Link Building: 6 Strategies and Tips

Are you looking to get more organic traffic this year? Writing high quality content is the fire and link building is the fuel. Competition is getting tougher as more companies are striving to get quality backlinks from websites. You’ve probably heard of guest blogging or asking to change dead links, let’s go a bit further.

Strategy #1 – Competitor’s backlinks

Researching your competitors and what kind of link-building they are engaging in is one of the best way to get new backlinks. You can find the exact websites they have been able to get a link from and reverse engineer the process. It can sometimes include social media links.

In addition to understanding the tactics, you should do content research. How is the content from your competitors better than yours? Knowing what the most searched keywords are in your industry will give you focus.

Social link building
Social backlinks

You can also seek the help of link-building agencies. Often, link-building experts very efficient in approaching new opportunities and converting them faster. You must do due-diligence before working with with an agency – not all of them are great.

Strategy #2 – Link building directories

Search engine optimization relies on quality link-building because it shows credibility. A very easy way to do that is to publish your website on directories. You must do proper research to find the “legit” directories because a lot of them are quite spammy.

We recommend selecting the directories related to your industry. Generic directories risk harming your SEO in the long run. With careful submission selections, completing this task can result in tangible SEO and organic traffic growth.

Strategy #3 – Identify opportunities for guest blogging

Investing in guest blogging and submitting articles to reputable websites can be an excellent way to increase your visibility. You can reach out to established websites in your industry is a significant first step – by contributing relevant, informative content, you can draw attention to yourself or your business and get the recognition you deserve.

Not only will it bring more traffic to your website, but you may even find yourself surrounded by potential partners who share the same values and interests. Guest blogging and writing for quality websites is one of the most impactful ways to invest in yourself: it yields rewards both now and in the long term.

Strategy #4 – Create informative infographics

Creating informative infographics is a great way to boost your website’s visibility and authority in SEO. Infographics are full of interesting facts and graphs but also SEO-friendly content. If done well, other websites will link to your infographic, increasing the number of backlinks for your website.

To create effective SEO-friendly infographics, make sure the content relates to the interests of your target audience. We also recommend promoting the infographic through social media. Creating the infographic is only the tip of the iceberg. You must promote it to gain as much visibility as possible.

Strategy #5 – Reach out to other webmasters

Link building is a crucial part of the SEO game. In the very dynamic world of marketing, webmasters need to stay in contact with other webmasters so that their sites can benefit from mutual backlinks. Reach out to them and ask if they’d be willing to exchange backlinks with you. It may seem daunting at first. However, after establishing a base level of rapport, many webmasters will be happy to provide mutually beneficial links. A good way of approaching this is to do niche edits which means adding a link to an already published article. In any case, go out there and network!

Strategy #6 – Monitor your link building

A strong link building strategy is nothing without strong monitoring of progress. We recommend using tools such as SEMRush or Moz. You should not only track the amount of links you receive but also your domain authority and organic traffic. The end goal of ranking on Google is getting more traffic and revenue. You have to track progress to justify your SEO efforts over time.

Link building
Link Building

Link building can be tedious and time-consuming, but it’s essential to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERP). We hope our strategies have been helpful. Again, they might not feel like brand new strategies but they work.

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