78+ Refreshing Facebook Ad Examples in 2023 (Curated)

99 Facebook Ad Examples You’ll Want To Steal in 2021

When it comes to Facebook ad examples, you often get the illusion that you have two options.

You can either model your ads based on a successful brand or try to create something from your own ideas.

In our opinion, you should follow best practices and see what your competitors are doing, while of course, adding your personal touch. The best ads come from a mix of these three vital tips.

This is what we recommend to our clients based on Facebook’s new Power 5. If you are interested in getting your personalized Facebook ads strategy, reach out to us. We have tons of experience with Facebook Ads!

Facebook ads can feel like winning the lottery or diving into a black hole. The reason is, you can spend as much as you want and still find it hard to make a profit.

This is why we’ve created a list of Facebook ads we think will truly help inspire your path towards crafting profitable campaigns.

What about the Facebook Ad Library?

This article can’t exist without mentioning the new Facebook ad library. In order to improve transparency on Facebook, you can now see all the ads that are run on any Facebook page at any given time.

This is what Facebook has to say about it: “The Ad Library provides advertising transparency by offering a comprehensive, searchable collection of all ads currently running from across Facebook Products, including Instagram. Anyone can explore the Library, with or without a Facebook or Instagram account. You can access all active ads, even ones that might not have been shown to you because you weren’t part of an advertiser’s intended audience.”

Just keep in mind that if an ad is not active anymore, then you won’t see it. It’s really just to show you the active ads running at the time you chose to look.

What does the Facebook ad library mean for marketers? It’s now easier to gain inspiration from other brands which I think is nice. The caveat? It can also create this flow of copycats. We think that since marketers can now do that, they try to copy other brands less and actually stand out. It’s not so bad after all.

How does Facebook ad library work? Head over to the Facebook ad library and then enter the Facebook page in question. Make sure you have your ad blocker turned off otherwise it won’t work.

Facebook ad library

The fact that the Facebook ads library is available makes this article even more crucial because telling the good ads from the bad ads is your key to success!

Hot tip: before you start any Facebook ads, make sure you’ve installed your Facebook pixel to track conversions.

Table of contents

1. Gymshark’s Blackout Video – Purely Exciting

2. CoSchedule’s benefit-driven advertising

3. Quickbooks knows what you want

4. MVMT is always standing out

5. Nike’s straight to the point Facebook ad

6. Slack knows you need to stay organized

7. Fashion Nova’s product-driven Facebook ad

8. Porsche’s funky Facebook ad example

9. Trello’s project management advertising

10. Shopify’s helpful Facebook ad

11. Pura Vida’s authentic Facebook ad example

12. Sephora’s creative Facebook ad

13. Dollar Shave Club’s funny angles

14. EA Sports, it’s in the game

15. Doordash’s restaurants Facebook ad example

16. Calm, just helping you out

17. Leadpages freebie lead Facebook ad example

18. Design Pickle’s no bullshit Facebook ad example

19. Mailchimp’s “now what?” Facebook ad example

20. Blinkist sleek carousel Facebook ad example

21. Intercom’s value-added advertising

22. NYT “the truth” Facebook ad example

23. Join Starbucks for life

24. Canva’s great tagline

25. Asana’s metric oriented Facebook ad example

26. HootSuite’s statistics approach

27. Dropbox’s Product Feature Announcement

28. Lightspeed’s Facebook Ad Helping Small Business

29. ASOS Talking About Sales

30. Amazon’s Review Star Ad 

31. Zendesk’s Product Feature Ad

32. SEMrush Insight Facebook ad

33. Serpstat’s Facebook Ad Feature 

34. BigCommerce’s Contextual Lead Generation

35. More awesome Facebook ad examples

1. Gymshark


Just in case this ad link doesn’t work anymore, it’s a video of Gymshark’s ambassadors fighting to buy GymSharks clothing where they finally end up in line to buy what they gathered. We love this Facebook ad example because it showcases Gymshark’s ambassadors which their customers love and it brings the main emotion of Black Friday which is excitement.

People are excited to get what they want to get for a steep discount, period. Also, this Facebook video is very well edited. They probably used software like Adobe Premiere. We made a list of Facebook marketing tools you might want to check out. This is why we believe this Facebook ad example to be one you’ll want to steal.

Key takeaways:

1. The first word is Blackout: Gymshark has been talking about the Blackout for over a month now. It’s everywhere: on their Instagram page, Facebook page, email newsletter and website. Creating a memorable name for your Black Friday sale and writing it right at the beginning of your Facebook ad brings clarity as to what the ad is about.

2. Clear benefits of buying now: Gymshark clearly states the main reason why they run their advertising, it’s because there’s a 50% off sale with free shipping and that you can buy now and pay later with Afterpay. Showcasing the benefits your customers want right away in your ad copy makes them salivate for more.

3. The video ad is purely smart: Gymshark’s video with their brand ambassadors is genius. Most people buy Gymshark’s clothing because they love the Instagram influencers wearing them. Furthermore, it plays in the mind of the consumers: if the ambassadors are fighting to buy clothing, so should the customers.

2. CoSchedule

CoSchedule Facebook ad

For those who don’t know CoSchedule, it’s a company that sells a project management software. All their ads focus on the benefits their customers experience when they use their product.

We took this ad as part of our Facebook ad examples because it is extremely simple, yet the design is attractive and you can clearly convince yourself that this tool could help you out.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to “maximize project output“?

Key takeaways:

1. Design that sparks curiosity: CoSchedule’s design is ridiculously simple, yet it sparks curiosity. Why? Well, the graphic design represents something we think we understand. It seems like something goes in and comes out. The simple fact that we want to question the meaning of this drawing will push us to read the rest of the ad.

2. Give the end benefit: as you can see at the bottom left, it’s written: “maximize project output”. This makes us wonder what maximizes the output of our projects and this is definitely the main reason certain people are looking at using CoSchedule. Telling people clearly the main thing that your product or service does help you filter people right out of the gate.

3. Clear Call-To-Action: this is clearly an ad for people who already know about CoSchedule, probably for those who were on the verge of “booking a demo”. This call-to-action is clear; on the picture and at the bottom left which lets your customers know exactly what their next step is.

3. Quickbooks

Quickbooks Facebook ad

For those who don’t know Quickbooks, it’s accounting software for small businesses and self-employed individuals.

We think this is a great addition to our Facebook ad examples, because of their smart us of the carrousel Facebook ad format as well as their strong emphasis on the benefits of using their software.

We won’t lie, we also like the fact that it’s written save 50%.

Key takeaways:

1. Great deal: the most attractive feature of this Facebook ad example is 50% off. Let’s be honest, that’s a huge discount and anyone interested in joining Quickbooks would clearly jump in on the opportunity.

2. Strong benefit: the benefit can’t be clearer. You can manage your business anywhere at any time with Quickbooks and that’s exactly why people like using their software. They just need their phone and the internet.

3. Original visual: having a small image next to a big image is a curious way of using the carousel format. It’s important to be different from your Facebook ads creative, otherwise, people will just pass right by your ad and you won’t even get clicks.


MVMT Facebook ad

MVMT is a watch company located in the United States. Their slogan is “a watch that doesn’t break the bank”. Their brand grew entirely from social media which is why we picked one of their ad as part of our Facebook ad examples.

Apart from having a style of their own, MVMT hasn’t changed its Facebook ads strategy since its debut. You’ll see no call-to-action button, a big picture, a one-liner ad copy and a call-to-action in the ad copy.

Key takeaways:

1. High-quality picture: MVMT always has amazing pictures on their Facebook ads and this is very important. They are selling “cheap luxury” where their goal is to make their customers picture themselves feeling different when wearing their product.

2. Emphasis on the product’s features: this is something really important when you are selling a physical product that has the purpose of looking good. Watches aren’t really “useful” anymore, they are fashion accessories. By showing the product at the center of the ad, it makes it clear what the ad is about.

3. Well designed ad copy: as I mentioned earlier, MVMT hasn’t changed its strategy. They like to keep their ad copy short and sweet and there’s a reason why. The true strength of their ad is the picture, and too much text would make Facebook users not focus on the right thing.

5. Nike

Nike Facebook ad

We’ve added this ad to our Facebook ad examples because the call-to-action and the benefits are clear as day. We need to not forget that advertising’s goal is to share a message with the right people, and the right people will jump on a 50% offer.

Of course, Nike’s logo makes people buy without even thinking, but it’s interesting to see that even a brand as big as Nike does the same thing as other brands, giving a discount.

Key takeaways:

1. Clear call-to-action: it seems that Nike wants you to know that they are having a 50% off sale right now. It’s written on the picture and at the bottom right. They know that 50% off is a really attractive offer and they showcase it in as many places as possible, smart.

2. Simple design: now this is a touchy subject because we can argue that everybody already knows what Nike is. You might want to create an ad with such a simple design as stating you are selling your products at 50% off only to people that know about your brand. This is clearly a contextual ad.

3. Discount code method: people love discounts, I mean why not getting something for less money than what others usually pay for? If you are running a sale we urge you to try to make it clearer in your ads, your revenue will thank you.

6. Slack

Slack Facebook ad

Slack is a communication software for companies. Remember when you used to send emails back and forth to get an answer for something? Well, you don’t need to anymore, because you can talk in a more seamless and organized way.

We’ve added this ad to our Facebook ad examples list because we like Slack’s branded, solution-oriented ad.

They tell you why people love their software & which problem it resolves while keeping their branding intact.

Key takeaways:

1. Keep your branding intact: it’s important that with time people recognize your brand just by looking at your design and Slack has done just that. They’ve been using their purple and multicolour logo for a long time. For that reason, people know that when they see one of those in an ad, it’s Slack.

2. Express the problem you resolve: Slack is helping you “break out of the inbox and keep conversations organized in Slack”. Essentially, communication can be super complicated in companies (and annoying). By stating that problems that a lot of business owners have, Slack makes their potential customers more curious.

3. Use the right colours: every colour evokes different meanings for people. For example, Slack’s purple evokes peacefulness with the tint of blue and action with its tint of red, according to Bourn Creative.

7. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova Facebook ad

Fashion Nova is a fashion company that originally started by creating clothing for afro American plus size women. They then expanded into the men’s fashion markets because of their amazing success.

This is ad is part of our Facebook ad examples because it showcases a product on model resembling the brand’s customer avatar and they’ve got some strong A/B testing going on with 6 products on rotation.

Key takeaways:

1. A big product-oriented picture: this Facebook ad, like the MVMT example above, clearly shows the product being sold which is honestly the most important rule when it comes to selling fashion on Facebook ads (or any other medium maybe).

2. Strong A/B tests of products: they are currently testing 6 different pictures for the same ad and this is highly recommended when trying any ad. The truth is we (almost) never know which ad creative will best perform, so it’s key to A/B test as much as possible.

3. Well-known emoji’s of Fashion Nova: Fashion Nova has been using the emoji’s since the beginning and it has made their brand quite recognizable. This helps consumers spot a Fashion Nova’s Facebook ad from a mile away and ensures they stay in their consumer’s minds.

8. Porsche

Porsche Facebook ad

Porsche is one of the most luxurious car company in the world. They’ve started a magazine called Type 7 and are now promoting it to gain subscribers.

We’ve added this Facebook ad example to our list because it has a creative that truly stands out and the copywriting is focused on eliciting emotions & connecting with their customer’s values.

Key takeaways:

1. Funky standing out creative: in fact, the creative used in this picture can’t stand out more than it already is. All the colours are used here and it works because the first step in getting people to read your ad is to make them stop scrolling in their feed by catching their attention. Mission accomplished Porsche.

2. Relevant call-to-action: The call-to-action in this ad is very clear, “subscribe”. This helps people know what their next step should be if they connect with the Facebook ad copy which we’ll talk about below.

3. Eliciting people’s emotions and values:Do you like the outstanding?” The Facebook ad copy used by Porsche is trying to connect with their customers by seeing if the brand’s values connect with the ones of their customers. This is a great strategy because people act according to their values.

9. Trello

Trello Facebook ad

Trello is a project management software for any business that wants to level their efficiency and organization. They have a mobile and desktop app ready to use.

We added this ad to our Facebook ads example list because it has a really good slogan “turn meetings into do-ings” and their ad creative is really congruent to the other ads they are running.

Key takeaways:

1. Sleek slogan: Trello’s slogan “turn meetings into do-ings” is very appealing, because their customer avatar can surely relate to doing unproductive meetings where you end up not knowing the exact plan of action. This truly resolves a business problem.

2. Congruent Facebook ad creative: the orange pinkish background and the people working at the table are used in more than one of Trello’s Facebook ads. Using the same type of ad creative across multiple ads makes people recognize your brand, and, as we’ve seen so far, this has a very big impact on results.

3. No obligation call-to-action: we believe Trello’s call-to-action of “try it now” to be very strong because Trello has a free plan. If people can truly try your product for free, they have no reason to not do so and you should tell them.

10. Shopify

Shopify Facebook ad

Shopify is a really easy-to-use eCommerce platform that helps entrepreneurs create their own stores and manage them very easily. Their content strategy revolves around helping business owners in general.

We’ve added this ad to ou Facebook ad examples because it is congruent with Shopify’s content strategy, message and the call-to-action is really attractive.

Key takeaways:

1. Use your logo often: as you can see, Shopify’s logo is in the image as well as in the page logo. This truly helps in making sure people recognize you or will recognize you in the future.

2. Link your product to a mass desire: most people want to make money and would also love to do what they love as a living. Shopify knows that and they’ve used this desire to link it to their product. This is probably the most powerful way of doing marketing.

3. Let people dream: the use in their Facebook ads image of “craft your business your way” helps the consumer imagine himself doing things exactly as they want. That sentence makes the “entrepreneur” customer avatar of Shopify want to get over the fence and start using Shopify.

11. Pura Vida

Pura-Vida Facebook ad

Pura Vida is an authentic brand selling fashionable bracelets for those who feel exotic. We’ve added this story ad to our Facebook ads examples list because the picture is really captivating and the writing space is well utilized. We know they run this campaign as an Instagram story as well, but… we couldn’t resist.

Key takeaways:

1. Show your product in a creative way: it’s creative to showcase around 20 bracelets in one picture, but it also helps standing out. People are tired of seeing the same images over and over again, be creative.

2. Optimize your font size: we can ignore the big 50% OFF and there’s a reason why it has to be center of the ad. Making your most important message in a different colour and bigger font can make a huge difference in terms of clarity.

3. Show the essence of your brand: this might seem like a complicated concept, but it’s not.

This picture is very revealing and attracts exactly who Pura Vida wants. From the image Pura Vida has used, we can start seeing who their customer avatars are: surf, Bali, and travellers.

12. Sephora

Sephora Facebook ad

Sephora is a French multinational chain of personal care and beauty stores. They have a very unique social media content strategy. We chose this ad for our Facebook ads example list because Sephora shows their card physically and has a mystery focused copywriting.

Key takeaways:

1. Physical view of gift card: showing the physical aspect of a gift card is one of the best ways of selling because people love receiving physical things. It helps people picture what it’d be like to own one.

2. Mysterious-driven headline: “it’s better on the inside” is a great tagline to get people to wonder what it’s like on the inside. It also gets people asking what are those members-only benefits and getting people to ask questions is the best way to get people to take the next step, visit your website.

3. Exclusivity & access: Sephora’s tagline is really good because it makes it seem like there are two worlds: those inside and those outside. Those inside feel like they are one step above the others and that’s exactly what Sephora is selling, access.

13. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar shave club Facebook ad

Dollar Shave Club is a company selling grooming products as a subscription. They are really well known for their funny advertising called “Our Blades Are F*** Great”. We’ve added this ad to our Facebook ads examples list because it’s product-focused image is super native and has a clear explanation of what the ad is selling.

Key takeaways:

1. Be congruent with your brand: as you probably saw, Dollar Shave Club love using humour in their advertising and people take it the wrong way. Seeing them having success doesn’t mean you should add humour to your brand, you have to remain congruent with your brand. Be who you are and a thousand times. It’s key to be polarizing as a brand, otherwise, you won’t stand out in this red ocean of businesses.

2. Show what’s in the box: if you are selling a subscription box or any bundle of products, you must showcase them all together for your customers to see. People make a lot of decisions based on visuals because an image says a thousand words.

3. Make them feel like they get it all: the use “everything you need in your bathroom” and “ultimate shave gift” makes people feel like getting your product is everything they need. People want to buy the most useful product. Feeling like a product is complete reassures the customer in the sales process.

14. EA Sports, it’s in the game

EA Sports FIFA Facebook ad

EA Sports FIFA is the number one soccer video game in the entire world. If you play soccer, you must give a try to this video game. We’ve added their video ad to our Facebook ad examples list because their video is very entertaining, dynamic and focused on experience.

Key takeaways:

1. About entertainment: let’s not forget that Facebook ads are made to entertain people who scroll. Social media is made like Netflix, to binge-watch but in this case scroll. Your goal is to captivate people. EA Sports created a very unique and dynamic video that does just that.

2. Make it an experience: your Facebook ad should make people enter your world. It should make them picture what it’s like owning your product. By seeing the soccer players in the video game, the people who see EA Sports FIFA’s Facebook ad will be able to picture themselves playing the game.

3. No ad copy strategy: some will think EA Sports forgot to add copy. Common? They have tons of money to hire the best agencies, this is all calculated. All the power of the ad is in the image. Sometimes adding no copy can help people focus on the video or the image itself. I would recommend a very strong video if you do so.

15. Doordash

Doordash Facebook ad

Doordash is a food delivery company just like Uber Eats. Just like any double-sided customer company, they must do advertising to bring in restaurants et consumers. We chose this ad for our Facebook ads example list because the ad focuses on a great offer and it is a very niche ad.

Key takeaways:

1. About nice audiences: this ad was made for restaurant owners that want to increase their source of revenue. When you are targeting a certain segment, it’s important to identify it as clearly as possible. In this case, Doordash used a question mark at the beginning and the words “your restaurant” twice in their ad (image and copy).

2. Free trials offer: this type of offer will always be part of the greatest type of offers for SaaS because people can try before they purchase. In fact, more and more companies are using this model like Frank & Oak selling clothing.

3. Question mark: having a question mark in your ad copy is one of the best ways to make people stop. Questions make people think and when people think, they stop scrolling.

16. Calm

CALM Facebook ad

Calm is a mobile app that helps you stay calm through meditation and sleep. In other words, they strive to help people reduce their anxiety or feel better in general. We’ve added this ad to our Facebook ads example list because it’s a very creative way of showing how the app can help people which creates goodwill. In fact, they are actually helping people buy them just reading what’s on the image.

Key takeaways:

1. Make your content native: this picture is really native. We see tons of similar pictures on social media these days. Making your advertising appear like a normal should be the goal here.

2. Create helpful content (goodwill): creating Facebook ads that actually help your consumers is one of the strongest ways of creating an awesome relationship with your customers. Helping people is also one of the best ways of making friends, the same principle goes into business.

3. Show social proof: people don’t know your brand, even less if it is legitimate. Showing social proof signals such as awards or certifications can really help your brand get seen as a serious consideration.

17. Leadpages

Leadpages Facebook ad examples

LeadPages is a landing page design software with a lot of functionalities such as analytics, A/B testing and so on. We’ve chosen this Facebook ad as an example because it’s a really great example of lead generation advertising. LeadPages gives their customer avatar (business owners) a checklist to help them launch their holiday campaigns.

Key takeaways:

1. Give give give: giving free content to your customers is a really good way of starting a relationship. Again, it’s like saying “hey, let me help you.” Leadpages created a checklist to help you reach your potential in your holiday sales campaign for free. It’s pretty hard to say no.

2. Checklists as freebies: checklists are a really good freebie for Facebook because it’s easily consumable and focused on taking action. People want content that is fast to consume. In this article, you probably skimmed. In fact, you probably will never read this paragraph. If you do, let us know.

3. Keyword repetition: as you can see, the words holiday campaigns are everywhere. Repeating the keyword helps people who skim know what the ad is about faster and thus creates a filter. This filter will either attract or push away the people who see your ad. This really helps Facebook show your ad to the right people and increase your CTR.

18. Design Pickle

Design-Pickle Facebook ad

Design Pickle is a company that offers a service of unlimited graphic design for other business owners who require such a need. After watching their entire ad library, we’ve decided to pick this Facebook ad as an example for the others. Why? Business owners love a no-bullshit talk because they hate wasting time. This ad is a great example of being polarizing, meaning having people love you or hate you.

Key takeaways:

1. Strong congruent colour: the pink clearly stands out in a social feed and the poop emoji is congruent to social media. If this colour and this poop emoji fit your brand, then go ahead. Make sure that you pick a colour and an emoji that represents your brand because, beyond your conversions, your image is at play. That’s why the same creative could crush it for a brand but completely suck for another.

2. Straight to the point: is your design shit? This could be a good strategy, but be careful to not be too polarizing. If you make your customers have too many emotions in the sales process, it could reduce your conversion rate.

3. Strong guarantee game: showing your guarantee inside your ad is a great way of pushing people over the edge to buy your product. I would recommend to add it later down the funnel, maybe in your Facebook retargeting campaign, but not to advertise to a cold audience. Making too much effort to push people to buy too early devalues your product.

19. Mailchimp

Mailchimp Facebook ad

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform, though originally focused more on email marketing. They are a great solution for companies getting initially started with email marketing. We’ve chosen this Facebook ad as an example because the video is dynamic and uses a growing metric, which business owners love to see.

Key takeaways:

1. Growing metrics: if you can quantify the results that people get from your product or service, make sure you show it to people. In this case, people can grow their subscriber count when using Mailchimp.

2. Product experience: showing people what it’s like using your platform is important, but what’s even smarter is showing a “positive” experience in your Facebook ad. In this example, Mailchimp shows someone’s account that has a growing number of subscribers which for business owners is a positive experience.

3. Video thumbnail importance: the thumbnail of your video ad is very important and can drastically change your results. It’s why testing multiple thumbnails on your best performing video is key. The yellow background with a number seems to work well for Mailchimp.

20. Blinkist

Blinkist Facebook Caroussel ad

Blinkist is a book summary software that allows reading more than 300,000 in 15 minutes or less. They have a really great branding design. We chose this carousel ad to add in our Facebook ad examples list because the pictures have an awesome design and the call-to-action is really adapted to every book.

Key takeaways:

1. Unique design: being unique with your design is key. As you can see, Blinkist created their own book covers. All these book covers have a different colour but keep the same template. It’s very pleasing to the eye.

2. Brand congruence: all the design created in this ad is congruent to the Blinkist brand. The logo, the book covers, the time on the right and that truly helps to improve your brand image & congruence.

3. Show what you got: using the text space to write the amount of time it takes for people to read their book summaries is very smart. People use Blinkist to read faster and this ad truly shows that.

21. Intercom

Intercom FB ad

Intercom is a SaaS company offering custom bots for your website. They have one of the most customizable bots which classify them as a market leader. We’ve handpicked this ad for our Facebook ad examples list, because of the strong benefits-driven ad copy and image.

Key takeaways:

1. Benefit ad copy: make sure people know the benefits of using your product or service. You might know why your product is awesome by heart, but others don’t. Never forget that.

2. Call-to-action in the image: adding your call-to-action in the image of your Facebook ad can help people take the next step. In fact, it helps people understand what is the message your ad aims to bring which will really help your results.

3. Educating people: at the bottom of the ad, Intercom has written: “Bots by you, to scale every part of your business”. This sentence helps people understand that a bot can help to scale your business, and for some, that’s enough to be curious.

22. New York Times

NYT Facebook ad

The New York Times always had one of the strongest copywriting in the game. We’ve chosen this ad amongst all their Facebook ad examples because the copy talks about a movement, and why you should support it. Let’s be honest, creating a movement is one of the strongest ways of getting people to become your customers.

Key takeaways:

1. Using a mass desire: one of the best ways of selling something isn’t to create a new desire, it’s to take a desire people have and linking it to your product or service. People want the truth, and the NYT is offering it.

2. Creating a movement: this can be a really good strategy because when people buy a product or service, they often buy into an idea, a movement. Adding a movement around your product or service can help you attract a bigger following of supporters and customers.

3. Vary the copy: every text space has a different ad copy in this Facebook ad, but they all mean the same thing. Showcasing your message from different angles can help in making sure people truly understand your ad copy. It also allows you to show different segments of the same message you are trying to give. Only use this if your message is somewhat general.

23. Starbucks

Starbucks Facebook ad examples

Starbucks is the company selling $5 macchiato grande. They are well-known for having the highest margin on late ever seen in the industry. Enough joking, we took this ad to our Facebook ad examples list, because the penguin image is really compelling and it has a great offer to push people to download an app.

Key takeaways:

1. Using a mascot: having an animal in your advertising can bring different emotions and meanings based on the audience you are targeting. It can be a great way to connect with your audience because you are showing them something they already know and can now associate with your brand.

2. For life offer: this is probably one of the most attractive offers anybody could give, BUT not everybody can give it. If you have a SaaS or a tool, and you can give a lifetime subscription, this might be a good promotional offer to run.

3. Install now call-to-action: this CTA is really good for mobile apps. This ad is about downloading the Starbucks mobile app. If you run an app, this is the CTA you need to use.

24. Canva

Canva Facebook ad

Canva is basically adobe illustrator for people with no design skills. It can greatly help to upgrade your design if you haven’t done any previously. We’ve added this ad to our Facebook ad examples list because the text space is very well utilized and the copy is really good.

Key takeaways:

1. Motto ad copy: using a simple copy such as “give your feed a fetching new look” can really catch people’s attention. It’s hard to write a simple catchy sentence with only a few words, but when you find one that relates to your audience, it could be a game-changer.

2. Objection handling copy: maybe you thought you needed design skills to use Canva, but you don’t. If you know the biggest objection people have when they are about to buy your product or service, add it in your copy.

3. Use of the word free: using the word free works only if your stuff is truly free. Canva is actually giving access to people to their software for free, although they have bigger plans as well. If your product or service is actually free, then you must add it to your copy. A lot of people like free things and it’d be a shame that they don’t know about your tool.

25. Asana

Asana Facebook ad

Asana is a project management tool just like Trello mentioned above. We’ve picked this ad in our Facebook ad examples list because the use of a metric in the image brings curiosity and the ad copy is really congruent to the image. The problem pointed in this ad is also well researched for Asana’s target market, because most companies spend way too much time organizing and planning. In other words, this metric might be the wake-up call some business owners need to jump in and use Asana’s work management tool.

Key takeaways:

1. Using statistics in your creative: people love statistics because it can give them raw insights into what they should do. In this Facebook ad, Asana knows that the biggest problem they are solving is companies spending not enough time working because they aren’t organized. This metric truly resolves that problem.

2. Continuous text method: Most people first look at the big image and then read the copy which explains to them what the ad is about. This is why linking your image to the text above is a very smart way of engaging with your audience.

3. Simple creative: having a simple message in the image of your ad can get people curious. What is this number? What does it mean? That’s it, you’ve got them hooked.

26. HootSuite

Hootsuite Facebook ad examples

Hootsuite is a social media management tool geared towards helping businesses simplify the organization of their post. We’ve singled out this ad from the many Facebook ad example we found because the ad shows statistics and then explains why it’s relevant to their customers. A lot of companies give raw information, which adds no value. Insight is what truly brings value.

Key takeaways:

1. Using graphics & numbers: using graphics and numbers in the image can get people to stop and question what this means. Again, the goal of your image is to get people to stop and be curious.

2. Stating what matters: when you have something complicated in your image, make sure your ad copy simplifies it all. People have a short attention span and they want the consumer the information fast.

3. Giving insight: as stated above, numbers don’t give value, insight does. Creating a freebie that explains what to do with those metrics is where the real value is. People will expect it and you’ll lead fast.

27. Dropbox

Dropbox Facebook Ad Example

If you don’t already know, Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. We chose this ad as part of our Facebook ads example list for 2020 because it has great design, it focuses on important features and it has a great value proposition. We must admit that we are digging Dropbox’s design in terms of congruence between colours and their simple ad copy. More and more we see short ad copies that convey the users to use the app which requires true expertise in advertising.

Key Takeaways

1. Strong colour palette: having a colour that is used through most of your creativity is a really good way to get recognized and also appealing to the eye. Not that we don’t like rainbow coloured ads but they do have a way of not giving your brand differentiation with other brands.

2. Focus on features: we hold the strong belief that most SaaS ads should focus on communicating the most important features. People buy software for their features, you are doing people a service by telling them which features your SaaS has.

3. Clear value proposition: having a picture with a computer mouse clicking on a feature that enables people to share their documents in Zoom or Slack and having an ad copy that clearly states it makes the ad very clear. Clarity is key because if people don’t understand your message, you already lost them. 

28. Lightspeed’

LightSpeed Facebook Ad

Lightspeed provides small and medium-sized retail and restaurant businesses with a point of sale solutions. There businesses using Lightspeed in over 100 countries. We love this Facebook ad example because we find the image to be original, their statistics ad copy to be compelling and we love their focus on giving value first. The funny thing is that the ad looks like an Instagram influencer’s picture which is really awesome since it makes it native. It’s blending right inside Facebook and Instagram.

Key takeaways

1. Original image: the image chosen for this Facebook ad example is very native and blends right in your newsfeed. Native images are seen to perform way better with Facebook ads.

2. Opening statistics: starting your Facebook ad with a statistic is a good way of getting people to stop. Why? Because statistics are easily digestible and often give insight into a world of uncertainty.

3. Giving value: Lightspeed is focusing on helping out their clients by showing them how to set up a good referral program. More and more we see brands realizing that helping their customers is the best way of keeping and attracting new clients.

29. ASOS

ASOS Facebook Ad

ASOS is a British online fashion and cosmetic retailer that sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories. We love this Facebook ad example because it has a straight to the point ad copy, looks native and it includes the price. Again, we see a super simple ad copy. People seem to prefer that type of ad copy over long text that takes forever to read.

Key takeaways

1. Direct ad copy: being as clear as possible in your ad copy is becoming more and more important with the number of ads people see every day. The goal here is to make your ad copy as digestible as a hot dog.

2. Native ad image: the image used in this ad can arguably be native. The picture of the girl looks like a picture an Instagram influencer could have taken. It’s a strong way of connecting with your audience.

3. Including your price: if you run an eCommerce, it’s a good idea to test adding your price to your ad. People are seeing Facebook feed more and more as a place to shop and giving them all the required information can truly help your revenue. 

30. Amazon

Amazon Facebook ad example

At this point, everybody should know Amazon, but I’ll still tell you for those who would live on a deserted island without wi-fi. Amazon is a technology company that focuses on eCommerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. We love this Facebook ad example because it has an honest star review at the top, it’s branded and it has a clear call-to-action. One thing to keep in mind is that Amazon uses the same background in each picture which is really good to make people recognize them more easily.

Key takeaways

1. Star reviews: Adding star reviews in your picture if you sell an eCommerce product is a very good idea because it gives valuable information to the customer. Not only is the information valuable in their decision process but it’s also a way to be transparent. Customers love checking out reviews sites like Cherry Pick before making a purchase.

2. Branded image: all of Amazon’s picture has the same background which helps people recognize Amazon’s brand on Facebook. It’s very important to be congruent in order to give your customers a seamless experience with your brand.

3. Clear call-to-action: the world shop is in the ad copy and the call to action. Letting people know exactly what they should do is key since people will keep scrolling fast if they don’t know what to do. If people scroll, well you failed.

31. Zendesk

Zendesk Facebook Ad

Zendesk is a customer service software company located in San Francisco, California.  We love this Facebook ad example because it focuses on product features, it has a situational angle, and it provides help to their customers. Let’s not kid ourselves, the graphic design is kinda creepy yet funny. What we like most is the fact that they help their customers which is important.

Key takeaways

1. Product features: focusing on product features when advertising your SaaS is essential. People want to know your features to take decisions and giving them in a digestible format can make a huge difference in your profits. 

2. Situational angle: it’s interesting to point out that this ad was handpicked during the COVID-19 where remote teams needed help to work effectively. Creating ads that are relevant usually has a good effect on your results.

3. Focus on helping: giving is the new way of attracting customers and keeping them. By giving something to your customers in your ad, you are drawing them towards your brand and starting a relationship.

32. SEMrush

SEMrush Facebook ad

SEMrush is a software as a service company that sells online visibility and marketing analytics software subscriptions. It was first an SEO tool and a browser extension before it became a SaaS. We love this Facebook ad example because it provides unique value, has a design that stands out and includes a question. In fact, I don’t think SEMrush could use colours that stand out more than the ones chosen. They seem to love those trendy asymmetric designs which are cool but might lack some context.

Key takeaways

1. Providing unique value: it’s one thing to give, but it’s another to sell what you have to give. SEMrush knows that its customers love finding out what their competitors are doing and they are saying it clearly in their ad copy.

2. Design that stands out: you don’t have to use green flashy colours, but trying to make a design that stands out on Facebook can help your results. 

3. Including a question: transforming the value you are giving to your customers as a question is a great way of getting people to be curious about what’s on the other side. Never forget that the first goal of a Facebook ad is to get people to click.

33. Serpstat

Serpstat Facebook ad example

Serpstat is a software as a service company focused on SEO and PPC services. We love this Facebook ad example because it has a good metaphoric graphic design, focuses on action and has colours that stand out. The image is really what makes this ad so amazing. The Facebook ad image is metaphoric and the colours are super flashy, and the character has an intriguing face.

Key takeaways

1. Metaphoric image: using an image that represents metaphorically your ad copy is a really strong way to advertise on Facebook. It’s important to not force it, but if something makes sense then it’s a good idea to try it out. In this case, we could say that using Serpstat is like the key to succeeding in your PPC.

2. Action-focused: focusing on what people can do with your SaaS is the best way of selling it. Maybe someone wanted a tool that would allow them to launch PPC campaigns directly on a platform and now they are convinced.

3. Colours Stand Out: we can’t really ignore the baby blue and rose around the funny character holding the key. Those colours definitely stand out in the news feed which is good because if people stop, then you have a chance of getting clicks.

34. BigCommerce

Big Commerce Facebook Ad Example

BigCommerce is a SaaS eCommerce platform featuring customer groups and segmentation, search engine optimization, web hosting and much more. It’s a Shopify competitor for those who are more familiar with them. We love this Facebook ad example because it is contextual, uses a question as opening ad copy and lays out “what’s inside”. What makes this ad so attractive is the fact that you know what’s inside the guide. People love knowing what could be inside.

Key takeaways

1. Contextual Facebook ad: there’s probably no better way to create a Facebook ad then to ask yourself would this particular audience be interested in what I have to offer. BigCommerce’s focus on CBD brand in this lead generation Facebook ad clearly helps them convert more impressions into leads.

2. Question opening statement: having a strong question can get your audience to stop and read more. Most people hate unanswered questions, so if you can create a question out of the value you give to your customers, we recommend you add it in your ad copy.

3. What’s inside: there’s no better way to sell a guide then telling people what’s inside. It’s about giving the information to the user so that if something spikes their interest, they click with full intent!

#35 – The Iconic x Jaden Smith

The Iconic Facebook ad

The Iconic is an online fashion store selling a wide variety of clothing and shoes for men and women. We love this Facebook ad example because The Iconic has been able to portray what helpful content looks like even for a fashion brand.

They created an article laying out the style that Jaden Smith has and the clothing one would need to buy. Inbound marketing is definitely the way of the future when it comes to digital advertising and this is an awesome example of that.

#36 – Mango

Mango Facebook Ad Example

Mango is an online fashion store selling a wide variety of clothing and shoes for men and women. We love this Facebook ad example because Mango has used a black & white image which stands out from all the ads we see.

You often hear be flashy, stand out from the crowd, but the science behind standing out is being different. When it comes to Facebook ads creative, you really have to test everything you can imagine. It’s all about testing, don’t be afraid or you’ll never succeed.

#37 – Puma

Puma Facebook Ad Example
Puma Facebook Ad Example

Puma is an online sports fashion store selling a wide variety of clothing, shoes & accessories for men and women. We love this Facebook ad example because Puma transformed a very basic shoe image into a nice image with their logo, a strong unique selling proposition and nice looking background.

It often doesn’t take much to transform something boring into something exciting. It might be hard to find simple yet effective words such as “born to provoke” but Puma did at an amazing job at integrating it inside their Facebook ad creative.

#38 – Puma Football

Facebook Ad Example
Another Puma Facebook Ad Example

I won’t repeat what Puma is in terms of a brand but this Facebook ad creative is simply genius. For a clothing sports brand, it might be hard to differentiate yourself but your brand & image should be your #1 focus. We love this Facebook ad example because Puma has used celebrities in their respective sports, their strong logo and associated a shoe to both players.

It’s an amazing strategy to associate specific products of yours to your top influencers because people love copying their idols. Essentially, take a picture and simply add it on a sleek background. Too often, companies think it’s complicated to make Facebook ads but in reality, it only takes a few seconds. You can use a Facebook marketing tool to make hundreds of ads in a few days.

#39 – Pupsocks

Facebook Ad Example
Pup Socks Facebook Ad Example

Pup socks allow its customers to print the head of their puppy onto different clothing accessories such as socks, blankets and so on. We love this Facebook ad example because of its simplicity. It’s just an image of a sock with a black shadow and a coloured background.

Anybody can do this in a few minutes and even create 25 variations of it. It’s an easy modification of a normal image taken into a strong Facebook ad creative. I also like the fact that their ad copy is super simple. They put all the focus on custom gifts which are a great wording for what they sell. Finding a clear wording is key to your Facebook advertising success.

#40 – DIFF

Facebook Ad Example
DIFF Facebook Ad Example

DIFF sells sunglasses for women that look pretty fantastic based on what this customer testimonial said. Say no to high-end designer frame because DIFF is more affordable! We love this Facebook ad example because DIFF found a nice way to integrate a testimonial with a Facebook ad creative. We know that testimonials tend to convince buyers to move forward with their purchase and it’s why we think this ad is marvelous.

I also think that using user-generated content is king nowadays, especially coupled with a testimonial. You can use these ads in your re-engagement or even retargeting Facebook ads campaigns for better results.

#41 – MeUndies

Facebook Ad Example
MeUndies Facebook Ad Example

MeUndies sells some pretty funky underwear with the modal material, which is the most comfortable material (I approve of that statement). We love this Facebook ad example because MeUndies transformed a normal image with an easy to add frame which really adds some branding. We think, at K6, that branding is an essential part of every ad creative. You need to have some congruency between your content, website, ads, social media posts, and so on.

If you are looking to test some other Facebook ad creative, I recommend doing that. Finding how you can integrate your branding with some minimal graphic design work on some of your best images for Facebook ads.

#42 – G-Star RAW

Facebook ad example
G-Star Facebook Ad Example

G-Star sells clothing but is mostly known for its awesome jeans which I haven’t tried yet. We love this Facebook ad example because G-Star focuses their Facebook ads marketing efforts to drive traffic to a collection. We don’t see collection ads often, but I think they are amazing for bringing past customers back to your website.

It’s like saying “big news, we’ve got new products you’ve never seen before” and it brings them back to buy more products from your brand. One word of caution, you need a strong brand loyalty and good product quality to bring people back. Don’t do this if your customers hate your brand.

#43 – BigCommerce

Facebook ad example
BigCommerce Facebook Ad Example

BigCommerce is an eCommerce website platform provider for companies. They are competing with Shopify although Shopify is a much bigger player. We love this Facebook ad example because BigCommerce does what so little brands are bold enough to do. Comparing your product to one of your competitor has always been a strong marketing strategy to attract new clients.

The key to making this work is to talk to dissatisfied Shopify clients that switched to BigCommerce. This way, you’ll find out why and you’ll be able to put your best feature inside your Facebook ad.

#44 – Omnisend

Facebook ad example
Omnisend Facebook Ad Example

Omnisend is an email marketing platform provider. They allow companies to create email automation, send email broadcasts and much more. We love this Facebook ad example because Omnisend really focuses on sharing their content just like the inbound methodology. It’s also something we preach at K6, we think content is the best way to get in touch with your customers.

I highly recommend our article called “Facebook Ads: 7 Methods To Boost Content Marketing“.

#45 – ActiveCampaign

Facebook ad example
Active Campaign Facebook Ad Example

Active Campaign is an email marketing platform provider. They do a lot of things, so I recommend you go take a look. We love this Facebook ad example because Active Campaign focuses on their integration with Shopify, the giant eCommerce software provider. Since Shopify is gaining in popularity, it’s a smart move to ride the wave if you can.

If your product or service is related to a company, I highly recommend connecting the two inside your Facebook ad creative. It can yield pretty amazing results.

#46 – Klaviyo

Facebook ad example
Klaviyo Facebook Ad Example

Klaviyo is another email marketing software provider but focused on eCommerce businesses. They have a pretty robust platform if you are interested. We love this Facebook ad example because Klaviyo puts a lot of energy into helping their customers be successful. If your brand does that a lot and you have a lot of success stories because of it, then creating a Facebook ad with them is super smart.

Also, creating an ad like that is social proof in disguise. Showing that you have a lot of happy customers is always good to push people to become your customers. It’s somewhat user generated content with reviews while being helpful (aka a winning recipe).

#47 – MVMT

Facebook ad example
MVMT Facebook Ad Example

MVMT sells affordable fashion accessories for men and women. They are well-known for their watches & sunglasses. We love this Facebook ad example because MVMT has amazing creativity. The quality of the watch & the sunglasses is simply amazing. The lighting is also perfect as it brings attention to the right things on the ad.

I also love their Facebook ad copy which is super simple and minimalist. The “no call-to-action button just a link with a clear wording in the ad copy” is great. Finally, there’s no better promotion than one with a cause. If you are running a promotion, give it a reason behind as it will allow your prospects to remember it is timely.

#48 – MVMT #2

Facebook ad example
MVMT Facebook Ad Example

MVMT sells affordable fashion accessories for men and women. They are well-known for their watches & sunglasses. We love this Facebook ad example because MVMT has some god-damn sexy ad creative. It’s impressive how good picture quality, a product and a nice background can do wonders. If you have an eCommerce product, consider moving around your background to match it aesthetically with your product.

I would also say that having a Facebook ad copy around “celebrating ? ” with your customers is an awesome wording to have. It creates a sense of community that your customers will love. We all want to belong to something.

#49 – The GLD Shop

Facebook ad example
THEGLDSHOP Facebook Ad Example

The GLD Shop is the #1 online retailer of hip hop jewelry worldwide. They have some pretty good lookin’ pieces even if I’m not a hip hop jewelry fan. We love this Facebook ad example because The GLD shop has great creativity. They’ve really made an awesome Facebook ad image with the purple background because it stands out a lot. The concept behind is also pretty nice since the background is a Raptor jersey.

Again, a great Facebook eCommerce ad has a background, a product and a straight-shooting ad copy with a call-to-action. Your role is to play around with these to find the perfect combination.

#50 – The GLD #2

Facebook ad example
THEGLDSHOP Facebook Ad Example

The GLD Shop is the #1 online retailer of hip hop jewelry worldwide. I’ve already mentioned it above but maybe you skipped it.

We love this Facebook ad example because The GLD Shop did another amazing work with their image ad. A strong blue “magnificent” product with a luxurious black background makes the ad stand out when people scroll in the Facebook or Instagram news feed.

51. Grammarly Helps You Write with Confidence

facebook ad example
Grammarly Facebook Ad Example

For those who don’t know, Grammarly is an Artificial Intelligence powered writing tool that helps people with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more. 

We like the way they clearly lay out the steps to write well. Everyone knows that feeling of writing out an email and wondering if they made an embarrassing mistake! 

Key takeaways

1. Clear call-to-action: The list of steps offers a clear call-to-action for the user, with a step-by-step guide to their services. Featuring the install button directs users to exactly where they can start.

2. Problem-solving: The ad directly addresses people who are not confident in their writing and offers a simple solution. Using the common grammar mistake (your and you’re) illustrates the issue Grammarly hopes to fix.

3. Emojis: Their use of emojis does a great job to make the ad feel friendly and informal.

52. Snow Uses Testimonial Brilliantly

facebook ad example
Snow Facebook Ad Example

For those who don’t know, Snow is an Arizona company that sells teeth whitening kits. They partner with influencers and celebrities to promote their products. 

They rely heavily on testimonials and it seems to be working really well, with over 500 happy customers. 

We chose this ad because it’s a great example of how to effectively use testimonials in your ads. 

Key takeaways

1. Model: Snow did not use an influencer or celebrity for this ad, and this helps the user to relate to the man in the photo and potentially see themselves wearing the device. 

2. Trustworthy testimonial: His testimonial quickly describes the best attributes of the company and offers a timeline for when users should expect results.

3. User-generated content: The photo is doing a lot of the work here, and it fits into the news feed feeling almost native to the platform. It’s the kind of post you’d want a customer to make on their own page.

53. Pela’s Plastic-Free Movement

facebook ad example
Pela Facebook Ad example

Pela creates environmentally conscious phone accessories that are completely free from plastics. 

Their advertising strategy features lots of social media posts that reinforce the plastic-free movement. 

We had to add this to the list because it’s a really effective example of using a movement to help promote your products. 

Key takeaways

1. Cuteness to pull at the heartstrings: Using a super cute otter, Pela appeals to customers’ emotional side. Reducing and eliminating plastic waste in our oceans is a major concern for Pela, so when customers see the adorable otter they’re helping by using their products, they’re going to want to try them. 

2. Great copy: The ad features highly effective copy. Pela’s goal is clearly stated in caps and bookended by emojis, so it’s no question what this brand is all about and the following list reinforces that message by offering tips.

3. Starting a movement: Pela is not only selling their products with their ads – they’re participating in the plastic-free movement. This shows what their brand is all about and that they are environmentally conscious.

54. NeoCitran’s Thermal Imaging

facebook ad example
NeoCitran Facebook Ad Example

NeoCitran is a tea made with acetaminophen, great for cold season to warm you up and help you feel better. 

We love the way they’ve illustrated exactly how hot and soothing their tea is by using a thermal image. The ad works well for many reasons, especially their great use of colour.

Key takeaways

1. Effective image: the image in this ad looks like a thermal image, which is a creative way to show hot tea. It makes the tea look warm and inviting. 

2. Smart copy: Hot beats cold works on two levels here – meaning that their tea beats the sickness and the temperature. 

3. Funky colours: The colours of the image, because they evoke the thermal imaging vibe, are high-contrast. Your eye is immediately drawn to the tea, which is exactly what they’re trying to sell.

55.  David’s Tea’s Clever Ad with Matcha to Love

facebook ad example
David’s Tea Facebook Ad Example

David’s Tea is a Canadian specialty tea store. They generally keep their branding super consistent. Their ads almost always feature the same colours, copy style, and fonts. 

This ad is a great example of this branding being used on a Christmas product – David’s Tea but make it Christmas!

Key takeaways

1. Great pun: Everyone likes a good pun, and David’s Tea is no stranger to puns. So matcha to love is a great one, and adds some fun to the ad. 

2. Copy: “Get it while you can” appears beside a “Shop Now” button, which indicates that this is a hot product and might not last long. It entices customers to buy it right away before it sells out. 

3. Branding: Again, this ad is consistent with David’s Tea’s branding through and through. From their signature teal colour to their use of emojis in the copy, there is no denying that this is a David’s Tea ad, and customers will recognize it right away.

56. Mejuri is Golden

facebook ad example
Mejuri Facebook Ad Example

If you don’t know Mejuri, they’re a Canadian jewelry brand that specializes in everyday luxury. They’re all for gifting yourself beautiful jewelry and honestly, we’re here for it! 

We love this ad because it combines stunning images with great copy.

Key takeaways

1. Clever copy: Because this ad is running during the gift-giving season, the copy speaks to that, but also suggests treating yourself too. This is a great way to appeal to customers who are searching for gifts but might also want a little something for themselves.

2. High-quality images: The ad features gorgeous images of some of their best selling products. The image is so effective because it shows the detail of their products. 

3. A nice price: Finding quality jewelry under $150 is a great price! Putting it right in the middle of the ad ensures customers will see it and think so too.

57. Evive’s Unique Smoothie Method

facebook ad example
Evive Facebook Ad Example

Evive nutrition cubes are frozen smoothies and meals, packed with lots of vitamins and good stuff. 

Their beautiful advertising makes their products look delicious and easy. We especially like their great photos – the quality makes all the difference in effective advertising. 

Key takeaways

1. Beautiful photo: The ad photo is of high quality, which speaks to the quality of the brand. 

2. Relevancy: The copy indicates how relevant the ad is. It’s cold and flu season, so it appeals to people who may want to step up their vitamin game to keep their immune systems strong. 

3. Customers love free shipping: The free shipping logo is a great offer, and one that is often make or break for customers who want to try out a new product. The copy below beside the “Learn More” call-to-action reinforces the offer. 

58. Fido’s Big New Deal

facebook ad example
Fido Facebook Ad Example

You might recognize them from their cute dog ads, but for those who don’t, Fido is a Canadian cellular provider.

This ad is great for a few reasons – definitely for the cute dog, of course – but also for their use of colour and contrast, and promise of no extra costs. Who doesn’t love more cell phone data for less $$?

Key takeaways

1. Use of a mascot: A mascot is a great way to give your brand a recognizable face, and if it’s an adorable dog… all the better!

2. Contrast of colours: The yellow colour of the text and price stands out in bold contrast to the teal background. Yellow is actually one of the easiest colours to see, and evokes feelings of cheerfulness and optimism, according to CoSchedule

3. Large font: Right away, you know that whatever the ad is trying to sell costs $45. When a user scrolls though the Facebook feed and comes across this ad, it’s harder to ignore the low price being advertised.

59. Koho’s Slam Dunk

facebook ad example
Koho Facebook Ad Example

Koho is a different kind of bank, offering reloadable prepaid Visas and a great app that has all the features of a typical bank account. 

Their branding is consistently colourful and recognizable, and this ad is a great example of that. We love the colours and simple copy.

Key takeaways

1. Recognizable branding: Koho cards come in a variety of different colours and their advertising reflects those colours. Their card stands out in this image. 

2. Metaphorical image: The metaphorical image of dunking a basketball in the ad suggests that using a Koho account is like a slam dunk! It’s a great example of using metaphor to sell your product and illustrate your ad copy.

3. Super simple copy: This ad gives it to you straight with the copy. With Koho, you’re paying $0 in fees as compared to the average Canadian. It doesn’t get much more attractive than $0.

60. American Airlines is Keeping You Safe

facebook ad example
American Airlines Facebook Ad Example

One of the biggest airlines in the US, American Airlines, has found a great way to advertise amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s definitely been a different time for airlines to advertise, but we love how using a scientific study can change the tone of the ad to one of trustworthiness. It’s a great way for airlines or other industries that are in a similar situation during the pandemic to advertise their products and services.

Key takeaways

1. Credibility based on science: The use of a study by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health adds trustworthiness to the ad by reassuring the potential passengers that they are doing everything they can to keep them safe during the pandemic. 

2. Recognized logo: The brand’s logo is clear and large. It stands out and makes it obvious that this is an ad for American Airlines. 

3. Checklist for users: The checklist also adds to the trustworthiness of the brand, it clearly shows all of the steps that they’re doing to keep passengers safe.

61. Heap’s Colourful Branding

facebook ad example
Heap Facebook Ad Example

Heap is a product analytics platform and we love their super consistent branding. 

This ad is a great example of using recognizable brand colours and smart design to identify a problem and offer their products and services as a great solution to customers.

Key takeaways

1. Identify a problem: Heap is identifying a problem in this ad – that manual code is tricky to write. Their products provide a solution. 

2. Brand colours: Heap makes great use of their super identifiable colours in this ad. It ties in nicely with their logo in the corner and makes it unmistakably Heap. 

3. Multiple logo use: The use of the logo in the ad twice (as well as the logo in their profile picture) reinforces the brand too, another success in the consistent branding in this ad.

62. Kate Spade Surprises with a Pop of Colour

facebook ad example
Kate Spade Facebook Ad Example

New York fashion brand Kate Spade is known for their colourful and loud designs. The brand specializes in luxury bags, clothing, and jewelry. 

This ad is great because it makes smart use of colour, which is also a hallmark of the Kate Spade brand.

Key takeaways

1. Colourful branding: Kate Spade is known for being colourful, and this ad fits the bill.

2. Clever design: The exclamation points add excitement to the ad. A surprise sale is exciting, and the design of the ad communicates that. It also says “Look at me!” loud and clear. 

3. Deep discount: Customers are more likely to click on a “75% off sale” than simply a “sale”. Let your customers know just how good your deals are to entice them into checking out a sale they can’t say no to.

63. IKEA’s Seasonal Box With All the Colours of the Rainbow

facebook ad example
IKEA Facebook Ad Example

Oh, IKEA… probably the only place you can buy Swedish meatballs and a bookcase all in one trip. The swedish furniture giant always pushes the envelope with their ultra affordable but still stylish products. 

We love their bold use of colour set against a white background. This ad is a great example of showcasing every item the customer gets when they order your product.

Key takeaways

1. A rainbow of colours: Ikea uses colour beautifully in this ad, and set against the white background, the eye will naturally look at the products this way. 

2. Recognized products: Featuring iconic and recognizable products in the image also indicates that it’s an IKEA ad. Even if users don’t immediately recognize things as being from IKEA, the products shown are different and interesting.

3. Clear and easy sign up: Once you read the super simple (and super effective) copy, the only other text in the ad leads you to the “Sign Up” button. It’s easy to see and clear that this is the product that they’re selling.

64. Lululemon’s Products Sweat

facebook ad example
Lululemon Facebook Ad Example

Lululemon is a Canadian activewear brand. Their ads focus on showing off their products doing what they do best – exercise and leisure. 

Their approach to advertising works to highlight the quality of their products, and we love this great example of using exclusive content to grow their email list.

Key takeaways

1. Exclusive content: A sign up button for email promises that customers will be part of an exclusive group of people when they register. It’s a great way to entice people to join your email list and to promote your products or services. 

2. Effective ad copy: Keeping with the feeling of exciting exclusive content, copy like “need-to-know” and “sneak peaks” grabs the attention of customers.

3. Show your product doing what it does best: Lululemon does a great job showing their products in their natural habitat, and this is no exception. They’ve used an awesome image of three of their products in this ad. Showing your products like this helps customers to see themselves using your products, too.

65. Garnier’s Eco-Friendly Shampoo Movement

facebook ad example
Garnier Facebook Ad Example

Garnier is a French cosmetics brand under the L’Oreal group. Their product range includes makeup, skincare, and hair care products. 

We love this brand because it speaks to the environmental movement. It’s a great example of how to use figures and facts to promote your products in light of movements like this.

Key takeaways

1. Asks a question: In large text, the ad asks What’s your shampoo made of? This is a great way to make users stop scrolling and really think about what’s in their shampoo. 

2. Use of percentages: Using a percentage is a clear and simple way to show how much of this product is of natural origin. It’s easy to understand and something that customers can hang onto when they quickly look at the ad. 

3. Branding through a movement: This is another great example of an ad that plays on a movement. Garnier is clearly speaking to a few movements here – vegan and environmental, and they’re doing a great job.

66. Bloomberg’s Risk Free Trial

facebook ad example
Bloomberg Facebook Ad Example

If you don’t know Bloomberg, they’re an American news agency. 

We love this ad because it’s a great example of using a risk free offer to grab the customer’s attention.

Key takeaways

1. Risk free trial: risk free trials are a really great way to gain new customers. We love the way this ad not only claims to have a great risk free offer, they also show the price plain and simple – $1.99/month for 3 months.

2. Quick and clean copy: the copy is excellent in this ad, quickly claiming that their journalism is award winning and available at a great low price.

3. Blue and yellow colour contrast: the blue colour of the “market” text stands out against the yellow background. Again, yellow is an optimistic colour and a super effective advertising colour because it is one of the easiest colours to see.

67. Mariott Bonvoy Invites you to Change up Your Work-From-Home Scenery

facebook ad example
Mariott Bonvoy Facebook Ad Example

If you’ve ever stayed in a Mariott hotel, you might collect Mariott Bonvoy points. Bonvoy is the hotel chain’s popular rewards program. They’ve recently revamped the program and have redesigned their advertising. 

While it’s undoubtedly been a difficult time for hotels, Bonvoy is making the most of the situation by appealing to remote workers.

Key takeaways

1. Identifies a problem: The ad is speaking to people who work from home, and it identifies a common problem – lots of people don’t have a home office. Knowing that some people are stuck working from their kitchen table, Bonvoy effectively advertises to those people by offering an alternative.

2. Reward for long stays: By offering a deal to customers who stay 5 nights or longer, Bonvoy invites customers to reimagine their hotels as a getaway from working from home and rewards those who choose to make a week or more out of it.

3. Great image: The image in this ad makes it easy for people to see themselves there.

68. Square’s Strategic Partnership With Alibaba

facebook ad example
Square Facebook Ad Example

For those who don’t know, Square is a credit card processor and e-commerce platform. They sell hardware and software to businesses.

This ad works great because of the partnership with Alibaba. Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce, retail, Internet, and tech company – and they’re really big. We love when brands work together because it’s a smart way to gain new customers.

Key takeaways

1. Strategic partnership: Entering into a partnership with Alibaba was a smart move for Square. Where the two companies overlap, they can each gain new customers and exposure in new markets. 

2. Use of virtual events: A virtual trade show is a unique idea and another great way to gain exposure for your business. 

3. Interesting image: The photo chosen for this ad features delicious-looking food to entice people to join the trade show. It’s a great example of using a quality image to keep people interested in your products or services.

69. Snow’s Quality Image

facebook ad example
Snow Facebook Ad Example

Snow’s at home teeth whitening system has been seeing some great success. 

We love their branding, which typically uses a lot of testimonial and great imagery. This ad is great because of the high-quality picture of their product and friendly copy that helps customers feel that this is a fun brand that they can trust.

Key takeaways

1. Product oriented image: The ad is clearly and simply selling the teeth whitening system and it’s very easy to see that. Sometimes, it’s great to just let the product speak for itself – especially if it is a high quality attractive product. 

2. Friendly copy: The copy in this ad is friendly and inviting. It makes you feel like you want to get to know the brand. It’s consistent with Snow’s branding, so by reading the copy, you get a feel for the vibe of the company. 

3. Emojis are consistent: Smile uses the snowflake emoji in their advertising copy as a great way to further identify the brand. They’ve taken on the emoji as a part of their branding and this helps users to recognize the brand.

70. Heap Wants to Help You Learn

facebook ad example
Heap Facebook Ad Example

If you don’t know Heap, they offer data driven product analysis services. 

They’re all about measuring data, and their branding reflects that. We love their super consistent branding and signature colours. This ad is great because it blends great branding with simple copy and an ebook download.

Key takeaways

1. Branding: Heap does consistent branding well. Their use of purple and pink makes this ad unmistakably Heap, and customers will recognize that.

Download ebook option: Giving customers something to consume and engage with your brand through is a great way for people to get to know your company. 

Simple copy for a complex topic: If you’re feeling like you’re in over your head with product analysis and data, you want to see copy here that reassures you that Heap can help. That’s exactly what this copy does. It simplifies the issue and calls upon users to learn more with them.

71. Tylenol Offers Your Wallet Some Relief, Too

facebook ad example
Tylenol Facebook Ad Example

If you’ve ever had a fever, you’ve probably taken a Tylenol. They’re one of the widely most recognized paracetamol medicines in the world. 

Their advertising relies upon their smart branding and features lots of red. We love how they combine a money saving coupon with doctor recommendations to add trustworthiness to their brand and effectively advertise their products.

Key takeaways

1. Coupon offer: Tylenol’s $3 off coupon is a great offer. Bonus points for the great copy –  giving “some wallet relief along with your symptom relief”. A coupon is a wonderful way to get people started with your brand.

2. Trusted branding: Trustworthiness is a common theme in Tylenol’s advertising and this ad is no different. Claiming that they’re the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand is a great way to show that.

3. Direct ad copy: In the actual image, copy is minimal. It’s clear and to the point. It works great because it tells the customer all that they need to know. If you have a fever, you’re going to get relief from Tylenol.

72. Canva’s Colourful Offer

facebook ad example
Canva Facebook Ad Example

Canva is an Australian graphic design platform that uses their superb graphic design knowledge to their advantage in their advertising. 

This ad works well because of the contrast between their signature shades of blue against the yellow background.

Key takeaways

1. Free trials work: Another example of an ad that features a free trial – because they work! Free trials are an excellent way to get people started with your brand and introduce new customers. Using the word “free” is a great way to get attention. 

2. Great colour palette: The colour palette of the ad works really well, especially because of the contrast. The yellow in the background contrasts nicely against the predominantly blue and red pops of colour. 

3. Shows the product in action: We also love ads that do a great job of showing off their products in action. Canva has shown users what their program looks like and what their program could create for your brand – plus, they’ve added some $$ bills to suggest how much more money you could make using Canva.

73. Sirius XM With an Offer That’s Hard to Resist

Sirius XM Facebook Ad Example

For those who don’t know, Sirius XM is a satellite radio service broadcasting hundreds of channels from around the world, as well as some produced by Sirius XM. 

This ad is a good example of using a free gift to make your products even more appealing.

Key takeaways

1. Free product offer through a partnership: A free product with purchase is often what puts some customers over the edge to finally try your products. It’s a super helpful way to gain new customers, and this partnership between Google and Sirius XM is a smart one because it works for both companies. Partnering with a complementing brand is great exposure for both of you. 

2. Strong colour: The blue used in this ad is a strong colour and demands attention, especially against the white of Facebook itself. 

3. Offer on services: In addition to a free product offer, Sirius XM also offers 3 months of their services for free. It’s an offer that is hard to refuse!

74. Square’s Smart use of Templates

facebook ad example
Square Facebook Ad Example

Square is an e-commerce platform with tons of tools for businesses, selling hardware and software. 

Their branding is typically black and white, and we love their departure from that with use of colour in this ad. It makes it easy for customers to imagine their own brand in the template.

Key takeaways

1. Add a pop of colour: All this Square ad needed was one good pop of colour to stand out. It works great against their black and white branding and gets noticed in the News Feed. 

2. Invitation to see more: Square uses a great call-to-action in this ad, inviting users to see more tools for their business with the “Learn” button. It’s a really good way to have customers see what you’re all about. 

3. Many options: In the copy, Square offers lots of different options in a clear and simple way. Customers who may be wondering how to take contactless payments might notice this and have a look, but because the options are broad, customers with other questions about invoices and paying online will look too.

75. Grammarly For iPad In Action

facebook ad example
Grammarly Facebook Ad Example

Grammarly’s AI powered grammar software is available for iPad. 

This ad is great because it showcases the features of the app with screenshot, with smart copy and a clear call-to-action.

Key takeaways

1. App store button: The App Store button is a recognizable indicator that this ad is for a mobile app. Customers will see this ad and know immediately that they can head to the App Store to download this app.

2. Shows services at work: This ad uses screenshots of the app itself to advertise Grammarly’s features for iPad. This also helps customers to envision exactly what the app will feel like when they use it on their own iPads, and this is a helpful way of gaining new customers. 

3. Clear and concise copy: The copy in this ad is clear and concise, containing all the key information about the ad in just a short few sentences. If you use smart copy like this, you can pack in the essentials and customers won’t feel that they need any more information before they download.

76. Mejuri’s Ethical Focus

Meijuri Facebook Ad Example
Meijuri Facebook Ad Example

Mejuri is a Fine Jewellery brand offering luxury, handcrafted items at an affordable price. With a focus on sustainability and ethical practices, the brand sells direct to consumers to avoid the standard industry markups. 

We love this Facebook ad because of its clear message, striking imagery and use of social proof.

Key takeaways:

  1. Clear message: buying a product from Meijuri is not about a transaction, you join a community. Creating a brand has to mean more if it has to grow organically.
  1. Striking imagery: Focusing on the signature, timeless styles of their jewellery line, the anonymity of the model allows the audience to imagine themselves behind it. Anyone can wear Mejuri. 
  1. Persuasive Social Proof: CTAs in adverts are important to generate leads. Drop-in some impressive social proof alongside it, like having over 75,000 five star reviews and your click-through rate could skyrocket. 

77. Uber Eat’s Flexible Recruitment Drive 

Uber Eats ad

The spin-off from popular rideshare app Uber, Uber Eats is an online food ordering and delivery platform connecting users to takeout options in their area. 

The gig economy is growing and many people are using it to supplement their main income, or fit work around other commitments. Recognising the need for flexibility, Uber Eats have created a great Facebook ad focusing on just that. 

Key Takeaways 

  1. Corporate branding consistency: The Uber platforms are recognised by their monochrome colour palette. Keeping the ad consistent with this allows the vibrant green, Uber Eats identifying feature to really stand out whilst also reinforcing brand recognition.
  1. Direct address: Effective advertising is all about creating a connection and that’s exactly what the use of direct address does. Although it’s entirely generic, it seems personal. 
  1. Enticing offer: With a focus on flexibility, ease of use and fast payments, Uber Eats are setting themselves up as an understanding employer to work for. They’re demonstrating an understanding of their employees needs and what draws people to the gig economy in the first place. 

78. Harry’s  


If you haven’t heard yet, Harry’s are disrupting the outdated and expensive shaving market. Bringing customers a thoughtfully designed, cost-effective razor that works, they offer a replacement blade subscription service to take the hassle out of hair removal. 

Harry’s has always been marketed as a product for men, but since women have body hair too (shock!) this ad is changing the game. We love it because it uses real reviews to open up to a new market and features their signature branding colours. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Price matters: Even though we know the only real difference between men’s and women’s razors are the colours, the price at the heart of this ad really helps to change people’s perspectives. Why should people pay too much for a high quality razor? 
  1. Bold colour palette: Harry’s are known for their distinctive orange razor, while their website features different shades of blue. Bringing them together in this ad reinforces that brand recognition, not to mention the yellow gradient really fits! 
  1. Offer a solution: Reminding the audience of an issue and immediately demonstrating how your product can solve it can be a really effective sales tactic. The emphasis on their low price points is meeting people’s desire to save money after the holiday season too. 

79. Crocs 

Croc’s might just be the most controversial shoes out there, but it does mean they’re on a lot of people’s radars. Making a fashion comeback and popular amongst the Gen-Zers, their Bold campaign leans into the statement-making impact these shoes have. Love them or hate them, you can’t deny this ad is effective. 

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Movement works: While some ads aim to blend in with the normal content, adding motion graphics can be an effective way of catching someone’s eye as they scroll past. 
  1. Direct copy: Sometimes less is more when it comes to copywriting. The message here is direct yet draws attention to the fact there are more styles than just the traditional clog shoe they’re known for, all in just 7 words. 
  1. Colour palette is key: There’s a lot of bold design choices in this ad (and we’re not just talking about the shoes!) but the limited colour palette keeps things consistent and stops one aspect dominating the ad. The result? A bold, eye-catching ad designed to get responses. 

80. Everlane 

Everlane Facebook ad
Everlane Facebook ad

If you’re not familiar with Everlane it’s a clothes retailer taking a stance against poor working conditions. Sourcing only the finest materials and working with the best ethical factories with a compliance rating of over 90, they’re offering quality without the markups. We think this ad should make the list because of its use of quirky imagery and branded copy. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Imagery should make an impact: The image used in this ad is like running several ads at once. Not only does it prove the ad’s claim that the ‘Way-High’ jeans are the highest rise ever, but it also shows you the other styles available, where they fit on the body and the variety of washes available. It’s also a pretty unusual image because at first glance you’re not sure if it’s multiple jeans, or just one pair with a very strange waistband – with fashion these days you can’t make assumptions!
  1. Branded copy: The ad copy ties in perfectly with the product; the ‘Way-High’ jeans are “Way high. Way cute. And way, way flattering.” Repetition is recognition here. 
  1. Hooks and CTA: There are many aspects of the business model that could be used as a selling point for Everlane, not least their ethical focus. However, this ad effectively demonstrates an understanding of customer pain points, no one likes delivery fees so with Everlane your first order ships free.

81. Hello Fresh

HelloFresh Facebook ad example
HelloFresh Facebook ad example

Hello Fresh is America’s number 1 meal kit service. Delivering all the ingredients you need to make delicious meals at home, they’re taking the stress out of dinner time. We love this ad because it is incredibly persuasive and the bold colours really pop. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Data-backed message: ‘Hello Fresh saves you money on your groceries’ isn’t that compelling. But throw some specific data in there and bingo, you’ve got people hooked! If the savings are that significant, shout about it and that’s what this ad does so well. Even we might have been influenced by this one… 
  1. Enticing offers: Take one look at this ad and you see ‘12 free meals’, ‘GET 12 FREE MEALS INCLUDING SHIPPING’, ‘GET COOKING WITH 12 FREE MEALS’. Not only are you under no illusion about what the ad is offering you, that pretty generous introductory offer is bound to get you thinking! 
  1. Bold colours: Red and green are a colour combination usually reserved for Christmas.  But in this ad they help make the white text really pop, drawing even more attention to the message, as well as Hello Fresh’s signature green box. 

82. Men’s Health

Men's Health x Amazon Facebook ad example
Men’s Health x Amazon

As the world’s largest men’s magazine brand, Men’s Health has a substantial social media presence already. We love this ad because not only is it very on-brand, it show’s that Men’s Health really understands the needs of its audience. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Know your audience: At first glance, you might assume this ad is from Amazon. In fact, it’s from a brand who really knows their audience and what they’re interested in and is secure enough to advertise other companies in their own paid ads. Although we’re sure the affiliate link profits are a big incentive here too… 
  1. Sometimes simplicity is key: While there’s always a place for fancy graphics and motion video in Facebook ads, sometimes simplicity is key. With the signature Men’s Health red and highlight on the gym equipment, this advert stands out without the need for tricks. 
  1. Create demand: The fact is Amazon is there to make profits so we’re pretty sure it isn’t really a ‘Secret Sale’ but by implying a sense of exclusivity, this ad expertly creates demand. You’re not going to hear about it anywhere else so you better click that CTA! 

83. The New York Times

The New York Times really needs no introduction. The newspaper giant has been around since 1851 so it’s fair to say they know a thing or two about creating demand. We love this ad because the playful graphics give the paper a friendly vibe and appeal to a new generation of readers. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Challenge perceptions: The NYT is considered by many to be ‘serious journalism’ in the sense that perhaps it is not accessible to everyone. However, the playful graphics in this ad show a lighter side and open the paper up to a new generation of readers. 
  1. Capitalise on demand: There’s been no shortage of news lately and with a lot of fake news out there, the NYT has recognised the desire for a source people can trust. Offering an introductory offer is a great way of getting people into the customer funnel, and offers a chance to try out the service without a serious financial commitment.
  1. Corporate branding: The NYT has a very distinctive header. Incorporating distinctive company features, such as logos and fonts are a great way of immediately establishing brand recognition with ads. 

84. OFFICE Shoes And Targeted Audiences 


OFFICE Shoes are a high street fashion retailer selling primarily to the UK, European and US market. 

We’ve added this ad to our list of the best Facebook ads because despite not actually advertising shoes, it still creates quite the impact. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Ambiguity: A shoe retailer running an ad without a single reference to footwear might be an odd choice if it weren’t for the use of the fonts. For those familiar with the brand (this is a targeted ad after all) the font in this graphic is instantly recognizable as OFFICE’s. With established brands, adverts can afford to be a little more ambiguous. 
  1. Generic content and wide targeting options: Fashion is an extremely personal thing and running ads featuring specific items isn’t always going to hit home with the audience. Creating a generic ad where the focus is on the text means that it’s more likely to appeal to customers since it’s being targeted at all students. 
  1. Colour pops: As we’ve already covered there’s nothing particularly special about the contents of this ad. However, the yellow stripe really catches the eye and is a colour that doesn’t appear too often in adverts, increasing its effect. 

85. Chilly’s Bottles Or The Next iPhone? 

Chilly’s market themselves as the revolutionary reusable bottle that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours. 

Since launching they’ve developed a bit of a cult following but we love this ad for its innovative take on marketing. This ad has all the makings of the latest tech release from Apple, right down to the logo, series 2 at the end. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Out the box marketing: How would you market a new water bottle? Probably not like the latest iPhone release from Apple but that’s exactly what Chilly’s have done here. It’s that kind of unique marketing that sets this ad apart.
  1. Consistent copy: The style of language in the copy for this advert is consistent with the tech ad theme and implies the level of R&D that went into bringing customers a better product. If you’ve got a theme, run with it! 
  1. Mysteries: Another successful element of this ad is the mystery it creates surrounding the design. It’s clear from the copy that the new product offers an “unprecedented drinking experience” but by just giving glimpses of the new design you’re creating curiosity with the audience sending them straight to your CTA button. 

86. Nike’s Redesign 

Nike FB ad

The world’s largest supplier of athletic apparel, Nike has been innovating the footwear game since the 1960s. 

We love this ad for their latest trainer release because it so elegantly explains a shoe design that otherwise raises a lot of questions! 

Key Takeaways

  1. Focus on product features: If you’re advertising a product with unique features, make the benefits of them clear in your ads. The design of this shoe is really unlike anything produced by Nike before; having such a clear focus on the product features answers any questions a potential customer might have before they’ve even thought of them. 
  1. Snappy tag lines: Nike is known for their ‘Just do it’ slogan and the tag lines in this ad ‘Lace less, play more…’ fit with that message well. Both the copy and the design of the shoe suggest ease of use, with a particular focus on the AFO-friendliness of the design. 
  1. Colour palette: The muted tones of the colour gradient help to draw attention to, and not away from the main focus of the ad – the shoe. It’s a great example of how colours can enhance an ad.

87. Tim Hortons And Embracing Canadian Roots

Tim Hortons is one of Canada’s favourite fast-food chains, and they really know how to embrace the Canadian culture, from the distinctive red branding through to the maple doughnuts. 

We love this ad because it shows an understanding of customer interests and gives back. We love an ad that creates value!

Key Takeaways

  1. Know your audience: Canadians and their love of ice hockey is no secret. Introducing a rewards game centred around the start of the NHL season is a great way to demonstrate customer understanding and remain current. 
  1. Make it easy: People will only do so much for reward points. The ad copy here makes it sound super easy to get involved, just pick three players and let them do the rest. 
  1. Consistent branding: Tim Hortons is known for its distinctive Canadian red branding and printed cups. Carrying the same font from the packaging into the ad keeps the branding consistent and reinforces brand recognition. Let your existing marketing work for you.

88. Forbes Playing To Strengths 

Forbes Facebook Ad

If you’re interested in the world of business, investing and entrepreneurship then the chances are you’ve stumbled across a Forbes article. 

This ad works so well because of its timeliness. The stock market crashed in March 2020 (hello pandemic) but made a remarkable recovery and its inspiring a lot of people to start investing. Forbes is using this spike in interest to capitalise.

Key Takeaways

  1. Keep things relevant: Linking ads to current events can be an effective way of capitalizing on trends or an increase in searches. However, keep an eye out because trends change quickly and you don’t want to be running an ad that’s past its time. 
  1. Imagery is important: The imagery in this ad eludes to the ‘numerous challenges’ the ad copy mentions and offers further clarification. Ads with copy and images that don’t align rarely equal success so make sure your’s link and are relevant to your CTA. 
  1. Direct CTA: Quantifiable titles like this can be a great hook for audiences. ‘7 Stocks to Buy for 2021’ make it clear what you’re getting yourself into by clicking the link but also gives an indication of the time needed to absorb it. 7 stocks really aren’t that many to learn about and if you’re new to investing it’s less overwhelming than the ‘top 100 stocks to watch’ because it gives you a good starting point. 

89. Questrade will make you rich 

Questrade FB ad

Questrade is an online brokerage and wealth management firm based in Canada.

It’s Canada’s largest discount broker and runs a series of successful TV ads focusing on how much it can save you money. But we love their Facebook ads for the evocative question and use of quantifiable data. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Questions: Questions in ads are an effective way of engaging the viewer. They make them think and if they’re thinking they’re less likely to scroll by. This type of questions eludes to a better future, and with money always at the back of many people’s minds, it’s a tempting offer. 
  1. Quantify it: We’ve said it before but we love ads that use data, especially when it’s this impressive. Retiring wealthier is great, but how? Offering up data suggests you’ve done the research and you can offer detailed steps to achieve this because you know it’s possible. 
  1. Colours matter: Questrade’s logo is grey and green and they’ve carried this over into the ads, reinforcing the branding. It’s all about consistency if you want people to remember you. 

90. Swell Meets Customer’s Where They’re At

Swell is another of the reusable, insulated water bottle companies on the market. But with people staying inside due to the pandemic, this ad is a great example of meeting customers where they are. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Focus on product features: Customer’s need to know what sets your product apart from the rest. This ad is a great example of how to demonstrate product features, showing the actual products in use and captioning the unique features it possesses. 
  1. Help customers: Ads that offer a solution and promise to add value are more effective at getting the audience to take action. What does your product do and how? 
  1. Imagery: Watch this ad and tell us it doesn’t make you hungry? Imagery is so important in ads, it’s what draws people in and what sets you apart from other content. 

91. Samsung Knows A Year = A New You 

Samsung facebook ad

Samsung is a tech giant that manufactures and sells everything from phones and tablets to smart tvs and fridges. 

We love this ad because we’re always down for a good pun and love the focus on product features. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Straplines: Every ad needs something to hook people in. A pun, used sparingly is an inventive and underused way of doing just that. Bonus points if it relates to the product you’re selling. 
  1. Create demand: Emotive language in ads is a great way of driving demand and creating the impression that a customer can’t live without the product. A Galaxy must-have? Well, sign us up.. 
  1. Product features: There a quite literally thousands of watches on the market, so what sets this one apart? Oxygen level monitoring apparently, and it’s a clear reference to unique features like that one that drives demand. 

92. ASOS And Emojis 

ASOS  ad

ASOS is a British online fashion and beauty retailer that sells products worldwide. 

They’re known for a playful social media presence and they’ve continued this across into their paid ads too which we love. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Use of Emojis: Who doesn’t love a good emoji? For fashion-forward brands like ASOS emojis fit perfectly into their playful, friendly reputation. It also compliments the cheeky tag line for the ad and makes it look like a real FB status. 
  1. Information forward: This ad is a great example of laying all your cards on the table. The image shows what the product looks like, how it can be styled and the information below gives you the product listing and the price. All you need to do now is click Shop Now to buy it. 
  1. Inclusivity: ASOS is a great place to shop for fashion diversity and inclusivity and this ad shows that perfectly. Many of the brand’s own line of clothing comes in a plus size range and they’ve recently launched a modest fashion line too. Images from these campaigns divert away from the mainstream fashion images and promote a healthier body image too.  

93. Google Wants To Help 

Google ad

I don’t think we really need to explain what Google is, you probably used it to get to this page in the first place! 

This ad makes our list because there’s no hidden agenda and it’s offering value; two qualities you don’t always see in facebook ads.

Key Takeaways

  1. Offer value: This ad is a great example of how to offer value to customers. Google is invested in your future, it’s putting the focus on how these workshops can help you. Offering something for free, even if it then leads to a paid element is a great way of getting people to commit. 
  1. Hashtags: Including hashtags for the purpose of helping users find more information, rather than getting seen in particular channels is an unusual technique for Facebook ads. If you’re going to do it though, remember to keep it specific so it won’t be used by someone else for something unrelated.
  1. Keep it consistent: You could probably write almost any 6 letter word in the Google colours and people would still tell you, oh that’s Google – such is the power of their branding. Keeping the fonts and colours consistent across ads, social media, websites etc is a great way to establish this kind of brand recognition. 

94. Squarespace Makes It Easy 

Squarespace is a website builder and hosting platform that is marketed as ‘everything you need to grow online’. 

It’s a service designed to make building a website so easy that anyone can do it and that’s a consistent theme in their ads which we love. A little bit of humour doesn’t go amiss either…

Key Takeaways

  1. Humour: This ad is great because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Brands that can make fun of themselves or offer a light-hearted take on ads come across as more friendly and accessible to audiences which can help drive sales. (Unless of course you’re trying to establish yourself as an authority on something, like Forbes. In that case, humour might not be your best bet!)
  1. Lean into the message: Squarespace is all about making it easy to build websites and they’ve really leaned into that message with this ad distilling down a successful art career to three steps! 
  1. Multiply it: This ad is part of a larger ad campaign featuring different careers, including ‘starting a culinary empire’ and a ‘cult skate brand’. Creating variations of an ad stops the audience experiencing ad fatigue which is more likely to turn users off than persuade them to explore your site. 

95. KOTN Has The Fashion Elite’s Approval 

KOTN facebook ad

If you haven’t heard of them, Canadian fashion retailer KOTN is an ethical and sustainable brand who devote a portion of their profits to help build new schools. 

We love this ad because it’s a great example of how persuasive endorsements are. (We kind of like the chicken too ?) 

Key Takeaways

  1. Endorsements and reviews matter: As a fashion brand there’s really no better endorsement than a review from Vogue. Leading with it is a great way of adding credibility to the ad, especially when it’s designed for increasing brand awareness. 
  1. Drive change: KOTN is taking a stand against fast fashion and all the issues that go alongside it. The powerful message in their ad ‘Fewer, Better Things’ is really aimed at changing perceptions and it’s effective because it makes it seem as though it’s not all about making profits! 
  1. Clear incentives: The ad makes it clear what they’re offering – ethical clothing with free shipping over $75 and 30 days returns. There’s no need to head to FAQ pages or scour their site for information, it’s all set out before you even click Shop Now. Give the audience the information they want, don’t make them search for it because many of them won’t!

96. Shopify Want To Help 

Shopify facebook ad

Shopify is a hugely successful, multinational eCommerce platform used by 1000s of business around the world. 

We love this ad because of it’s empowering message, although it is a little upsetting the pots aren’t centred with the logo! Just us?

Key Takeaways

  1. Empower your audience: The copy in this ad is a great example of one designed to empower the viewer. The use of direct address and personification gives the impression that Shopify really cares about its users (which it does by the way, we’ve heard great things about their customer service!). 
  1. Introductory offers: For businesses that can afford it, free introductory offers are a great way to get people using your product/service. If you can prove your worth, it’s easy to keep them too. 
  1. Brand it: Adding a logo to the image in the ad is a great way of reinforcing brand recognition but it also means if the image gets shared outside of the ad it will always link back to you. 

97. Skip the Dishes Gets You Hungry 

Another food delivery service ad to make the list, Skip the Dishes is exclusive to Canada. 

We love this ad because it shows off the app and gives users an idea of how easy it is to use. Since they’re not the only company offering this service, it’s effective to show useability and what sets them apart.

Key Takeaways

  1. App features: Not all apps are created equal so showing off your app interface in the ad gives users an idea of how easy it is to use. In the case of Skip the Dishes, just tap for food! 
  1. Colour stories: Skip the Dishes is all about orange and carrying that over into the ad helps to reinforces the brand identity. Not to mention it really makes it stand out against other content! 
  1. Emotive CTA: ‘You deserve great delivery’ – who doesn’t love an ad that offers to bring you pizza and boost your self-confidence levels at the same time? Emotive language is often the go-to choice for ads, and this is a great example of how persuasive it can be.

97.  Ben & Jerry’s Get On-Brand Political 

Ben & jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s are premium ice-cream makers known for their climate positive stance. 

We love this ad shown to Australian audiences because it sends a strong message but keeps it on-brand with inventive workarounds for Facebook’s ad guidelines. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Swearing: You can’t swear in Facebook ads but there is a way to get around it and keep it on brand – add in an ice-cream flavour instead! We love this humorous wording that adds emphasis to an important message. 
  1. Encourage action: This ad isn’t getting you to buy anything, it’s getting you to take action. It’s calling on fans of the ice-cream brand to sign a petition and to make a difference. The fact that it’s reinforcing people’s positive perception of the brand at the same time, well that’s just a happy coincidence… 
  1. Consistent branding: We’ve said it about so many of the ads on this list but consistent branding is key! Ben & Jerry’s have such a distinctive font that even without seeing the logo you know immediately who this ad is coming from and that’s the power in branding. 

98. Fendi’s Showing Off

fendi ad

For those who haven’t heard of the brand, Fendi is an Italian luxury fashion house most famous for their bags and ready-to-wear clothing line. 

We love this ad because it uses the carousel feature to perfection and helps to increase the ad’s impact! 

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Formatting: Fendi uses the carousel feature to their advantage to grab attention with the bright first image and then show off a range of other styles and colours. Really it’s like running multiple ads in one! 
  1. Romantic language: The ad copy here takes on a romantic, poetic style that implies luxury and creates a vision of the kind of person who’d carry this bag. It also gives the bag power, suggesting you can change your life just by buying it and if that isn’t powerful advertising then we don’t know what is!
  1. Colours: The bright pops of colour really make this ad stand out against the standard newsfeed and work to draw in the eye. 

99. Peloton’s Changing The Game  

Peloton is the American exercise equipment company most famous for their stationary bikes. Top of every fitness fanatic’s wish list they’ll set you back a few $$$.

We’ve added this to our list of best Facebook ads because we love the level of motivation it creates and how well it advertises it’s other services. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Motivation: Fitness motivation levels are always higher come January but this ad is offering a 365 solution. Advertising workouts for any mood, on-demand classes to fit your schedule and the suggestion that the product will help you surpass all fitness goals it’s inspiring the viewer to become the version of themselves they think they are in January, whenever!  
  1. Diversification: It would be easy for Peloton to get stuck with the reputation for just making bikes. In fact, they offer a range of workouts streamed through the device and this ad demonstrates that, setting them up as more of a fitness all-rounder. Keep your reputation fresh by reminding users of other uses/services within your product. 
  1. Product Demonstration: Showing a product in use in the real world is a great marketing tool as it enables potential customers to imagine how it fits into their own life. This ad is a great example of that. 

What’s next?

I highly recommend our Instagram ad examples articles if you liked this one. It’s always up-to-date and full of amazing ad ideas that are killer! It’s often hard to create ads from a blank canvas and, with millions spent at K6, we know what a good ad looks like.

Now that you’ve seen how effective Facebook advertising can be, it’s time to take a bunch of ideas from that list and start testing some new Facebook ads creative. Most people think they can just go inside the Facebook ad library and copy these ads, but most of the ads there aren’t getting success.

The ads selected in this article are ones performing well from which you can inspire yourself with confidence. If you still aren’t convinced that you should run Facebook ads, check out this impressive list of Facebook statistics for marketers in 2020.

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