Social Media Metrics to Track in 2024

Social media has now become online places where businesses not only engage with their audience but also meticulously measure their performance to stay ahead in the digital landscape. There are tons of social media metrics that provide insights into audience behavior, content effectiveness, and overall brand performance.

The thing is, different businesses have different objectives, target demographics, and marketing strategies, which means that the significance of these metrics can vary significantly from one company to another.

However, the social media metrics we’ve listed below serve as fundamental indicators that can be tailored to fit each business’s unique goals, demographics, and strategies.

Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is an indicator of how effectively your business is connecting with its audience. It includes overall interactions, including likes, comments, shares, and clicks. When you have a decent engagement rate, that means the content you create resonates well with the audience. This, in turn, creates meaningful interactions and potentially drives brand loyalty.

But, how do you know that you have a ‘decent’ engagement rate? Tally up the actions on your post, divide by your total follower count and then multiply by 100. Use this simple formula:

While the definition of “good” is subjective, it’s worth noting that a decent Instagram engagement rate can actually start as low as 1%. Surprisingly, this seemingly modest figure is quite typical across various industries. A study encompassing 1,800 Instagram accounts spanning 12 different sectors revealed an average engagement rate of 1.6%.


Impressions in social media metrics refer to the total number of times your content has been displayed on users’ screens. This metric counts every instance of your content being displayed, regardless of whether it’s seen by the same person multiple times.

In other words, it shows how frequently your content is being shown to users. That means monitoring impressions helps you understand the visibility of your posts, ads, or profile on social media platforms. Thus, you should be aware of social media trends, including YouTube trends.

If you opt for paid advertising campaigns, impressions are a key metric for assessing ad performance and reach. Understanding how many times your ads have been displayed helps you measure the effectiveness of your ad targeting and messaging.


Reach is the total number of unique users who have seen your content or been exposed to your brand messaging. Unlike impressions, which count every instance of your content being displayed, reach measures the distinct individuals who have encountered your posts, ads, or profile within a specified timeframe.

If you track this metric, you understand how many unique users your content is reaching, which helps you gauge the overall visibility and awareness of your brand or message. Not only that, but it will also make it much easier for you to improve the effectiveness of your content distribution strategies. By analyzing which posts or campaigns reach the largest audience using social media analytics, you can identify patterns and refine your content to maximize impact.

Remember that whether it’s a product launch, a brand awareness campaign, or a seasonal promotion, understanding how many people your campaign has reached provides valuable insights into its impact and ROI.

Audience Growth Rate

Another social media metric that you should consider tracking is the audience growth rate. A growing audience signifies increasing interest and engagement with your brand.

So, when your social media marketing goal is to expand your reach and engage more audience, this metric is a must-track. Whether it’s through organic content, paid advertising, or promotional campaigns, a growing audience indicates that your strategies are resonating with your target audience.

It’s not just about tallying up your fresh followers. Rather, it calculates your new followers as a percentage of your overall audience. In the beginning, gaining 10 or even 100 new followers in a month can skyrocket your growth rate. However, as your audience expands, sustaining that momentum requires attracting a larger number of new followers.

Video Views

From funny clips to cool motion graphics to even informative tutorials, we’ve witnessed numerous videos on social media platforms that have garnered millions of views. And when you have more video views, you put your business in the spotlight. It shows that the video you upload actually captures the attention of your audience and keeps them engaged.

Video views metric not only quantifies the reach and popularity of video content but also serves as a barometer of audience engagement and interest. Videos with a high number of views can significantly increase your brand’s visibility on social media platforms. 

As more users watch and engage with your videos, your brand awareness expands, reaching a broader audience and potentially attracting new followers or customers.

Conversion Rate

The success of your social media marketing campaigns is often tied to specific business objectives, such as generating sales or leads. Conversion rate provides a clear measure of how well your social media activities are contributing to these objectives.

It measures how frequently your social media content initiates the journey towards a conversion event, such as a subscription, download, or sale. This may be the most crucial metric if your aim is to make your audience actually take action rather than just engage with your content.

This metric demonstrates the effectiveness of your social media campaigns, both organic and paid, in nurturing your sales funnel. That’s how it allows you to evaluate the performance of individual social media campaigns, ads, or content pieces. When you track conversion rates over time, you can identify which campaigns or strategies are most effective at driving conversions and allocate resources accordingly.

Wrapping Up

There are tons of social media marketing metrics out there. The key here is to understand your objective so that you can choose the most relevant and impactful metrics to measure your performance and progress. When you track the metric that actually matters, you can keep the whole campaign focused, and all of those efforts will be targeted and effective.While measuring those social media metrics seems like a brain-twister, you can use social media tools to streamline the process and gain actionable insights hassle-free. Or, if you want an even more promising and hands-off approach, you can leave all the heavy lifting to K6. This trusted paid media agency allows you to focus on your core business activities while experts handle your social media marketing campaigns with precision and expertise.

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