10 Easy Ways to Promote on Reddit for Your Small Business

Promoting your small business is an important part of managing and growing any business, regardless of the niche you are in. Marketing yourself and your brand on Reddit offers a unique opportunity that other platforms don’t. The popularity of Reddit as a social platform for marketing and customer engagement is clearly noted in a 2023 article by Business Insider: “Reddit says it can help companies drive brand awareness, traffic, conversions, and app installations. The site has more than 57 million daily active users and 13 billion total posts and comments. While it takes time and dedication to market on Reddit, companies can get started with a small budget.”

If you have been curious about Reddit after hearing competitors talk about or seeing success stories online but have not yet taken the leap, now is the time! Here are 10 easy ways to successfully promote and grow your small business on Reddit:

Understand the Community

Spend time on the platform to get a feel for what kind of content works best. This can help you understand the community norms and how you can tailor your content more effectively for your target audience.

  • Research: When you are browsing various Subreddits and threads on the platform do so with a keen eye focused on details. Always pay attention to the topics, tone, humor, and types of content that seem to be well received.
  • Engagement Patterns: Pay attention to any patterns of posting within threads related to your brand and products/services. This can guide you in crafting content and posting schedules that resonate best with your target audience.

Find Relevant Subreddits

Subreddits are a unique aspect of how content is shared and found within Reddit. Participating in these subreddits can help you reach an audience interested in your products or services.

  • Utilize Search Functions: Like all online platforms aimed at connections and discussions, Reddit has a handy search function. You should use the search function to see what topics exist that are related to your business or industry.
  • Check the Sidebar: Many Subreddits list related communities in their sidebar, so be sure to use this accessible and easy search feature. It will help you find specific or niche Subreddits that you could work content for.

Provide Value

Instead of only promoting your products or services, focus on providing value to the community. Share insights, answer questions, and participate in discussions relevant to your expertise.

  • Share Personal Expertise: Offering your knowledge and expertise in discussions on your threads is a great way to engage with people who comment. This can establish your credibility and attract potential customers.
  • Post Valuable Content: Think about what problems your business solves and share content that addresses these issues or challenges. People search for businesses on Reddit because they have a specific need they want help with.

Engage Authentically

Be genuine and authentic as Redditors can quickly identify and reject overt self-promotion or inauthentic behavior. You will want to be honest and work to be accepted and to be seen as part of the community.

  • Personal Touch: Share personal stories or experiences related to your business journey, share success stories, and avoid pushy or ‘salesy’ language. Be yourself and treat the posts like friendly conversations and not sales pitches.
  • Respond Promptly: Engage in real-time discussions when possible and answer questions sincerely to keep people engaged and interested. Prompt responses are appreciated and show you are an actual person behind the screen.

Use Reddit Ads

Reddit, like other social platforms used by small businesses, offers advertising options that target specific communities on the platform. This can help you promote your business while also utilizing the platform’s advertising system.

  • Targeted Advertising: Take advantage of Reddit’s advertising platform to target ads for your specific niche audience. You can create and share ads and marketing material based on interests, location, and even specific subreddits.
  • Experiment and Create: Start with a small budget to test different ads and targeting options to see what works best for your business. Take what works, throw out what doesn’t, and then repeat it all again to improve your marketing.

Host AMAs (Ask Me Anything)

If you have unique insights or experiences related to your business consider using the unique Reddit feature of an AMA. This allows you to directly engage with the community and answer their questions specifically.

  • Plan Your AMA: Prepare for questions you might be asked, and make sure you have the time to engage with the community during the AMA. Have notes, come armed with data and specific info to share with those who engage.

Promote Your AMA: Let your followers on other platforms know about the AMA. Your post will get more upvotes and be shown to more people. As a bonus, the upvotes help raise the karma score on your profile. The higher it is, the more trustworthy you appear.

Share Original Content

If you create content that can help add value, clarity, and information to the Reddit community, then share it. Original content can generate interest and drive traffic on and off the Reddit platform in surprising ways.

  • Quality Over Quantity: Always focus on creating high-quality content that adds value to the site. Quality content is more likely to get comments and be shared. Don’t spam and post simply for the sake of having something to post.
  • Engage with Comments: When you post content, stay active in the comments section to engage with users and answer any questions. Everything from idle comment chit-chat to specific questions should all be answered when possible.

Leverage User Feedback

Reddit can be a goldmine for customer feedback and insight into how others view your brand and your services or products. Engage with users who comment on your posts or mention your business to gain valuable insights. 

  • Accept Constructive Criticism: Be open to constructive criticism and use it as an opportunity to improve your products or services. Sometimes business owners get tunnel vision so criticism can be a good wakeup call for owners. 
  • Value User Insights: Pay attention to common questions or feedback as this can provide valuable insights into customer needs or product improvements. This is all-important insight that can help improve your business.

Follow the Rules

Reddit in general and the many Subreddits that the site holds have specific rules for posting and sharing. Make sure to read and follow these specific rules. This will help you avoid having posts removed or getting banned totally.

  • Read Other Posts: Before posting in a Subreddit, always take some time to browse other comments and posts. This will help you avoid any miss-steps with what content you are trying to share within a particular Subreddit group.
  • Know the Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with Reddit’s site-wide rules and guidelines to avoid any unnecessary conflicts. If issues do arise with members or commentators, seek help from the support team on Reddit right away.

Monitor Your Reputation

Reddit can be a great way to keep tabs on what the general public views and options of your brand and company are among the wider population. Address any concerns or negative feedback promptly and professionally.

  • Set Up Alerts: Use tools like Google Alerts or Reddit’s search function to monitor mentions of your business. Do self-searches often and just spend some time getting a feel for what people say and think about your business.
  • Positive Engagement: When addressing feedback, always be professional and positive. How you handle criticism can impact your business reputation. Never engage with trolls or use bad language- this will always do more harm than good.

By diving deeper into each of these strategies and applying them thoughtfully, you can effectively use Reddit to promote your small business, engage with potential customers, and build a supportive community around your brand.

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