How To Get More Brand Traffic On Your Website

Brand Traffic

How many times people search the name of your brand every month? This is what we call brand traffic. It’s probably the most important metric to track brand recognition. In other words, do people remember your brand after they exit your website or close your social media profile? As you probably understood, keeping tabs on the amount of branded traffic is a good gauge of your efforts to stay in people’s mind. If you want to grow, you need more brand traffic.

Brand Traffic
Brand Traffic

#1 – Global marketing strategy

Do you have a global marketing strategy in place? You should cover your audience, branding, products as well as your marketing channels. Your presence is the most important asset to your success as a brand. For instance, you could invest more aggressively in your Youtube channel to make sure people think about you. Going even deeper, you could add your logo before and after each of your video for people to remember you.

Having a global marketing strategy will allow you to see what’s missing in your marketing stack. Is there an area you are forgetting that could yield results? You might have a strong social media strategy but lack in search engine optimization.

If you have a local brand, finding a local agency like a digital marketing agency in Albany, NY, could help you gain insights in your area. This is what we call local SEO and it allows you to appear in the Google rankings of your area.

#2 – Promotional marketing

Having too many promotions is bad for business. As an agency, we’ve seen clients pushing deals for a long time and ending up ruining their business because they focused on price and not value. What we are talking about here is to create promotions across all your marketing channels.

For instance, you could run a Valentine’s day promotion with a percentage off. This campaign would run on your website, email marketing and Facebook ads. By doing this, people will think about your brand and your branded traffic will go up.

You could even create a reward program for your most loyal buyers. This will get people to want to check on their status and the gifts they are able to get. Any way you can find to make people think about your brand in a positive way is good, sometimes the negative isn’t so bad either.

#3 – Mobile-friendly first

Optimizing your internet site to be mobile-friendly impacts brand searches because a bad website won’t make them come back. Most people use smartphones than computer gadgets to search online pages. Having a responsive website is vital to create an experience people want to come back to later on. You can use Google’s cell-friendly check device to test whether or not your website is optimized for mobile devices or not. The best way to test it is to try going on your website by yourself.

#4 – Quality content creation

If people come to your website to find bad content, they most likely won’t come back. You have to spend as much time as possible to improve the quality of what you create rather than the quantity. Just think about the last time you visited a website with a horrible design. You probably didn’t want to come back because first impressions matter.

How do you create better content? Spend more time. You could write more words, do more research, ask more feedback and put more strategy behind your ideas. In our experience, planning is the most important part of the quality of your content creation. If you don’t take the time to plan, you will most likely end up with an unorganized summary of random words.

#5 – Keyword optimization

Brand Traffic
Keyword Optimization

While the keywords of your branded search don’t vary much, you should find out what people are searching to find your company. For instance, you could realize people search for one of the articles you wrote. With this insight, you might find some ideas to improve the article you have to drive more conversions. You can also do more keyword research to find more opportunities to tackle.

While this strategy won’t give you direct results for your branded traffic, it gives you information to optimize your content strategy. Ranking higher in Google will also get more people to remember your brand’s name and find you faster.

Are you growing your branded traffic?

Getting branded traffic is the culmination of your marketing and business efforts. People are thinking about you and remember who you are which is an awesome thing as a business. You should definitely keep being active across all your marketing channels to increase that number. If you want to increase that number faster, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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