How To Implement Video Content Into Your Advertising Plan

Have you already started creating videos as part of your marketing strategy? There are many moving parts to making a strong video advertising strategy: the people, equipment, the settings, the marketing strategy, the message and the editing process.

Let’s jump in together into the realm of video advertising – we’ve got a few tips that we’re sure will help you have a bigger impact on your audience. The end goal is simple – increase your brand awareness and drive more revenue.

Video Ads
Video Ads

Video ads shortcut

You might want to skip the learning curve altogether and hire professional video production services experts. The reason is that videos often require more than just the technical aspects. You can have an idea of what you want but the reality of making the way you want depends on a lot of aspects.

You can look at the portfolio of reputable video production companies or marketing agencies, they will guide you through the whole process. If you want to do it yourself afterwards, you will have learned all the aspects that go into the creation of a great video advertising campaign.

The reality is that your video advertising agency won’t be the best for every project you have. You must look at their past work and their style of shoot.

Create a video advertising strategy

Your video advertising strategy happens before you get in the studio. What do you want to create? It might start with your end goal – I want to drive sales. You can then brainstorm ideas on how to make your audience buy your product or service.

It’s important to start very wide, not pushing any ideas aside and then refine your idea to make it easy to create. The biggest advice we can give is don’t omit any detail:

  • Setting of the video
  • People you need inside
  • What the people will wear
  • The script
  • The length of the video
  • The call-to-action

The most important part of your video ad is the beginning. If people aren’t hooked in the first 2-5 seconds, they will never see the rest of the video. It’s why we recommend creating 20-30 beginnings and picking the best one.

Who are you targeting?

The goal of your video advertising is to speak to your target audience. It’s no surprise that knowing your target audience comes in handy. You have to try to empathize with them – imagine their day-to-day life, problems, dreams and aspirations.

Doing this will allow you to understand in which state of mind they might watch your video. You can also better understand what will speak to them and make them take an action from your video. For instance, a service-based company could create informative and helpful videos.

On the other hand, if you are selling products, you’ll want to find a way to showcase your product and the outcome people are looking for. They might want to look better, feel better or solve a problem.

The only industry that might be a bit different is coaching. In fact, understanding marketing for coaches requires a thorough research of your demographics, psychographics and interests. Not only do you have to understand your ideal client but you also have to present yourself as a guide to help them achieve their goals.

Video advertising editing

There are a lot of different video platforms out there. It’s essential to do your research to find the most suitable one. In reality, it’ll mostly depend on your ability to edit videos. There are easier and harder tools to use – the harder being the best and most expensive ones.

From there, you can also choose where you want to publish your video. Instagram and Youtube have different formats, sizing and length wise. You must do your research before editing the videos.

Learn video advertising basics

For some, creating videos seems easy while others are afraid to do so. The reality is that you must do a lot of work prior to getting in the studio. You will make mistakes but have fun & keep learning – nothing is perfect.

Just make sure you chose the correct video format depending on where the video will be posted. You should also prepare every single detail of your video and adapt depending on what happens. Remember Murphy’s law, what should go wrong will go wrong.

We highly recommend creating a script or at least an outline. Again, it might change depending on what happens when you shoot but it does help. It’s also important to select a call-to-action for your video advertising to have a measurable impact.

You can always improve your video in the editing process. In fact, you might even have new ideas that make the video better. For instance, adding text or graphics can help make your educational videos more interactive.

Videography Basics

When it comes to advertising, incorporating videos into your plan is a must in 2022. You can’t be a brand without creating some form of video content. We hope that our advice above will help you start your video advertising journey on the right foot. Let us ask again – have you already created videos for your brand?

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