How To Write A Webinar Script: A Comprehensive Guide

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Webinar scripts captivate and engage the audience with narration, supporting the webinar presentation. A webinar script template allows you to smoothly jump from one topic to another, ensuring a good flow of your webinar.

If you’re tasked to write a webinar script, we have some tips and tricks to help make your webinar leave a lasting impression.

Why Is a Webinar Script Important?

Writing a webinar script is as important as creating the webinar slides for the following reasons:

  • A roadmap of webinar presentation: Part of public speaking, although in a virtual setting for webinars, is having clear thoughts in presenting information. A solid webinar script will guide you in conveying the most important information in a webinar topic.
  • Deliver a seamless flow: The script is your guide to ensure you don’t get lost in your presentation. It gives you the outline of what to say during topic transitions.
  • Cover all key points: The webinar script helps you deliver the key points in your presentation without missing a single one. Place your key points near the end of the script to wrap everything up.

1- Understand your target audience

Before you write your script, you need to know how your audience behaves. Do market research, analyze survey results, and study your current customer base to get the needed data. This will drive you to write content that relates to your audience and addresses their pain points.

2- Research facts for the webinar content

Once you’ve decided on the topic, begin researching for facts and related studies that will support your presentation. Get information from credible sources to establish your authority over the topic.

3- Divide the script into three parts

This three-act structure will serve as your webinar script template. These three parts are:

The Beginning

The webinar introduction should start with a warm greeting and stating the host’s name. It should welcome the audience members and give an overview of the webinar topic and webinar agenda. The guest speakers are also introduced if your webinar will have them. Make a killer introduction to get the good mood going until the webinar’s end.

The Middle

This is where the host discusses the topic with the webinar attendees in full detail. Keep the writing of the entire script’s middle part short. Use transition words to transfer from one slide or topic to the next without disrupting the presentation flow. Write a short sentence to give the floor to your guest speaker and webinar presenters, too.

The End

The last part of the script should wrap everything up. Write a few sentences for the key takeaways of the webinar. Thank the webinar attendees for their time.

4- Make the script’s main body engaging

Prioritize audience engagement when writing the script. This is your chance to give deeper discussions on the topic. Back up your discussion with examples, insights, and studies to make it sound more convincing.

Use a storytelling flair if possible. Tugging into the heartstrings of your audience is one way of keeping them hooked to your webinar.

5- Keep a friendly and conversational tone

The last thing you’d want in a webinar is to bore your audience with technical terms and unfamiliar words. Make your tone conversational, like how people speak every day. Infuse friendliness in your voice to avoid intimidating your audience.

Explain the technical terms well if your topic needs to be more technical. Simplify your language so everyone understands what you’ll say in the webinar.

6. Proofread the entire script

Leave your script for a few hours and proofread it with a fresh and renewed mind. Fix grammar, punctuation, and tone issues in your script. Read it aloud to check if the sentences don’t sound awkwardly written. Double-check your edits with a grammar checker to ensure there’s no single mistake in your script.

7- Have a brief feedback session

Get your script checked with someone else from your team. There will be inputs on inserting topics and transitioning to another key point. Take note of these suggestions and do another round of revision to polish your script.

Host Your Webinar on a Platform That Caters to Your Needs

Hosting a webinar needs careful planning and execution. Everything has to go perfectly on the big day. That’s why using a webinar platform that can host many people in one session is an extremely important part of your event.

A seamless platform allows you to host your webinar effectively. It also helps you create polls and surveys for your attendees to answer after the event. Your chosen platform should help you schedule your webinar and track its performance for future reference.


Your webinar script is your ultimate guide in presenting the webinar. It helps you present each section of your presentation confidently. Writing it will keep you from going off track when hosting the webinar.

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