspiration. As a highly visual platform, Instagram allows you to be really creative with your ads. However, it can be tough to know where to start with so […]

Top Converting Facebook Ads for Fashion Brands Growth in 2023

Top Converting Facebook Ads for Fashion Brands in 2020

Fashion has always been one of the fastest-growing eCommerce industries. Fashion brands have been using Facebook ads to increase their sales, customer loyalty, and repeat purchases. At K6, we’ve managed thousands of Facebook & Instagram ads for clients. This is not a copycat article, we are sharing what we actually learned. Nowadays, the competition became […]

30 Statistics On Social Media Marketing 

30 Statistics On Social Media Marketing

The way we live our lives has changed with social media. From how we get our news to how we communicate with those we love. Social media is everywhere. It’s impossible to avoid, it’s strong, and it’s here to stay. Social media has evolved exponentially since 2004 and has not yet hit its peak. There’s […]

How To Create High Engagement Facebook Posts

How To Create High Engagement Facebook Posts

Facebook is a great way to engage with your customers. And if you know anything about Facebook marketing, you’ll know that engagement is absolutely key to growing your organic reach. The best way to see engagement is through Facebook posts. But what to post? Of course, there are other ways to see successful engagement on […]

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