4 Effective Ways to Increase Sales Using Digital Marketing

Running a company is a very complicated puzzle with numerous elements. Considered often like the lifeblood of businesses, here we want to focus on sales. There’s a saying that sales brings food on the table and it really does.

Let’s explore 4 effective ways to increase sales with digital marketing. The strategies we are suggesting are almost applicable to any brand out there. You will need to adapt it to your systems but it’s a good way to start if you are looking to boost your sales.

Increasing sales with digital marketing

Leverage sales video testimonials

People like reading reviews before buying a product or service. Knowing that other people bought the same thing and were pleased with it helps them feel more confident about their decision. It’s why we highly recommend all our clients to use video testimonials.

They don’t have to be long – 30-second videos with past clients or customers sharing what they loved about their purchase will work just fine. It’s very efficient to help people make their purchase decision after they saw your Facebook ad.

Getting a testimonial video usually requires some form of communication with the client and organization. Some clients will do it by themselves but ideally you invite them to your office to film the footage. Another option is to use a testimonial software like Trustmary and collect client feedback remotely.

The most important thing in your video testimonial is that your client stays authentic and honest. It’s very easy to sense when someone doesn’t share their true opinion. The goal of this video is to create trust between you and the potential client.

Pay-per-sale marketing

If you’re looking to hire marketing professionals outside your current business, pay-per-sale marketing might be ideal. Pay-per-sale or PPS marketing involves a team of professionals calculating the price you’re currently paying per marketing-induced sale (typically, this involves figuring out what you’re spending on marketing and how many sales that’s bringing in and then finding a good average price per sale).

Marketing experts usually offer this pricing after having worked with you for at least 3 month. With the data, you are able to estimate a cost per purchase well worth the price. As you can understand, if your website doesn’t drive any sales – it won’t attract a PPS marketing team as they wouldn’t get paid.

Pay Per Sale Marketing
PPS marketing

Search Engine Optimization

You’ve probably heard of this one before. You might even be rolling your eyes because the advice is so common. It’s common because it works but also because it’s usually very competitive. Search engine optimization can radically increase your discoverability. People all over the world are searching for your product or a solution to their problems on Google. 

A great way to begin search engine optimization is to write out a list of the most commonly asked questions you get in regard to your work. You can then write up a blog post for each question, walking people through the answer. The goal here is to learn about which words people are using to describe your product or the problem your product solves and use it.

Take the time to learn about keywords and which ones you can compete within. Focus on the keywords that are searched a fair amount but don’t show too much competition. It’s also important to note that this information will change on a regular business. Revisiting keywords and making adjustments to your search engine optimization when you discover changes in search engine usage is key.

Be authentic and bold

Competition is everywhere. You’re not just competing with similar businesses in your area; you’re competing with businesses all over the world. It’s why being authentic is a necessity if you want to thrive.

In reality, digital marketing with Kurve is the perfect way to communicate what sets you apart from your competitors. Make sure your ad copy, videos, images, and blogs make you stand out from the crowd. You could take a look at what your customers don’t like from other brands to find opportunities to improve your brand.

Digital marketing isn’t just a trendy concept; it’s a highly effective way to grow your business and connect with the people who need your work most. We hope these digital marketing ideas will help you bring more clients to your business. Don’t forget to track your performance, it’s slow at the beginning but usually picks up quite well.

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