Facebook Marketing: 3 Ways to Grow Your Brand

For many people, Facebook is just a good place to read the news, watch interesting videos, chat with friends and find new like-minded people. What people don’t know is that Facebook marketing is a powerhouse for entrepreneurs, brands and influencers.

If your brand is looking for opportunities to improve their social credibility and get a little closer to achieving virality. There are about 3 billion people visit the site every month! You just have to get the attention of a tiny fraction to become famous in your industry.

Can you succeed with Facebook marketing?

As a seasoned professional in the realm of Facebook marketing, I can attest to the highly competitive nature of this field. To stand out, it is imperative that you consistently provide value and engage with your audience. Strategic investments and dedicated effort may be required initially, but the resulting growth in your loyal fanbase will be well worth it. Allow me to share with you three savvy tactics for expanding your reach and elevating your promotion strategy.

Facebook Marketing
Facebook Marketing

#1 – Invest in your page wisely

When it comes to improving your Facebook page, you must always be creating unique pieces of content. Stay away from using stock images or bots to answer messages. We highly recommend answering every comment and message manually to create a personalized experience for each users.

You can also start a Facebook video views campaign to accumulate new likes or skip it entirely to buy Facebook video views. The only reason you would buy Facebook video views is if you are strictly looking for social proof. In general, we recommend using Facebook ads to create your video view campaign to choose your targeting. The results will be twofold – popularity and potential customers.

#2 – Find the best time to publish

When it comes to Facebook marketing, timing is key. Posting at the right time can maximize visibility and engagement with your target audience. Companies should aim to post when their audience is most active on the platform. This information can be found in Facebook Insights, which provides data on when your followers are online.

It’s recommended to post during the weekdays, as engagement tends to be higher during these days compared to weekends. The best times to post on Facebook for businesses are typically during non-working hours, such as early mornings, lunchtime, and evenings. It’s also wise to experiment with different posting times and track the performance to determine the best time for your specific audience.

Social Marketing
Social Marketing

A little later, analyze at what time the posts collected the largest number of interactions. That’s how you can determine the right time and make your messages more visible. Remember, your data is always better for you than the data of all brands.

#3 – Ask Facebook marketing questions

When it comes to Facebook, your goal should be to create engagement. You want people to like, comment and share. In other words, you want people to react and get involved. Once they do, it’s when you’ll start getting noticed as a brand.

You can create quizz, share funny videos or educational content that provokes conversations. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your content stays coherent with your brand’s voice. While not all content exist to drive engagement, it’s one of the most important social media metrics.

Are you ready to grow?

Facebook marketing can help you reach millions of people very quickly. The caveat is extremely fierce competition. In other words, you must truly stand out to get a fighting chance. Your strategy must be optimized from the ground up and experience is expensive. With over 10 years of experience in Facebook ads, we know what it takes to grow a company. We’ve help new brands reach millions in revenue within their first year. Reach out to us if you’re ready to take your brand to the next level!

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