79+ LinkedIn Ad Examples in 2023 (Why They Worked)

54 Best LinkedIn Ad Examples You’ll Want To Steal in 2021

When first creating LinkedIn ads, it can be hard to work on a blank canvas. It’s why we love taking a look at LinkedIn ad examples for some inspiration before we create anything at K6‘s LinkedIn agency.

You might just need a few ideas and LinkedIn ad strategies to spark your creativity. Don’t be ashamed, it’s a good strategy to take a look at LinkedIn ads that convert before creating one. Here’s what you will learn from this article:

  • Ad copy examples
  • Variety of creatives
  • Call-to-actions
  • B2B advertising inspiration

Without further ado, let’s get inspiration with 79 of the best LinkedIn ad examples we found in 2022.

1. Outreach

Linkedin ad example
Linkedin ad example

We have handpicked this LinkedIn ad example because the colours make it truly stand out in the feed. While it’s not necessary to always have colours that stand out, it can be a great strategy to increase your CTR.

We also like this LinkedIn ad because the ad copy starts with a pretty strong promise. Starting with a promise is a great way to compel people that see your ad to follow through to learn more.

2. Crunchbase

Linkedin ad examples
Crunchbase LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example is solid because of the white background with colours that stand out. Having a white background is a great strategy if you bring colours on the image as they have high contrast.

It’s also a great strategy to add your call-to-action in as many places as possible. In this ad, you can see the download button at the end and inside the ad copy.

3. Pendo

Linkedin ad examples
Pendo LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example caught our attention because of the use Pendo made of the multi-image ad and the strong contrasting colours that stand out. Using multiple images that are in fact one big image is a creative way of standing out on LinkedIn.

I’ll also add that the choice of colour truly makes them stand out in the feed which is very important. If you don’t stand out, there’s no way you’ll be able to get people to stop & click on your ad.

4. Design Pickle

Linkedin ad examples
Design Pickle LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example does one thing very well: they have a clear call-to-action. Repeating your call-to-action in your image and at the bottom of your ad is a great strategy.

Remember that the first goal of your ad is to stand out in the feed and the second is to get people to click. By having a strong call-to-action and a yellow ad, you win both of those.

5. Zipwhip

ZipWhip LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example is great because they use a big number in their image. Having a big number gets people curious as to its meanings and BOOM, they stopped to see your ad.

Of course, that’s just the beginning of the game. That number needs to mean something strong enough to get people to use the call-to-action. We like this ad copy because it transitions well from the number to need and offer.

6. Analog Devices

Linkedin ad example
Analog Device LinkedIn ad

This tech LinkedIn ad example seems a bit futuristic yet their ad copy is clear & straight to the point. In our extensive experience with paid advertising, we found that the best ad copies are the most simple ones.

It’s not easy to persuade someone to click on your LinkedIn ad with a simple ad copy, but it’s worth it. Remember that people scroll fast and it’s confusing, they’ll most likely pass.

7. WiX

Linkedin ad example
WiX LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example does a great job at telling its audience the value they will get. As you can see, it’s an eBook that helps you scale your agency. The ad copy is also clear on the words “actionable insights to stay ahead of the curve.”

A lot of ads don’t focus on what visitors will get by clicking on their ads, but it’s the most important thing. I also like the contrast with the blue, navy blue and orange of the picture (you might see different colours).

8. Cognigy

LinkedIn ad example
Cognigy LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example does have a lot of text in it but I liked it because of the double call-to-action. It’s just to emphasize that your call-to-action is such an important part of your ads creative.

Always remember that everything you create in your ad is to push people to the next step. If they don’t follow through, your creative & copy didn’t convince them and it needs work. I would also add that a clear call-to-action is always the first step in the right direction.

9. Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

Linkedin ad example
CFI LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example has a really cool ad creative with a fragmented image style. They also made good use of the text in their image with the “read me if you want to be…”. It’s a great way to call the audience they are targeting.

I would always recommend creating LinkedIn ads that speak directly to your target market. Doing this will ensure that you are getting relevant traffic that has a chance of converting on your website.

10. Contentful

LinkedIn ad example
Contenful LinkedIn ad

A strong LinkedIn ad example is colourful. You don’t need to be as colourful, but it can sometimes help to stand out in the LinkedIn news feed. I’ll also add that it needs to match your brand’s colour palette.

If your logo has 3 colours like Contentful, it might be easy to integrate any type of colour in your ad. Now, using too many colours isn’t always good because people won’t remember you – be careful with that.

11. Outreach #2

LinkedIn ad example
Outreach LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example has a strong offer for their audience. They also do a great job at creating inbound marketing LinkedIn ads that drive traffic to their webinar. The concept here is to provide a lot of value to their consumers by giving them insights.

If you run a webinar ad, this is a great example: strong branding, speakers and subject at hand. It’s everything people need to decide if they are interested or not.

12. IBM Watson

LinkedIn ad example
IBM Watson LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example is quite special. What we like about this ad is the simple question is asked: “do you have the right talent to put AI to work?” Using a short ad copy gets people to want to know more, it sparks curiosity.

The messaging here is very minimalistic as the image is which is congruent branding. Having a congruent branding in terms of creative & ad copy makes your message more memorable.

13. Yotpo

LinkedIn ad example
Yotpo LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example is purely awesome because of the ad creative and the idea of sharing important news about your company. Let’s first talk about the ad creative, the use of small colourful squares and random geometric forms to create this ad is bold. It’s important to innovate in the realms of ad creative and Yotpo did that well.

It’s also a really good idea to share the news that is positive for your customers. To have received a lot of funding is amazing news for Yotpo customers. It means they’ll have a lot of money to invest in improving the platform.

14. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

LinkedIn ad example
AWS LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example is great because it checks all the marks of a good creative. A clear call-to-action, a “what you’ll get” ad copy, an image that stands out (and means something) and a headline that focuses on action.

I would also recommend for brands to try to use an image that has meaning and represents an idea. This image of birds migrating is a great visual way of explaining the headline “migrate to the cloud”.

15. Stripe

LinkedIn ad example
Stripe LinkedIn ad

We handpicked this LinkedIn ad example because of the great branding Stripe has. They use the same colours everywhere and this is amazing for customer loyalty.

Always using the same colours allows your customers to remember you and think about you when they see those colours. It also increases brand awareness through strong association. We also like the concept of convincing with strong statistics which is done well in this case.

16. Mailchimp

LinkedIn ad example
Mailchimp LinkedIn ad

It’s no wonder this LinkedIn ad example became part of our list. As stunning furry mailbox with a porcupine with a pink hat. How often do you see that? This LinkedIn ad stands out from the pack with its uniqueness & creativity.

It’s always a good idea to pick a new service your brand offers and showcasing it to the world. I know you want to show your best seller but sharing novelty is also important in digital advertising.

17. Outbrain

LinkedIn ad example
Outbrain LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example has a great offer and its often one of the most important things in your ad. As you can see, you can get unlimited content in the affiliate marketing hub of Outbrain. Such an offer will get the right people to want to click.

Most brands advertising often work on their ad creative & ad copy but without a great offer, it’s almost useless. At K6, we always work with our clients to deliver a great offer before getting into LinkedIn ads.

18. Kount

LinkedIn ad example
Kount LinkedIn ad

Want an inbound marketing LinkedIn ad example? Here’s another one from Kount. We love those types of ads because they are promoting free value for the prospects of brand advertising. There’s almost no better offer.

Promoting your eBook on a subject that affects your customers is an amazing strategy to connect with them. It’s basically back scratching your prospects at a mass scale.

19. Kentik

LinkedIn ad example
Kentik LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example does a great job at explaining the what’s inside question. It’s one of the best way of getting people curious and making sure their click is worthy.

When it comes to paid ads, not all clicks are equal. It means that the more clear your LinkedIn ad is, the more your clicks will convert. If you promise this and people get something else on the landing page, then the results will be bad.

20. FastSpring

LinkedIn ad example
FastSpring LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example uses great colours to stand out and has an amazing match of headline to call-to-action. When I was scrolling through the feed, this flashy purple really caught my attention and made me stop on the ad. It’s why we always try to use colours that stand out in our ads, as long as it fits the brands image.

It’s also a great strategy to use the same keyword (in this case “download”) in the headline and on the call-to-action. This brings focus and clarity. On a side note, the CTA on the image should also be download.

21. New Breed

LinkedIn ad example
New Breed LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example does a great use of their branding colour. Using the same colour as your logo in as many places as possible is a great way to build brand recognition.

Too often, we see brands using random colours that stand out but don’t fit at all with their general brand. By using the same colour, companies will recognize you more easily and your results should improve from that.

22. Seismic

LinkedIn ad example
Seismic LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example has a great combination of strong elements: repeating CTA and clear value proposition. As we can rapidly understand from the double CTA, Seismic wants us to download their eBook.

Apart from that, the ad copy on the image and above the image both answer the question “what’s in it for me”. By doing that, people who are interested by this subject should be compelled to follow through.

23. Upfluence

LinkedIn ad example
Upfluence LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example, apart from having great colour contrasts, has a very clear description. They essentially give all the information you need in the shortest amount of words.

You know what they offer, at what time and what you’ll get with this offer. Remember that people on LinkedIn are busy and will often give you 2-3 seconds. By being clear, you are making sure that you get your message across before it’s too late.

24. Gamoshi

LinkedIn ad example
Gamoshi LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example has a very creative image and an interesting ad copy. First of all, the image is really unique and stands out from most images on LinkedIn. The image quality is also top notch which is key in our experience.

Apart from that, the ad copy speaks directly to the context of today’s situation with the pandemic. Being contextual is really important in your LinkedIn ad copy.

25. Wix

Wix LinkedIn B2B
WiX LinkedIn ad

Another great WiX LinkedIn ad example because they somewhat do it pretty well. Strong colour contrast to stand out and a very clear offer & CTA is what most LinkedIn ads often miss. The goal here is to provide value to WiX target market.

With over 320 likes, it seems like WiX is targeting the right audience for their B2B target market. The PDF you can download is also very well targeted for agency owners who run from one task to another constantly.

26. Tableau Software

Tableau Software LinkedIn
Tableau Software LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example has an amazing image and a very simple value proposition. Using blue & orange on an image is a great way of standing out with strong contrast. I would point out that the colour is respecting the brand’s identity and is in line with the logo which is important.

Apart from that, “the do’s and don’ts of dashboard” is a very compelling ad copy. It’s more unique than “dashboard guide for 2020” which makes it more unique and refreshing. Sometimes, just changing your copy can make a huge difference in your results.

27. Linkedin For Small Business

LinkedIn ad B2B example
LinkedIn ad by LinkedIn

What’s better than a LinkedIn ad example, from LinkedIn, for LinkedIn, on LinkedIn? This ad is great because it has tons of social proof, 15,999 likes and 665 comments to be precise.

What we also like is the creative search toggle on the ad “find your time saver”. Being creative with your ad design is one of the best way of standing out since people look before they read.

28. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey LinkedIn
SurveyMonkey LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad example from Survey Monkey is quite great because they go through the process of their customers. They get data, then share results and then impress everyone. By focusing on what your customers experience, you are helping others see the value of your product.

The question ad copy is a great way of getting people to stop and be curious about your LinkedIn ad. It’s simple to read yet way more powerful than those super long text ads.

29. Dynatrace

LinkedIn ad example
Dynatrace LinkedIn ad

Have you ever seen a LinkedIn ad example that cocky? I haven’t but this one clearly took my attention. “Others guess, Davis knows” is a pretty bold way of selling your product and standing out.

Having a strong promise is an excellent way of catching people’s attention when everything looks the same. Little advice, make sure you can back up your claim though!

30. EveryoneSocial

linkedin ad example
EveryoneSocial LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad does a great job of using statistics to help sell their services. There’s nothing like laying out the facts to show customers just how useful your products and services can be. 

Statistics can be a great tool to add to your marketing plan. In the case of this ad, the statistic acts as a supplement to the downloadable content and ad image to communicate the importance of using their services. Have a look at some of the statistics surrounding your industry and see which ones you can apply to your company.

31. Kentico Kontent

linkedin ad example
Kentico Kontent LinkedIn ad

This LinkedIn ad offers a modeling playbook for beginners to download. It’s a really great way to give your customers something valuable for free and helps to strengthen your brand’s connection with your users. 

Kentico Kontent has also done a brilliant job with colour in this ad. Using only one pop of colour throughout the ad repeatedly reinforces that this ad is for Kentico Kontent, as users will associate the orange in the ad with their logo. Keeping your branding consistent and streamlined is really important for brand recognition.

32. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

linkedin ad example
CorelDRAW LinkedIn Ad

The colours in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite’s ad are brilliant. It definitely catches the eye. In addition to their great use of colour, they’ve used their logo in a really smart way. Using a clear and large logo in your ad will help users to recognize your brand quickly. The top left corner is where the eye is naturally drawn to read the image, so its placement is very smart. 

Webinars are also a great way to gain interest in your brand and they’ve made it clear that they have an upcoming webinar by also including a webinar logo beside their own logo.

33. Northbridge Insurance

Linkedin ad example
Northbridge Insurance LinkedIn Ad

This LinkedIn ad uses a great image to communicate its services to customers. Seeing an image of an injured hand is more likely to get customers wondering about their emergency responses. It’s an indirect way to get customers thinking. 

Another way this ad gets customers thinking is through their ad copy and free template. Give customers something useful and they will think about your business. In this case, Northbridge Insurance has given users an emergency contact template, something that is useful for everyone. 

34. Vale

linkedin ad example
Vale LinkedIn Ad

In this LinkedIn ad example, Vale is in the spirit of the season. It’s a great one because it uses a charitable initiative to display their values. They tell a story of the company through their charitable contributions to the Christmas Food Drive and people will become more emotionally invested in the company, especially if they identify with the charity and also want to support it. 

Charitable initiatives are an excellent way to not only boost your brand’s image but also to help out your community.

35. SAP Technology

Linkedin ad example
SAP LinkedIn Ad

SAP’s choice of colour contrasts with their blue logo, making the logo stand out on the image. Additionally, the purple text over the yellow background makes the text easily readable and vibrant

The simple text makes it easier for users to quickly understand what your ad is about – no one wants to spend more than a few seconds looking at and reading an ad. So, keep it simple and clear so that users take notice.

36. Sinch

linkedin ad example
Sinch LinkedIn Ad Example

Sinch’s clear and simple copy is an effective and friendly way to communicate with customers. Using emojis is also a great way to make your ad more friendly and accessible to your customers who may not have a very good understanding of SMS messaging for their business. 

If you’ve ever been wary of using emojis in your advertising, check out these statistics: 1 in 5 tweets now include emojis, using emojis in your email subject lines actually increase response and open rates, and push notifications with emojis increase open rates by 85% and conversions by 9%. People love emojis. 

37. Gotransverse

linkedin ad example
Gotransverse LinkedIn Ad

eBooks are another excellent way to introduce new customers to your company by offering them something free and useful. They’re usually a bit heftier than a guide or a checklist, which customers will like. 

Also, the ad copy is thorough and clearly lays out the benefits of checking out their eBook, so customers know exactly the kind of information they’re going to get from it. Some ads that offer eBooks can be vague with what exactly you’re going to get in the eBook. Clearly list the topics your eBook will cover to attract more readers.

38. Stella Connect by Medallia

linkedin ad example
Stella Connect LinkedIn Ad

This LinkedIn ad is another great inbound marketing example. This ad promotes not only their free eBook but also their services and other products. It’s a smart way to give your customers something useful that will also introduce new customers to your business. 

This ad also features great design. According to Adobe, 38% of users will stop engaging with your content if the layout or content itself is unattractive. So take that extra time to make sure your design is that much better. It will set you apart from the competition.

39. Roxtec Canada

linkedin ad example
Roxtec LinkedIn Ad Example

Checklists are a really easy way to tell customers what they need. They’re also a great way to give your customers something to consume from your company. 

The question in the description prompts users to question whether their system is Halogen-free and encourages them to download the checklist. They’ve also done a good job tying in their logo’s blue colour into the ad image. Even subtle details like the blue on the cable system make a huge difference in making a good ad into a great one.

40. Bananatag

linkedin ad example
Bananatag LinkedIn Ad

This LinkedIn ad shows the power of a great creative image. Combined with the smart use of colour and a logo that takes up half of the ad, this ad image lets the creativity do the talking. 

One thing this ad does particularly well is that they’ve used a simple, one-sentence tagline as a great value proposition to describe their company before going into the ad copy. This works well, especially because it stands alone from the ad copy and introduces customers to the business. Think of a quick and simple tagline for your business and include it in your ads.

41. Purolator Inc.

linkedin ad example
Purolator LinkedIn Ad

This Linkedin ad is a really good example of great design and excellent product images. With your ad, you want to be showcasing your products with high-quality photos that show detail. 

The ad is also great because of Purolator’s smart use of hashtags. Hashtags are a powerful tool that can introduce new customers to your brand and extend your reach significantly. A study by socialinsider found that accounts with up to 100 thousand followers have a better reach rate when they use hashtags in their captions. They also found that using a few really good hashtags is always better than using a lot of hashtags.

42. Securden

linkedin ad example
Securden LinkedIn Ad

In this ad, Securden blends an effective illustration with consistent branding. Their use of green reinforces brand identity, while the illustration communicates a bit about what the ad is all about. 

They’re also offering a free trial. Free trials are a great way to get customers to try your products and services. The idea is that customers will realize how useful your services are and then want to continue with the paid version. A study by Recurly Research found that, on average, 6 out of 10 free trials converted into paid subscriptions after the trial period ended. Additionally, having the free trial button in orange makes it stand out in the ad and calls attention to it.

43. Monotype

linkedin ad example
Monotype LinkedIn Ad

This LinkedIn ad example is super simple. And it works. They’ve showcased a font example brilliantly by finding a creative way to display it. It’s colourful, dimensional, and vibrant. 

The unique and beautiful imagery and simple ad copy will really convince you to click the Learn more button. Original images are a fantastic way to get your brand noticed – a study by MDG found that adding a photo to your ad can improve your customers’ ability to remember your ad. 65% of people remember an ad with an image after 3 day, as opposed to only 10% of people who remember an ad with only text. 

44. Microsoft Developers

linkedin ad example
Microsoft Developers LinkedIn Ad

This LinkedIn ad is a great one because it’s a brilliant example of how to use contrast in a simple ad. While the blue used in the ad also ties in with the blue window of the Microsoft logo, it contrasts effectively against the black background of the ad. 

University of Southern California says that using two contrasting colours in a single photo can increase your conversion rate by 60%. Standing out really pays off.

45. Moneris

Linkedin ad example
Moneris LinkedIn Ad

Give your customers an offer they can’t refuse, just like Moneris has done by waving Business plan fees for 3 months. By the time the fees are no longer waived – if you have great products and services – customers will have become dependent on your products and want to continue using them. Waiving fees is an example of an incentive, a bit different than a free trial, but still successful in gaining new customer,

Moneris has also done a really good job with their branding. Their use of the blue colour that matches their logo makes this ad unmistakably theirs.

46. Western Union Business Solutions

linkedin ad example
Western Union Business Solutions LinkedIn Ad

This ad is also a great inbound marketing example. The ad suggests that their daily currency analysis will help you stay ahead while market trends shift daily. It identifies an issue and provides a way to remedy the issue

If you’re not incorporating email into your marketing strategy, you might want to rethink that. According to Salesforce, email marketing in the UK has an average return on investment (ROI) of 3800% – in other words, that’s $38 for every $1 invested. 

47. Drop

linkedin ad example
Drop LinkedIn Ad

This LinkedIn ad is a great example of how to use carousel ads. The huge amount of valuable information you get from one ad is really effective. For that reason, it was smart of Drop to use the carousel type of ad. It breaks up the information into bite-sized images that users can take their time with. 

The colours in this ad also separate the mini infographics into separate topics. Using infographics is a smart way to demonstrate industry knowledge. Users will also spend more time looking at infographics, so it’s a great way to keep attention on your ad.

48. Facebook for Business

Linkedin Ad example
Facebook for Business LinkedIn Ad

This LinkedIn ad is a great one because it allows customers to see themselves through a video marketing approach. By using an example of a small business that employs Facebook’s business services, other customers can see the features that they can apply to their business as well. 

It does a really good job of showing Facebook’s business features off. It’s important to find a creative way to show your products and services in action, so if you’re stuck on how to do that, take some inspiration from this great ad.

49. Telus

linkedin ad example
Telus LinkedIn Ad

This LinkedIn ad is a great example of using a social initiative to communicate their values to their customers. The ad copy is clear, friendly, and informative. It not only lets customers know what Telus is supporting, but it also lets them know how much Telus is donating. 

Telus is known for their use of cute animals in their ads, so using a bee and supporting their Pollinator Fund For Good is a perfect blend of displaying their values and consistent branding.

50. Mackenzie Investments

Linkedin Ad example
Mackenzie Investments LinkedIn Ad

Metaphorical imagery and video is a smart way to show customers more about your brand. This slow and steady turtle is a cute way to communicate that Mackenzie Investments has the stamina and patience to help build a durable portfolio. 

Additionally, choosing to use a video for this ad instead of a still image was a great idea. According to Forbes, videos are shared more 1200% times more on social media than both text and links combined. A video will keep users’ attention for longer and stay in their memory longer because of it.

51. Synthesized

linkedin ad example
Synthesized LinkedIn Ad

This ad does a great job of identifying a problem – spending too much time developing and testing – and offers a solution. Offering your products and services a solution to a problem is a great way to entice curious customers to check out your brand. Additionally, using the word free is another good way to attract attention to your ad. 

As far as the ad image goes, they’ve kept it pretty simple. The purple colour is reminiscent of their logo and the copy on the image is limited to just their company name.

52. RollWorks, a division of NextRoll

linkedin ad example
RollWorks LinkedIn Ad

This LinkedIn ad is a great example of good ad copy. Ask customers a question in your copy and then provide them with an answer. Another great inbound marketing example, they’ve given users a useful and comprehensive video about their services. Videos are hugely popular on LinkedIn – according to LinkedIn, more users would watch a video that explains a product or service than to read about it.

Keeping in mind that people would rather not read, RollWorks’ clear and simple copy gives only the essential information that customers need to know. It’s to the point and succinct. Simple ad copies are easy for customers to understand and quicker to consume.

53. Userful

linkedin ad example
Userful LinkedIn Ad

Userful’s colourful ad is a good example of smart design. They’ve used a hashtag to create a tagline for their company. This is a great way to engage with your customers and encourage them to contribute to the conversation surrounding your company. Once you’ve chosen a hashtag to use, keep running with it as your branded hashtag. Make sure to choose something short, relevant to your brand, and memorable. 

Also, whitepapers are another great example of inbound marketing. In the 2018 Demand Gen report, they found that 71% of B2B buyers used whitepapers to research their purchasing decisions. 

54. Inquisiq LMS

Linkedin ad example
Inquisiq LMS LinkedIn Ad

This LinkedIn ad makes great use of the brand’s logo. It’s large and easily visible. The vibrant contrast between the blue and orange makes this ad stand out. A study by NNGroup saw that brand recall was better (39%) when the logo was placed to the left in an ad. Also, it’s a great example of using an award to help boost the reputation of your brand. Sharing your awards with your customers builds trust. 

The ad also features simple ad copy and a great call to action with their free demo. Free demos are a quick way to give customers a taste of your services.

55. SmartBear

smartbear linkedin ad example
SmartBear LinkedIn Ad

This awesome ad begins by defining a concept. From there, the imagery and ad copy immerse you into the world of a developer. It’s clear that this ad is letting users know that SmartBear is all they need to understand GraphQL.

  1. Define: This ad does a great job here of explaining a concept – GraphQL – that customers may not be familiar with. This might pique users’ interests and have them downloading the eBook to find out more. 
  2. Immersive imagery: The image featured in the ad is super immersive. It takes you right into a developers world and helps users understand what the ad is all about. 
  3. Useful: The ad markets SmartBear’s services as being useful and all that you need to understand why GraphQL is important. This technique is super effective.

56. Seismic

seismec linkedin ad example
Seismic LinkedIn Ad

With great enthusiasm and beautiful design, Seismic wants to let you know that you have to register for their digital event. We love their clever creativity with the name of the event, and how well their design works in this ad. 

  1. Clever play on brand name: When you’ve got a great brand name, use it to your advantage by cleverly integrating it into your event names (or anything else it fits into). Seismic Digital Shift is super clever! 
  2. Simple design: The simple design featured in this ad is all that it needs to get it noticed. We love clean designs like this because they look great. It’s consistent with their branding, uses contrast intelligently, and isn’t overpowering. 
  3. Be enthusiastic: If you’re excited about your brand and what you’re doing, let it show! Seismic isn’t afraid to use a few exclamation points. 

57. Allied Electronics & Automation

allied electronics and automation
Allied Electronics & Automation LinkedIn Ad

Here is a great example of an emotional ad. Elevated by the copy tone and image of a person in a hard hat, the feeling of safety and protection is strong in this ad by Allied Electronics & Automation.

  1. Slogan: Allied Electronics & Automation have done a great job with their slogan. It’s obvious that they are hoping to communicate that they’re “always by your side”. In fact, they mention the slogan 4 times. Once in the ad copy itself, second in a hashtag, third in the image, and fourth at the call-to-action. 
  2. Hashtag: Following the slogan, using it as a hashtag is a smart way to reach people who may not follow your brand already and attract new customers. 
  3. Eliciting emotion: This ad has an overall tone of protection and safety. This feeling is evoked by the repetition of the slogan, the tone of the ad copy, and the man in the hard hat.

58. ThumbStopper

thumbstopper linkedin ad example
ThumbStopper LinkedIn Ad

The subtle details in this ad by ThumbStopper take it from a good ad to a great ad. We love their use of logos, metaphor, and contrast. Take notes on this one!

  1. Metaphorical imagery: The illustration in this ad is great because it quite literally shows a man wonder how to get over a gap. Making sure your imagery and message cooperate goes a long way in delivering your ad’s message effectively. 
  2. Subtle logo reinforcement: In the background of the ad image, you’ll notice the logo 5 times, in addition to their logo that appears in their profile picture. Unlike other examples that use logos multiple times, the way that they’ve made it look like a watermark is super effective and subtle. 
  3. Contrast: Their branding color is purple-blue, however in this ad, they’ve chosen orange as the main colour. Using contrast intelligently can increase your conversion rates by approximately 60%, according to the University of Southern California.

59. Feathr

feathr linkedin ad example
Feathr LinkedIn Ad

With great ad copy and smart use of numbers, this ad is super effective and works well to grab users’ attention. Feathr hit customers with an awesome, no obligation offer that is hard to miss.

  1. No-obligation offer: No obligation offers are the most enticing kinds of offers for prospective customers because there is no risk involved. If you’re confident in your products and services, it’s an amazing way to introduce customers to your brand. 
  2. Numbers: Where some ad copy may generalize and say “hundreds of dollars in new revenue”, Feathr gives users an exact number. No guessing. 
  3. Ad copy: Their ad copy is strong, again reinforcing the no-obligation offer by stating it in parentheses and including a direct link. In the image itself, there is also lots of great information to give users a good idea about what the case study they download will have to say. 

60. Okta, Inc

okta linkedin ad example
Okta, Inc LinkedIn Ad

This ad earned a place on our list because of Okta’s effective use of their awards to elevate their credibility. Additionally, their font size and use of a buzzword work to make this ad a great example of an ad that communicates a consistent and simple message about the success of this brand and why users should check them out.

  1. Buzzword: Uninterrupted. We love how they’ve chosen this word to make large because it does a lot of the heavy lifting in this ad. Choosing a buzzword like this helps people to associate your brand with it, as it is likely to be the first thing they read. 
  2. Awards: If you have awards and certifications, show them off! This ad does a great job showcasing that right off the bat. This adds credibility to your brand and could make the difference between a customer deciding to go with you or not. 
  3. Font size optimized: The size of the font matters. In this case, they’ve chosen to make their logo and the buzzword larger than the rest of the copy in the ad image. This way, customers notice the brand and buzzword first.

61. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Linkedin Marketing Solutions ad Example
Linkedin Marketing Solutions LinkedIn Ad

This ad made our list because it did a great job of using fonts to highlight the most important bits in the ad. We also like their use of personification in the ad, a fresh take compared to other ads appearing on our feeds.

  1. Illustration: A great little illustration like this one elevates the ad’s overall design and friendly feel. It’s a simple thing that makes a big difference. 
  2. Personification: The ad is personified, as it literally does the talking in the image (“Read me”). This is a fun and friendly way to stand out amongst other ads. 
  3. Highlighting keywords: In blue, which is the colour of their brand, they’ve highlighted “build your brand”. This is great because it shows users the main idea of the ad in three simple words, bolded to stand out.

62. HackerOne

HackerOne LinkedIn Ad Example
HackerOne LinkedIn Ad

Statistics are one of the best ways to get customers on board, as they give concrete proof of the effectiveness of your product or service. HackerOne also gives users a sense of exclusivity with this ad, by offering exclusive content for download.

  1. Stats: Statistics are a great way to show potential customers the benefits of using your products. Giving a concrete number helps them to quickly understand why it’s smart to find out more. 
  2. Exclusive look: The download that HackerOne is offering gives customers an exclusive look into what CISOs are thinking. This wording and content is a great way to entice customers to check it out. 
  3. Smart use of colour: They use colour as a way to make the important bits stand out, and it works. The goal here is for customers to see the statistics and call-to-action button first.

63. UmbraCity

Umbracity linkedin ad example
UmbraCity LinkedIn Ad

To show their difference from competitors, UmbraCity employs creative techniques to set them apart. We love the metaphorical use of print advertising within this digital ad and their intelligent use of colour.

  1. Strong colour: The strong yellow colour in this ad not only reinforces their branding, but it also pops as a strong colour against the white background of the page’s feed. It’s super noticeable. 
  2. Useful service: The copy and content make it obvious that UmbraCity’s services are all that you need to see millions of additional impressions. 
  3. Different: The ad aims to market UmbraCity as being different from competitors. They’ve done a great job here using a metaphor by featuring their digital services on a printed paper. Additionally, the copy Digital screens at every entrance helps to set UmbraCity apart, as they are a print in this image.

64. Avaya

Avaya Linkedin ad example
Avaya LinkedIn Ad

This ad’s most successful feature is it’s use of repetition. There is no denying that this ad by Avaya Spaces is about Spaces.

  1. Repetition: Avaya is promoting their Spaces service in this ad, and it’s not hard to tell. The word space appears 7 times in this ad. While it’s generally a good idea to keep track of how many times you use a certain word relative to the size of the ad, another great way to use the word a few extra times is to incorporate it into your logo. 
  2. Illustrative imagery: The image does a great job of communicating the collaborative nature of the service. 
  3. Free trial: To introduce customers to your brand, you can’t go wrong with a free trial. No financial obligation is a great incentive for customers.

65. Auditdata

auditdata linkedin ad example
Auditdata LinkedIn Ad

This simplistic ad is great because they let the image of the book alone do some of the talking. Users can visualize immediately and recognize that the call-to-action is asking them to download an eBook.

  1. Smart simplicity: This ad is extremely simple, and that’s part of what makes it great. They’ve let the image do a lot of the talking in the ad. For this reason, it makes the retail guide that they’re advertising for really stand out.
  2. Imagery: Auditdata offers users a guide to download. The imagery functions to show that guide, so it’s easy for users to know what they’re downloading – plain and simple. 
  3. Free content: The imagery makes the content look easy to consume, like a book. As always, offering your customers some useful free content makes a huge difference when aiming to attract new customers.

66. Intrado Digital Media

Intrado Digital media linkedin ad example
Intrado Digital Media LinkedIn Ad

This creative ad by Intrado is a great example of imaginative imagery and it’s importance in communicating a message to customers. We love the way they’ve combined imagery, wording, and their call-to-action to communicate the message of this ad: Intrado helps you create experiences.

  1. Imagery: The imagery in this ad is brilliant. It helps users to envisage themselves entering into your world by using your services. Additionally, it works with the ad copy to communicate an overall message. 
  2. Smart wording: If you choose the appropriate wording, your copy will work with your image beautifully. Intrado has done that here with words like explore, interactive, trip, and experience. Relate your words as much as possible to the image in your ad to make it all blend seamlessly. 
  3. Logo: The Intrado logo obviously appears in the brand’s profile image, but their branding is reinforced by the second use of it directly in the ad. It’s always a smart idea to include your logo in your ad, as long as it makes sense.

67. NoGood

nogood linkedin ad example
NoGood LinkedIn Ad

This NoGood ad is really good. Their use of a graph design works well for the content of the ad and visually shows users how good their company is, even if it’s only a fun design and not legitimate data.

  1. Clever copy: Great copy works in a lot of ways, however, here it works as a clever way to reinforce brand identity. If your brand name allows it, have some fun incorporating it into your ad copy.
  2. Smart design: The graph design is visually interesting and shows users that it is beneficial to use NoGood’s services. The yellow colour that appears in the logo is in the graph as well, further reinforcing the brand identity within the design, too. 
  3. Clear call-to-action: Clearly, NoGood wants customers to contact them. This is obvious because of the contrast between the yellow and black. It especially stands out as the call-to-action is in a bright box.

68. RollWorks, a division of NextRoll

Rollworks linkedin ad example
RollWorks LinkedIn Ad

Cool design and illustration meets smart branding and data driven copy in this great ad by RollWorks. We love how they’ve mashed illustrations with a photograph for creative effect.

  1. Creative copy: RollWorks have employed some pretty creative copy here. The use of an acronym typically makes people take notice and want to know what the acronym means. Creative names and copy get noticed much more than if they had used generic copy. 
  2. Original visual: This visual is definitely unique. The graphic design conveys the feeling of being fatigued by using creative cartoon slime all over an image of a laptop. It creative illustrates a feeling we all have about too many webinars! 
  3. Data driven: Right from the start, they give users a statistic to validate the ad. This works espcecially well when you use a number value, such as 50%, so that it’s easy to see.

69. ViralNation

viral Nation linkedin ad example
Viral Nation LinkedIn Ad

This minimalist ad relies on mostly it’s brand name and logo. Paired with some vibrant colours and smart copy, this super simple ad works well – with minimal fluff.

  1. Simplicity is key: Sometime, simplicity is all you need – and it certainly works in this case. Esepcially when you have a brand name like Viral Nation, you’re able to let that do that talking and keep your deisgn and copy more minimalistic. 
  2. Vibrant Design: The blue and red design in this ad is not only contrasting, it’s also very vibrant and neon-like. This makes it stand out from the black background and it looks absolutely great. 
  3. Clearly state what matters: What matters here is increasing growth, engagement, and conversions. This is exactly what the ad copy says. It’s simple and to the point, however it works perfectly. No more needs to be said in order for the ad to be understood.

70. Campsite

campsite linkedin ad example
Campsite LinkedIn Ad

This funky and ultra creative ad by campsite relies on illustrations heavily, and they’re doing a great job! By speaking directly to their customers, they identify a problem faced by online businesses and identify a solution, all in this small ad.

  1. Two toned: This ad is visually interesting. It’s loud, without being too loud – and it does this because it of the smart way that Campsite has used two colour tones. If this ad had been multicolored (in other words, more than two colours), it would just be too much to take in. 
  2. Identify a problem: Advertising for your online business doesn’t only have to be only, and Campsite offers a solution with their services. They’ve quickly and effectively identified and solved this problem for customers. 
  3. Speak directly to customers: Asking a question, using vocabulary like “your”, and active words – these are all great ways to get customers on board. The question will make them consider their own situation and the action words will inspire action.

71. Knak

knak linkedin ad example
Knak LinkedIn Ad

This great ad by Knak is doing a few things really well here. We love their use of a quote paired with a trustworthy, friendly face. In addition to that, they’ve created some sweet illustrations that add a layer of creativity to the ad.

  1. Quote: Knak has personified this ad by using a quote from an account executive. It feels much more personal, especially with the addition of his photo beside the quote. This makes the ad feel much friendlier and more personal. 
  2. Smile: We are wired to react to human faces, so using them in your ad is a way to elicit an emotion from customers and create a tone for your ad. It’s called emotional advertising, and we trust faces. 
  3. Illustrations: The illustrations featured in this ad help to visually show what the ad is all about – emails, envelopes, subject lines, and more. It’s a subtle detail that makes a difference.

72. ShuttleOps

ShuttleOps Linkedin Ad example
ShuttleOps LinkedIn Ad

This ad by ShuttleOps hits customers with a sweet deal and an easy way to calculate exactly how much you’ll save with them. It’s a simple and appealing ad that won’t go unnoticed.

  1. Great deal: They’re is offering a great deal here, and they’ve spelled it out with minimal copy so that it’s easily noticed. By making the deal front and center, customers are more likely to read the attractive deal first. 
  2. Graphic design: While it’s super simple, the graphic design elements in this ad work very well to communicate the deal. They’ve used small icons and made them into an equation, effectively stating the deal visually before the ad copy communicates it. Additionally, it reinforces a great deal. 
  3. Easy call-to-action: They make it easy to see what the call-to-action is here, and the ad copy, deal, and design make the call to action even more enticing.

73. Bonsai

bonsai linkedin ad example
Bonsai LinkedIn Ad

This ad by Bonsai offers a solution to a problem commonly faced by eCommerce businesses right off the bat. Their effective use of branding, repetition, and copy help to elevate this ad.

  1. Keyword repetition: Their brand name Bonsai appears a total of 4 times in this small ad. That’s a great way to get customers to remember your brand. Be careful with this tip though, you don’t want to overdo it. 4 or 5 times in an ad this size is plenty and will go a long way in terms of brand recognition. 
  2. Strong colour palette: Besides the black and white tones in the ad, there are only two colours featured here. Grey and their signature orange colour. This is another great way to incorporate your brand into the ad, which helps with brand recognition.
  3. Solve an issue: This ad also serves to solve an issue that any eCommerce business may be familiar with – losing control of your readers (or not nurturing your leads enough). They offer a simple solution: their services.

74. RollWorks, a division of NextRoll

rollworks linkedin ad example
RollWorks LinkedIn Ad

Here is another great example of an ad making smart use of colour. We can’t say enough how important this is for branding. Another thing this ad does well is the way it employs numbers to do some heavy lifting. People can wrap their head around numbers quickly and they stand out.

  1. Numbers: Numbers are a highly effective way to get your point across. People notice them and they jump out of the text. 200 marketers weighed in on this report and 11 trends came from it. This makes it easy for users to assess what information they can get from the report. 
  2. Free report: Giving users a free report is a great way to connect with them. Users will appreciate the free information you give them and feel more connected to your brand. 
  3. Colour: Using colour is a smart way to help users recognize your brand. Mostly the only colour in this ad, aside from the blue, are the shades of green associated with their brand. 

75. Sparkrock

sparkrock linkedin ad example
Sparkrock LinkedIn Ad

The branding is on point in this ad by Sparkrock. Additionally, they use a trustworthy figure to add a sense of credibility and pair that with a friendly and helpful tone. Not to mention, the yellow colouring adds to the friendly tone of the ad.

  1. Trustworthy figure: Using a healthcare professional in this image gives the ad an overall sense of credibility. For a business that is marketing to health and human services organizations, that’s a great idea. 
  2. The tone of copy: The tone of this copy is helpful. It communicates directly to you by proposing their services as a solution to help with your needs. 3.
  3. Colourful: The colour you choose is important, and while yellow is the colour of Sparkrock, it’s also the colour of happiness – adding to the happy and friendly tone of this ad. It’s smart to think about colour in relation to the type of emotion you’re hoping to elicit.

76. Vibes

vibes linkedin ad example
Vibes LinkedIn Ad

The vibes of this ad are just right. We love the smart design elements paired with great imagery and effective copy. They’ve even used the word free, which is one of the best ways to grab attention.

  1. Icons: The imagery features a woman on her phone, and the illustrated icons elevate the image by showing different elements of ecommerce, such as a wallet, chat, and shopping bags. It’s a creative way to blend good deisgn with good photography. 
  2. The word free: Few words are as successful at getting people on board with your brand as the word free is. Customers love free things, so simply using the word is a good way to convince them. According to Scott McKelvey Copywriting, the word free automatically triggers people to believe there is no risk involved.
  3. Monotone: The blue monotoned colours in this ad work to highlight the brand. Using your brand’s colour and only that colour means that customers will associate your brand with that colour even more strongly.

77. Stripe

Stripe Linkedin ad example
Stripe LinkedIn Ad

With a sleek design and interesting colours, this ad by Stripe is sure to stand out on your feed. We love their use of the bold font to highlight their ad’s aim and they way they’ve asked users a question.

  1. Font size: Stripe wants you to notice the larger font in this ad first. It communicates the overall idea of the ad. It’s a good idea to choose a few words or a sentence that encapsulates your brand or ad’s aim and make the font size large. 
  2. Appealing colours: The stripe of gradient colours at the bottom corner of the image are visually interesting and noticeable. Your design is so important – According to MDG, 75% of consumers said that they judge a business based on design. 
  3. Ask a question: The ad copy begins with a question. This is a great way to have customers stop and think. Questions generally make users stop scrolling for a few seconds and in those seconds, you can convince them to check out your brand with your ad.

78. UC Summit

UC summit linkedin ad example
UC Summit LinkedIn Ad

This ad by UC Summit is a great one because it makes use of emotion and human faces to convey their message. Working together with their clear ad copy and smart use of hashtags, this ad makes you consider attending this conference.

  1. Human faces: This is hands-down one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience. People respond better to human faces – and, the expressions and emotions that those faces convey. The pensive face in the middle is especially great because it makes the user think. Also, according to Business2Community, using a human face establishes your brand as friendly and relatable. 
  2. Give reasons: The ad copy states that there are 3 good reasons to attend. This is a super effective way to break down the benefits into sections for the user. It makes it easier to outline the benefits of attending the conference and lays it out for the user, so they don’t have to figure it out themselves. 
  3. Hashtags: Hashtags are always a great idea. They create brand awareness, a sense of community around your brand, and help you to connect with your customers. Use hashtags for keywords that you want your customers to weigh in on and that you want your brand associated with, or use your brand as a hashtag. 

79. Shopify Plus

shopify plus linkedin ad example
Shopify Plus LinkedIn Ad

If you’re looking to get into selling online, this ad will appeal to you. Their clean and creative design is appealing, and their call-to-action is super straightforward.

  1. Useful content: Offering a guide or publication to your customers is a great way to gain interest in your brand. This works especially well when your content serves to answer a simple question, such as in this case. If you’re just starting out, this guide answers the most basic questions you’ll have starting out. 
  2. Clear copy: The copy doesn’t say a whole lot, but it says all that it needs to. Shopify hasn’t made things complicated here, and it works because their target demographic is people who are starting out with selling online. Use simple language and direct ad copy to get your point across clearly. 
  3. Call-to-action: They have a great call-to-action here, it’s not hard to see what the next step is in your journey to sell online.

Beyond LinkedIn ads examples

To conclude, I hope that you’ve learned a thing or two about LinkedIn ads that we carefully handpicked for you. With our extensive LinkedIn ads experience at K6, we love helping other brands grow. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

I’d also like to add that the goal of seeing such LinkedIn ad examples is to spark new ideas to test. You might be surprised, just like we constantly are, of which ad creative ends up working best. Every business, timing, and audience is different.

We will constantly be adding new examples in this list to keep it up-to-date with the latest trends in the LinkedIn ads world. We are actively looking for ads that truly perform to give you quality ideas in the future.

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