Social Media SEO: Things you should know to grow your Business Online

Social Media SEO Things you should know to grow your Business Online

SEO through social media is always in discussion in the search industry. Social media SEO denotes how social platforms can increase your site’s organic traffic over search engines. This topic never gets old. SEO and social media although they look different they help each other in many different ways. These techniques not just make your SEO activities effective but lucrative at the same time.

Moreover, from popular and contrary believe, social media is not able to contribute directly to SEO. In simple words, social signals are not a way to directly rank a website.

The links and information you post or tweet on social media may help your business to get more publicity but these posts and signals aren’t seen by Google as a signal for ranking.

However, social media is not on a posturing level but it has a major role when you look deeper into it. There is a certain correlation between the social signal and position in SERP’s site.

Why Google mostly Overlook Social Signals?

Google crawl and index social media profiles and pages and view the content also the links published on them but it treats them like a regular HTML page of a site.

Coming towards social signals, Google doesn’t directly ponder social media shares, attention or comments when ranking a website. Because if so, then many people would’ve tricked Google to rank an undeserving site rather than ranking a deserving one.

Another reason social signals are not taken into consideration is that social media shares happen 24/7 and happens often quickly which makes it difficult for Google to crawl and keep track of them.

3 major reasons to setup Social media SEO

SEO is all about gaining more visibility and getting more organic traffic to your site. On the other hand, social media marketing is used to reach out right people.

Here are three reasons why you should setup social media SEO:

  •  Social Media Content Gets Indexed
Social media content
Social media content

Regularly uploading the right type of social media content is the key and create a huge difference in your overall marketing campaign. When you’ll be aware of the fact that Google and other search engines crawl your published posts, things get better.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that every post and content you upload will be crawled by search engines. The post must be relevant and informative enough to reach out to people searching for similar content.

Most importantly, social media can help you index your website’s content quickly. For example, when you upload a blog post or any content and it gets viral, gets more attention and shares then that post will end up being indexed faster.

Spiders and crawlers of search engines can easily find content getting that is getting a lot of response because of the social factor and if your post goes viral then you might see them in the result pages too of relevant searches.

  • Social Media can Increase Authority 
Domain Authority Moz
Domain Authority Moz

When it comes to rank a site, the authority has a lot of weight. According to search engines, if your domain or page has a high value, it has high authority and comparatively also increases the chances to rank above the sites having low authority.

The authority of a website or webpage increases gradually with time. As you keep uploading top quality content and attain more niche related backlinks, your site’s authority will keep growing. If you publish content that helps your readers and what finds what they were looking for then it will benefit you in many ways like getting positive reviews, comments and even backlinks on other sites.

When there was no concept of social media, link building was different and had different techniques. Nowadays, you cannot just ignore social media platforms when it comes to building backlinks. Why? Because a huge portion of the content present on the web is scattered via social media. This means your influence in social media has a direct effect on your level of authority.

When you keep an eye on how you build an engaged social media network, your content on your site has more relevant places to live. The more the related places it lives, the more your site will gain authority.

  • Social Media Involves Real People

SEO is not only this simple, but it also has a technical side too, and it is not only the thing you should really focus on. Most of the techniques like blackhat or unethical SEO practices are technical and yet are not being able to produce long term results because they neglect to take “users” into account.

These methods mainly not focus on human impressions while on the other hand, the search engine is looking for real users.

Search engines work differently and always try to find ways to serve users and neglect technical stuff. If you want to gain high authority and more traffic, you cannot just focus on technical factors like ranking keywords. Your SEO requires a human element to it to get the real-life results. Or else, your site might get surpassed by someone creating valuable content. 

Now, social media is an unavoidable part of SEO, the main reason is it has real people. As you know, the content you upload on social media has an integral part in the search, it also lets you segregate your type of audience you want to target and also it is the fastest way to reach out to people.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a group, page for customer support or even promotional page. It is easy to get feedbacks and receive complaints about bugs from users. The best thing is you can keep a check on your content about how many people it reached, shared and how much intense impact it has.

High interaction post
High interaction post

These are three reasons why you should choose social media as your SEO technique. Now here are some of the other benefits that you can gain when you set-up a social media account for your site:

Get More Quality Links

When we talk about backlinks, they’ve always been an important factor in the ranking of a site or page in search engines. Both the quality and quantity of backlinks affect your site’s ranking and authority.

When you put effort and gain more followers on your social media accounts you are more likely to get backlinks according to your site’s niche. You can even get backlinks from power users, influencers, not only them but also from many bloggers and webmasters.

This happens when your published post gets more shares and reach out to more people and it attracts ranked site owners and encourages them to get a link to your site. 

Build a Strong Audience or Following

The first step to attain success on the internet is obviously building a great product first to achieve boundless marketing goals. However, before you start calling your service a success amongst your audience, it is firstly important to spread it first because people don’t even know what you are offering.

Spread the info among the target audience using social media before calling your company a successful one. Make a blend of information and successful image show to reach out to more people as customer attracts the customer. Try to be helpful for each and every user and keep them updated about your product or service.

Nowadays, the market is highly competitive and you have to put extra effort and reach out to more people quickly in order to conquer the rank you want. You have to build a relationship with your followers and engage them as much as you can to make a strong community around you.

The more proactive you are in approaching people the more positive results you will see. People not only just hang out on social media but many people are ready to do business with worthy people and all you need is to find out the right people and build a strong relationship.

Build backlinks Using backlink maker

As we know building appropriate backlinks are important but how can you create them? Backlink maker is the answer to this. To get started with it you have to choose a free backlink maker that you can easily find on websites like Prepostseo, SEO wagon, and similar websites.

To get the most out of your off-page SEO, you have to create backlinks. Using this tool can help you in different ways like you can create do follow or no follow backlinks and paste it in your content that you upload on social media and it will help people to follow the link and reach your site to find what they are looking for. More social signals and clicks more the rating of SERP.

Reactions, comments, and shares put weight to your links. You will create more inbound links if you tend to create content that people are willing to share with their friends. Content is not just uploading some text on white paper or uploading a blog post, the material can be anything or may even contain tweets, Facebook updates. Just upload helpful content and you will see the magic. This might take time but it is worth doing rather than just focusing on technical SEO.

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