6 Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

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Have you ever posted a ton of Facebook ads only to hear back crickets in return? Facebook is one of the most extensive resources for gaining new customers, with over 3.03 billion active monthly users who spend an average of 30.8 minutes on the app per day. However, blindly advertising to the masses will not result in a boost in sales.

Six copywriting tips to boost your Facebook ad campaigns are filtering your audience and making personalized content for them, creating captivating headlines, keeping your text clear and concise, using a single CTA, matching your copy with the visual, and testing out different versions of your ad.

If you want Facebook ads to work successfully, you must create a copy that serves as a guide for your customers. Good copywriting navigates customers from ads to the checkout page on your websites. In this article, you will find six copywriting tips that will elevate your Facebook Ad Campaigns.  

6 Copywriting Tips That Will Enhance Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

1. Refine Your Audience and Write Tailored Content for Them

The first step to writing a good copy for Facebook ads is to know your audience like the back of your hand. Not knowing your audience is one of the most common marketing mistakes which I’ve covered in my article on the same.

Using Facebook Ads Manager, you can target your audience based on age, gender, geographical location, interests, behaviors, and other preferences. This will help you write a copy that resonates deeply with your potential customers.

Once you have identified your targeted audience, curate personalized ads instead of a generalized blanket ad that is published to all. For instance, if you cater to a young generation, you can refer to trends in pop culture to garner attention.

If your brand sells e-learning courses, advertise to young professionals with a headline that reads, “Advance your career by upgrading your skill set.” To market to students, the headline can be replaced with “Kickstart your future with affordable courses.”

Remember not to use what Facebook calls personal attributes. These include personal information such as race, sex, and ethnicity and are therefore considered protected classes of information. By avoiding these, you reduce the chances of your ad getting rejected.

2. Write Attractive Headlines that Capture Your Audience 

The easiest way of getting people to click on your ad is by making their lives easier. And you can do that if you lead your ad using numbers! The audience likes to know the how – product cost, discount and amount of customers.

Including numbers helps your audience to compare your product with others in the market. Moreover, it adds a sense of credibility to your brand and quantifies your achievements.

For example, writing a headline that states ‘Increase your sales’ does not sound as inviting as ‘Increase your sales by 150% in just 20 days.’ Numbers can also mean statistics such as ‘Recommended by 9 out of 10 customers.’

Also, ensure that your landing page where the ad leads to should beautifully support and prove the claims you’ve made in the ad headlines through text and visuals. Doing so in the ad copy itself is not always possible due to limited space.

Thus, a lot is left to do for your landing page and your sales funnel to take the job further. I suggest using one of the top-rated funnel building software to create effective landing pages and sales funnels.

3. Great Copywriting Includes Clear and Concise Text

Avoid using technical jargon in your copies and instead stick to simple language that is easy to understand for all. Keeping your advertisements skimmable makes your audience less likely to feel overwhelmed and more likely to engage with them.

You must also adhere to the Facebook ad character limits to avoid your text being cut by ellipses. The current limits for text are 40 characters for headlines, 125 for primary text, and 30 for description.

The body of your ad must focus on three main components: Informing your audience about what you’re offering, how they can benefit from it, and what they need to do next.

Remember that people always buy with emotions and then use logic to justify their purchases. The most effective Facebook ad copies tend to their customer’s feelings and sentiments.

Use language that leverages emotions such as excitement, curiosity, or even fear of missing out. Some phrases you could use in your copy are: ‘We’ve got your back,’ ‘What if I told you,’ ‘Ever wondered,’ and ‘Discover what it’s like to.’ You can also move people to action by inducing a fear of scarcity by offering offers and discounts that are available for a limited time.

Check out my article on the inspiring Facebook ad examples to see how simple copywriting can be extremely effective.

4. Limit Yourself to a Single Call-to-action

A Facebook ad will only work if you clearly tell your customers what it is that you want them to do. Call-to-action buttons are crucial in defining the success of your advertisement.

A well-crafted CTA is direct and easily understandable. Leave your audience with exact instructions instead of making them guess how to traverse your advertisement. Your CTA button must be exciting enough to instantly invite the customer to take the next step.

Using action verbs is a great way of moving people to act. You can use phrases such as ‘Buy now!’, ‘Claim yours today!’, ‘hit reply,’ ‘Shop now,’ ‘Learn more,’ and ‘Sign up today.’ Verbs like ‘find,’ ‘explore,’ and ‘unleash’ can spark curiosity amongst your audience.

5. Ensure Your Copy Aligns With the Visuals

Your viewer’s eyes will land on an image long before a word is read and comprehended. It is necessary that a relevant image follows the copy you write. Images help the customers visualize what it would feel like to access your product or service. By recreating that feeling for them, you bring them one step closer to investing in what you’re offering.

You should know that visual storytelling can also involve text on an image. While there is no longer a limit to how much text you can have on an image, restrict yourself to covering only 20% of the image with text.

Make sure that the font you choose is bold and clear so that it does not reduce the quality of the image and is easily readable by your audience.

6. Test Different Versions of Your Text

The only way to measure the success of your Facebook ad campaigns is if you monitor the responses you get on them. Different people respond differently to words and phrases. The easiest way to understand what works for each audience segment is to tweak and experiment with your copy.

You can run small-scale split tests of your advertisements using the Facebook ad’s native split testing option. Try out different variations of your copy and modify your language, tone, and wording based on the responses you receive. The more personalized your ad feels to the viewers, the more interest they show by interacting.

Facebook offers another great feature called dynamic creative that can automatically tweak different elements of your ad, including images, videos, copy, and CTAs. These adjustments are based on who is viewing your ad, thus guaranteeing highly customized ads.

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