5 Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing Your Social Media

There’s no definitive guide to outsourcing. For many small business owners, it involves a process of experimentation, where errors can lead to expensive mistakes in outsourcing. Entrepreneurs are inherently occupied individuals. When they’re not deeply involved in providing their products or services, they’re probably assisting clients, supporting their team, overseeing orders, handling finances, coordinating with suppliers, or undertaking various essential tasks needed to operate their business.

A significant hurdle that today’s small business entrepreneurs encounter is effectively coordinating and managing outsourced contractors to ensure the work they produce is vital to the business’s core operations.

Failing to Listen

Many companies are thankfully moving away from a purely sales-driven approach on social media, opting instead for more inventive strategies on their platforms. This often involves sharing blogs or articles to connect with their target audience.

A cautionary note should be considered here. Even if you’ve developed content that captures attention, how you communicate with your audience is crucial. Are your platforms being used solely to disseminate your content, or are you also trying to listen and interact with others?

If all your time on social media is spent broadcasting your own agenda, your efforts won’t be very impactful. Consider the analogy of business networking. If you were to merely stand in the center of a room, loudly announcing your message to everyone, chances are people would begin to tune out.

Stretching Yourself Too Far

Avoid setting up a business profile across all available social media platforms. Rather, select the most appropriate channels where most of your target audience spends their time, and concentrate your activities on those sites.

For instance, Pinterest suits visual-centric businesses like restaurants and boutiques well, but it’s less effective for insurance or legal services sectors. Investing time to identify the online spaces frequented by your existing and potential customers will yield significant benefits over time. EraserFarm can help you with Strategic branding for your social media, in-depth research, and consumer understanding that foster engagement and connectivity.

Disregarding the Data

The urge to pour effort into crafting content, and after its release, quickly moving forward with a sense of relief is understandable. Indeed, effective social media management demands considerable time and focus. However, it’s essential not to let the rush to produce new content prevent you from reviewing the impact of your last post. There exist many useful metrics and instruments to aid in this review process.

Analyzing and interpreting the performance of past social media posts can be pivotal in shaping your future tactics. Investing time to scrutinize your prior social media outcomes can be incredibly rewarding as you strategize for future social media endeavors.

Failing to Verify the Company’s Credibility

Engaging a reputable outsourcing firm is key to the triumph of your hosting support. Numerous firms find it hard to distinguish themselves from their rivals in several respects, yet they aim to excel and outperform others in customer service.

Verifying the trustworthiness of your chosen outsourcing provider can offer a clear insight into the level of support your clientele will enjoy. Avoid companies known for their unfavorable standing within the industry.

Excessive Reliance On Automation

Several social media agencies make use of automation to oversee their campaigns. However, this approach may not always be advantageous, as there’s a risk of your brand’s message being overlooked or misunderstood amidst the agency’s other responsibilities.

The effectiveness of social media marketing hinges on a personal touch; marketers should do more than just automate the handling of tasks. Always select a digital agency that dedicates effort to personally connect and engage with their clients.


Employing a social media agency might seem exhausting, yet steering clear of these seven blunders will set you on the path to achievement. Ensure you conduct thorough research and select an agency that aligns well with your business.

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