Instagram Stories Vs. Feed Ads: Which Drives Better Results?

If you’re one of those people who gives updates on the Internet through pictures and videos, then you probably have used Instagram already. It’s one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. In fact, according to a survey, the projected number of people who’d use the platform in 2024 is around 1.4 billion. It’s not surprising that marketers use Instagram to promote their brand or product. After all, billions of people are using it, right? Users always check the platform to stay updated with the things happening around the world. And marketers capitalize on this by placing Instagram ads but where should you stand on the debate of Instagram stories vs. feed ads?

Instagram stories vs. feed ads

Instagram ads are posts that businesses pay to promote the products they sell or the services they offer. These can be targeted to a specific group of people and may appear through Instagram Stories, Instagram Feed, or both. From images, videos, carousels (multiple images), or collections (dynamic product galleries), the sky’s the limit when it comes to Instagram ads. And now that the platform is owned by Facebook, more and more people are easily reached even with the debate of Instagram stories vs feed ads.

The primary ways of having Instagram ads are through story ads and feed ads. Each has its purposes, but here are some of their differences:

1. Format

Instagram Story ads appear between users’ IG stories. These short video or photo ads capture peoples’ attention through quizzes, polls, swipe-up call-to-action, and the like. They’re vertical and full-screen, so people definitely notice it. Instagram feed ads, on the other hand, are commonly square ads that users see when they scroll on their IG feeds. They offer extended visibility and are more passive when it comes to marketing.

2. Engagement

With its immersive and interactive concept, Instagram Story ads have higher engagement rates. With their features of all sorts, it can’t be denied that stories grab the attention of people. Feed ads are also effective ads, but they’re more toned down. Nonetheless, they’re used to target users with appealing content.

3. Audience

Instagram stories and feed ads offer different advertising goals to their audience. According to statistics, the majority of Instagram users are young people. The nature of Story ads is geared towards this demography to be engaged with the brand. Meanwhile, feed ads offer a broader reach to people from all walks of life.

Depending on the business’s goals and target audience, they may use one or both ad formats in their Instagram advertising strategy.

4. Length

Instagram Story ads are shorter than Instagram Feed ads. The maximum length of the former is 15 seconds, while the latter is 60 seconds. Story ads need to be concise and straightforward when it comes to the message they want to convey. Instagram Feed ads have the leeway to have longer ad duration and the means for a more detailed ad copy. Also, they present a somewhat subtle advertising experience through images or videos.

5. Cost

Instagram Story ads cost more than Instagram Feed ads because they offer a more engaging experience. However, the cost may vary based on audience targeting and ad placement.

Both Instagram Story ads and Feed ads are helpful to your marketing endeavors. It just boils down to your strategy and business goals. Experimenting with both formats is encouraged for those trying IG advertisements.

Which is better?

Now that you know the differences between Instagram Stories and Feed ads, you might be wondering which drives better results. You need to understand that both offer different flavors to your ad campaigns.

For instance, when you opt for a Feed ad, it will stay in the profile for a long time. The only way for it to be gone is when it’s archived or deleted. Businesses curate their content wisely and aesthetically because of this. After all, content is king. And Feed ads draw potential clients if your posts are relevant and consistent. 

Meanwhile, Stories disappear after 24 hours. It has a short span, but it’s a treasure trove of interaction. At the same time, you can post as many Stories as you can.

Ultimately, the option that drives better results depends on how you utilize both tools. Why choose one when you can have both? Brands usually come up with an excellent Feed while creating Stories that connect with people on a personal level. Feed ads are created to gain traction and Stories engage those who are following already. Have the best of both worlds.


Instagram Stories and Feed ads are key components in advertising on the social media platform. Combining both enables you to reach more and engage effectively. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.

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