Top 7 Paraphrasing Tools to Use in 2023

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It is a general misconception that paraphrasing is unethical. It is essential in multiple forms of writing, including blog writing, academic writing, and technical writing.

Mastering paraphrasing skills can help writers and students in many ways. 

For example, it allows writers to get inspiration from other writers’ work and recreate it without plagiarism. Similarly, it helps research students get valuable data from others’ research articles and allows them to use it in their studies as references.

However, as a writer, if you don’t possess exceptional paraphrasing skills, there is still no need to worry. Multiple online paraphrasing tools can cover your back. They can help you write unique content, remove plagiarism, and buff your articles.

This article will introduce you to the top six paraphrasing tools you can use in 2023 and write extraordinary content without putting much effort into writing.

Without further ado, let’s get acquainted with them!


You may already know about this incredible platform. It is one of the best platforms for SEO experts, writers, and graphic designers. SmallSEOTools offers tons of free online tools for users that help them efficiently perform many tasks. Its paraphraser and plagiarism checker are the best in their respective categories. 

However, today, we will only discuss its free paraphrasing tool.

This paraphrase tool supports multiple languages, including English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Turkish, which makes it a better choice among many of its competitors. Apart from that, it offers multiple modes for users’ ease. All of these modes are unique and can help users in various ways.

Features of SmallSEOTools’ Paraphrasing Tool

Below are some of the best features of this incredible paraphrasing tool:

  • Multiple Modes of Paraphrasing: SmallSEOTools offers four different modes of paraphrasing, including smart spin, ultra spin, spin manual, and AI writer. No matter your needs, this paraphraser can gratify all of them. 
  • Removes Plagiarism: If you want to remove plagiarism from your content, this tool can help you with it. It removes plagiarism using two different strategies. First, it changes the words with their most matched synonyms, which removes plagiarism and brings clarity to the text. Besides, it modifies the sentence structures, making the content unique and original.
  • Enhances Content Quality: The advanced algorithms of this paraphrasing tool allow it to understand the overall context and recreate the content without changing its original meaning. Moreover, it polishes the language and makes it more direct and understandable for readers. That’s how it enhances content quality.


RewriteGuru is another incredible platform thousands of writers use to paraphrase their content. This online paraphrasing tool is famous for its sophisticated algorithms that perfectly understand the context and recreate content accordingly. Whether you want to write content for blogs, a thesis, or technical documents, this paraphrasing tool can assist.

Like SmallSEOTools, RewriteGuru also offers different modes of paraphrasing to satisfy different types of users’ needs. And most of them are free for users.

Features of RewriteGuru

Let’s learn about the top-notch features of RewriteGuru!

Semantic Rephrasing: RewriteGuru is famous for its semantic rephrasing. It doesn’t ruin your content by using irrelevant words in the content. Instead, it deeply analyzes the content and then starts rephrasing it. 

This practice helps it ensure that every word it suggests or uses in the content is accurate and fits the context. So, users don’t need manual rephrasing or editing after improving the content with this tool.

AI Technology: In the paraphrasing world, RewriteGuru is among the early adopters of AI technology. This tool perfectly utilizes AI technology for modifying sentence structures. Moreover, AI technology helps it use only relevant words to define different phenomena.

Ensures Uniqueness: RewriteGuru also ensures uniqueness by completely altering the words and sentence structures. Even if you have copied the entire content from one source, you can handle uniqueness. By paraphrasing content with this tool, you can instantly remove plagiarism and get a unique article on your screen.


Although is a platform for detecting plagiarism in different types of texts, its online paraphrasing tool assists users in paraphrasing and removing plagiarism and making the content original. 

The free paraphrasing tool of PlagiarismChecker is as reliable as other tools mentioned in this article. 

It allows users to rephrase up to 800 words in a single query. However, if you try many other free paraphrasing tools, you will know that they offer much fewer words than that. For writers, it is like a one-stop solution. They can use the platform for proofreading, plagiarism-checking, and content improvement as it offers a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and paraphrase tool.

Features of PlagiarismChecker’s Paraphrasing Tool

Here are the best features of this paraphraser:

Support Eleven Languages: This outstanding paraphraser supports eleven different languages. So, if your content is not in English, there is no need to worry, as it supports almost all the most-spoken languages in the world.

Easy to Use: PlagiarismChecker’s paraphrasing tool is also very easy to use. You don’t need to give any command or prompt to paraphrase anything. Instead, just paste the content you want to rephrase and press the “Rephrase Now” button. After a few moments, you will see unique content on your screen.

Create Original Content: The best thing about this paraphrasing tool is that it is built to remove plagiarism. Paraphrasing content with this tool removes all sorts of plagiarism by completely modifying the text. 

Once you paraphrase content with this tool, you won’t see any instances of plagiarism in your text.


PlagiarismDetector’s online paraphrasing tool is one of the most underrated tools of the day. This paraphraser offers almost every feature that users need in a paraphrasing tool. Users can use it to paraphrase online up to 2,000 words with this paraphraser in a single query. It means you can even rephrase a long-form article, video script, or academic assignment in one go.

It doesn’t matter whether you have to paraphrase content daily or occasionally; this platform is always free to you. There is no need to pay anything to rephrase content with this paraphraser.

Features of PlagiarismDetector’s Paraphrasing Tool

Have a look at the best features of this paraphrasing tool:

File Uploading: This paraphrasing tool has introduced a file-uploading feature that benefits content creators. If you have the content in a file and want to paraphrase it, upload it and use this tool without any hassle. 

Unlimited Paraphrasing: With this tool, you can paraphrase as many words as you want. You won’t find a word limit restriction. Even if you rewrite up to 100,000 words daily, this tool won’t tire. Moreover, you won’t experience any kind of issues with this tool. 
Understandable Content: PlagiarismDetector always provides understandable content to users. Even if the real content is filled with jargon or clichés, this paraphraser can improve them and make them readable.


People use ChatGPT for various purposes. However, many don’t know that it is one of the best tools for paraphrasing. This tool can paraphrase any type of text within a few moments.

The best thing about ChatGPT is that users can select the outcome. They can choose the language, style, and tone of the outcome. Unlike many other paraphrasing tools, ChatGPT always offers publishable content. You won’t find many grammatical and contextual issues in the content written or paraphrased by ChatGPT.

Features of ChatGPT

Let’s learn how ChatGPT can paraphrase your content and make it much better than ever:

Free to Use: ChatGPT is always free for everyone. No matter how many words you want to rewrite daily, this incredible AI-language model is always free. Even if you want to create content from scratch, you don’t need to spend even a single penny.

Provide Creative Results: ChatGPT is famous for its creativity. Although many other competitors have come into the AI market, no one comes near to ChatGPT when it comes to creativity. If you want to recreate any content in a specific language, tone, or style, ChatGPT can help. In fact, if you want to convert serious content into humor without modifying the context, ChatGPT can also do this magic for you.
Get the Highest-Quality Results: ChatGPT is a language model with the knowledge of every word, terminology, and jargon; it understands the entire content and provides the highest-quality results that can leave you speechless.

6. QuillBot

Last but not least, QuillBot is one of the best tools in this category. This is one of the most used tools for paraphrasing. Although QuillBot only provides limited facilities to free users, many users prefer it over other tools. QuillBot offers seven different modes of paraphrasing, and everyone is better than the others.

Similarly, it also provides users a chance to select synonyms. It shows a bar at the top that can help you with what type of synonyms you want. By setting the bar to a specific level, you can modify the outcomes accordingly.

Features of QuillBot

Below are some of the best features of QuillBot:

Seven Different Modes: QuillBot provides users with seven different modes of paraphrasing, including standard, fluency, formal, simple, creative, expand, and shorten. You can choose any of them according to your needs and improve your content.

Support Tons of Languages: QuillBot also supports many different languages, making it a favorable choice for many international users.
Compatibility: QuillBot is compatible with all sorts of devices. Even if you want to use it on your mobile devices or desktops, you won’t feel any difference. It supports all devices and provides a great user experience.

This is yet another good paraphrasing tool that is widely known for its ability to efficiently paraphrase the text within a matter of seconds. The tool makes use of advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine learning (ML) technologies to perform paraphrasing. 

It is widely known due to its five different paraphrasing modes. Two modes are available for free, while the remaining ones are paid. Additionally, this AI paraphrasing tool allows users to paraphrase 500 words at once. 

Features of

User-intuitive interface: The tool features a simple and easy interface which means users will not face any difficulty in using. 

Multiple modes: It comes equipped with five modes that are Regular, Formal, Text Optimizer, Smarter, and Creative. Each mode follows a different approach/style to paraphrase the input text. 

Support of different languages: The paraphrasing tool supports more than 15 languages. This feature makes it a highly suitable option for users all around the globe. Bolding of words in the output: The tool bolds the words that are changed/replaced during the paraphrasing in the output box for user ease.

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