24 Facebook Video Ad Examples To Freshen Up Your Results

24 Facebook Video Ad Examples To Freshen Up Your Results

If you haven’t tested Facebook video ads yet for your business, you might be sitting on a goldmine. This the reasons why we made a list of the top 24 Facebook video ad examples we found with actionable insights for you to draw from.

When it comes to video ads, you either go viral or fail completely. We’ve had video ads bring in 20 times better results than image ads, but also video campaigns who brought little results.

The main reason people haven’t yet created Facebook video ads compared to image ads is the energy you have to put in creating the actual video.

But there are plenty of reasons to do so. According to data collected by Databox, marketers are very much focused on tracking leads conversions from video ads. We all know how important lead conversions are, and marketing professionals would not be investing extra time into video ads if they weren’t sure that they can reach their pre-set goals.

At K6, we use Final Cut Pro & Adobe After Effects depending on the project and usually get some strong results.

Our secret? We take inspiration from other companies currently crushing it with their Facebook ads.

How do you create video ads compared to Facebook image ads?

1. Import your video in the Facebook business manager under the ads section.

Facebook video ad creative

2. Enter your “primary text”, “headline” and “description”.

Facebook video ad creative

3. Enter your “destination”, “website URL” and “call-to-action”

Facebook video ad creative

Furthermore, you might need some Facebook marketing tools to create really good videos.

Now that you understand the basics, it’s time to get some inspiration to get some amazing results for your Facebook video ads.

Table of contents

1. AppSumo, helping startups

2. AppSumo, helping founders

3. Asana Rebel’s workout Facebook video ad

4. Blinkist, video ad lesson

5. Calm(ing) you out with a video ad

6. Canva‘s design Facebook ad

7. Design Pickle‘s testimonial video ad

8. Doordash, side hustle video ad

9. Fashion Nova‘s Cardi video ad

10. Fashion Nova‘s sexy Facebook ad

11. Facebook group dog’s video ad

12. Gymshark‘s training app video ad

13. Hubspot’s free CRM video ad

14. Hubspot’s SEO lead magnet

15. Intercom’s funky Facebook ad

16. Lyft experience-driven video ad

17. Netflix movie trailer video ad

18. Nike’s shoe rotation video ad

19. Shopify’s SaaS video ad example

20. SquareSpace’s angle variation video ad

21. Trello’s theatrical Facebook ad

22. VSCO image editing video ad

23. Lastpass metaphoric video ad

24. Uber’s feature video ad example

1. AppSumo, helping startups

What is AppSumo? AppSumo is a daily deal website for entrepreneurs.

We chose this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because the visual is catchy and the copy incorporates some interesting concepts.

The use of numbers in the ad copy, the dynamic text in the video and the question at the bottom all make for a very compelling Facebook ad.

Key takeaways:

1. Catchy visuals: as you can see, the video incorporates some pretty simple motion design that pretty much anyone can do, BUT it has catchy colours and a smart focus on “A MILLION”. Knowing where to put the emphasis in your video’s text can be crucial.

2. Question mark copy: the “Are you looking to skyrocket your business?” is awesome of getting people curious in your offer. Simply said, do you know an entrepreneur that isn’t looking to skyrocket his business? They are pretty rare.

That being said, finding a question that resonates with your audience is a powerful tool you should leverage.

3. Results + benefits copy: when people read your ad, they want to know what they will get and what result it’ll bring to them. By stating that they’ve helped startups generate millions, it gets people to wonder how they can get similar results. Essentially, it gets them curious about the offer from AppSumo.

2. AppSumo, helping founders

What is AppSumo? AppSumo is a daily deal website for entrepreneurs.

We selected this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because of the interesting zooming in and out effect and the general focus on value from the advertising.

The explanation of what was inside the free guide from App Sumo and the fact that it’s free definitely help in selling the freebie.

We also believe that the big title, peak mental performance helps in filtering who this freebie might be for. This definitely helps the results of this advertising.

Key takeaways:

1. Simple video style: the video style is stupidly simple. It’s just an image that zooms in and out. Sometimes, it’s all it takes, AND it gets people to focus on the actual ad copy which in this case is essential to the ad.

2. Benefit driven copy: the ad copy is focused on what you get inside the guide with the green checkmarks. People will instantly look at that because this is the reason they would get such a guide.

They either say “I don’t know about this stuff” or “I know about this stuff”. Either way, it weeds out those who wouldn’t enjoy the free guide which makes this ad an efficient one.

3. Central topic: the topic here is clear, mental performance. Why is it clear? Well, it’s in the video AND in the ad copy. This is an efficient strategy to truly attract those who want what you have to sell.

3. Asana Rebel‘s workout Facebook video ad

What is Asana? Asana is a fitness app for people who want to get in better shape.

We chose this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because it focuses on bringing experience and value into one ad.

Since every product is supposed to help customers, giving people the experience of your product could be an awesome way of giving value while showing them what’s inside.

Key takeaways:

1. Experience focused: the video ad is focused on bringing people through the experience of using Asana Rebel’s app and it works perfectly. By looking at that video, people can now know exactly what the app is about. It serves as a filter and attracts the right people, win/win.

2. Value-driven: the ad is showing a workout sample with interesting exercises. This brings value to their target market who can now use this workout or find nice exercises they want to try just by watching the video.

3. Native above-video bar: you’ve probably seen that bar above the video that seems to work so well on social media. It works because people read the text fast and then they look at the video searching for the meaning of the text above. It creates a kind of entertaining game.

4. Blinkist, video ad lesson

What is Blinkist? Blinkist summarizes books for you to read more books and find gold nuggets of information faster.

We chose this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because we think Blinkist does an awesome job at keeping their design congruent and the metrics used here truly help in selling their product.

Remember, your Facebook ad can serve as a tool to convince people to buy your product, and good statistics are a good way to do that.

Key takeaways:

1. Sleek design: Blinkist always has amazing design: in their videos and images. This helps a lot with brand recognition and their strong image which of course impacts their revenue positively.

2. Comprehensive video: the video is very simple, but the image and text create a perfect explanatory video. After watching this Facebook ad, you know exactly what Blinkist’s message was.

3. Strong metrics: the metrics used in this video are really good at selling Blinkist and what it does for people. Blinkist creates a problem and then gives you the solution. A lot of people want to act like CEO’s and Blinkist can allow you to do that.

5. Calm(ing) you out with a video ad

What is Calm? Calm is an app to help you relax in times of anxiety.

We chose this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because Calm is truly helping their customers while showing their product experience.

This ad is also awesome because it’s exactly what you’ll find inside Calm’s app. It’s a great way to run Facebook retargeting ads that you’ll create from Facebook custom audiences.

Key takeaways:

1. What’s inside: when you are trying to sell an app, the best way is to show people what it’s like inside. A lot of games do this by making you play the game interactively on the ad to push you to download it.

Why does it work? People would maybe download your app if they knew what was inside.

2. Social proof: the ad copy of Calm is always focused on the social proof with words like “app of the year”. It works because they are so many wannabe apps that people need to filter what they should or shouldn’t download.

3. Value & experience bridge: if your product delivers value to your customer, then the simple fact of showing what’s inside your app should improve their life. This is exactly what happened with this Facebook video ad.

6. Canva‘s design Facebook ad

What is Canva? Canva is a design tool that doesn’t require any coding skills.

We handpicked this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because Canva uses one of the simplest ways to sell a product: show its use.

This ad is super simple, yet it shows exactly how people can use Canva and that’s what matters.

Key takeaways:

1. Simple isn’t bad: the video is simple: take a part of your photo you like and make a design around it. A lot of people who use Canva use it for these types of features. Do your research, find the feature people find the most useful, and make a video around it.

2. Action-oriented copy: more often than not, people can take actions with your product. By telling people what they can do once they use your product, they can further understand what it’s all about.

3. What does it do: by answering this question at the beginning of your ad, you are doing a service to your future users. Canva says “create the designs you need” and this is exactly what someone needs to read in order to know if he’d like to use or not this tool.

7. Design Pickle‘s testimonial video ad

What is Design Pickle? is a flat-fee for unlimited designs for small to big companies.

We selected this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because Design Pickle uses strong testimonials in a carousel ad which is an awesome “social proof” strategy”.

People are often convinced by others’ experience, think about influencers and celebrity endorsement.

Key takeaways:

1. Testimonials: it’s pretty obvious, people trust other people to influence their decisions. Testimonials are a great way to show to others that your brand is loved by others. This, of course, increases your chances of making a sale.

2. Multiple videos: carousel ads are awesome when used correctly. They enable you to feature multiple times the same thing with different angles, just like hoodie variants. Have any great ideas running already?

3. End result: as you can see, the title of each testimonial is the main result people got from Design Pickle’s service. It’s good to write it in your ad because future customers who have that goal will now be able to say “awesome, I needed someone to help me with this.”

8. Doordash, side hustle video ad

What is Doordash? Doordash is a food delivery company that has a wide array of restaurants under its thumb. They want to make a side income. By knowing their audience, Doordash creates the right advertising to attract the right people.

We chose this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because it does a great job of showing the benefits and the ease of becoming a Doordash delivery man.

Furthermore, the video is entertaining & native which makes people stop and wonder what it’s all about.

Key takeaways:

1.How to” ad: explaining how someone can go from not your customer to your customer quickly, you resolve a lot of objections your future customers might have. If you can explain that process in an entertaining way, this is a great video ad to run.

2. Native entertainment: making your video resemble some other viral videos will help you be more native. This funny, fast scene changes video was made for social media and its part of the reason why it works.

3. Main drivers: this ad focuses on the fact that people who are Doordash delivery men are often looking for “side hustles”. They want to make a side income. By knowing their audience, Doordash helps in attracting the right people.

9. Fashion Nova‘s Cardi video ad

What is Fashion Nova? Fashion Nova is an American based fast fashion retail company.

We selected this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because Fashion Nova uses celebrity endorsement in a very native video.

Having a celebrity creating a native video and running it as an ad can have extremely strong results like in this video ad example.

Key takeaways:

1. Celebrity endorsement: this is probably the best way of getting people to want to buy your product. A lot of people make their decisions based on what the celebrities recommend. Make sure you find a celebrity who attracts your audience though.

2. Coupon code: adding a discount code is a great way to lure people in making a purchase on your website. People love paying less than usual, it gives them a feeling of achievement.

3. Native video: this video could have been posted on Cardi B’s social media page and some wouldn’t have realized it was an ad. Making your ads look like normal posts on social media will have a positive impact on your results.

10. Fashion Nova‘s sexy Facebook ad

What is Fashion Nova? Fashion Nova is an American based fast fashion retail company.

We chose this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because the video is very revealing of who Fashion Nova’s target market is and what makes them tick.

Let’s be honest here, the dream being sold here is having jeans that round your butt, and that’s what makes Fashion Nova’s customers tick.

Knowing the product feature your customer’s love is a great weapon that should be leveraged.

Key takeaways

1. What do they want: if you know what your customer’s want the most, make sure to put it in focus. It’s pretty obvious that showing curvy butts is the goal here. Since that’s what most of Fashion Nova’s customer’s want, it does have a positive effect on the result of this Facebook video ad.

2. Emotions: this video is focused on giving Fashion Nova’s customers a positive experience and help them remember the awesome feeling they have when they wear Fashion Nova. Showing to your customers what they should feel when using your products definitely helps in influencing them to buy.

3. The right models: Fashion Nova has a crowd that really wants to look like the models you see. Curvy body & sexy looks, these girls definitely motivate Fashion Nova’s customers to start buying clothing that could help them look that good.

11. Facebook group dog’s video ad

We picked this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because it showcases a lot of emotions around dogs which makes true entertainment.

Let’s be honest, people crave emotions, not just love. In this case, dogs and love are pretty easy to replicate and that’s why this video ad is so powerful.

Key takeaways:

1. Love + dogs: you don’t see angry people and dogs chewing iPhone cables for a reason. Throughout the entire ad, we show how adorable dogs and how it’s impossible not to love them. The lesson? Focus on positive feelings, show the good side of your product or service.

2. Emotions + Community: Facebook has been pushing the aspect of communities for a while now. Feeling a sense of community is powerful. If you have a community around your product or service, make sure you let people know.

3. Sharing moments: another interesting strategy used in this video is the use of moments, such as a dog licking a guy’s face. Showing positive moments throughout your video ad can really help people connect with your brand.

12. Gymshark‘s training app video ad

What is Gymshark? Gymshark is a fitness apparel company.

We chose this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because it does so many things right: experience, value & celebrity endorsement.

It’s pretty simple, you now know what the app is about, and you have Steve Cook motivating you to download it.

Let’s not forget, bringing good looking guys and girls in the video definitely help people imagine themselves being them.

Key takeaways:

1. Showing moments: celebrating milestones & achievements is a happy & positive moment in people’s life. This is why associating your brand with such moments can really help increase your sales.

Again, make sure the moments you are sharing related to your brand. Showing someone playing with a dog when selling software might be irrelevant, but showing someone achieving their running milestone while using a fitness app could have positive returns.

2. What can you do: the ad copy is focused on what you can do once you download the app. It’s important to let people know what they can once they use your products, it’s the best way for them of knowing if they should download the app or not.

3. Celebrity endorsement: using Steve Cook in your ad is a great strategy if you sell any bodybuilding related products. People recognize celebrities and often trust their opinion. Just make sure the celebrity has a similar audience to yours.

13. Hubspot‘s free CRM video ad

What is Hubspot? HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales.

We took this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because it gives people the simple positive experience of using Hubspot.

Haven’t we said it enough, the best way to sell your product is to show how useful it is by bringing people into and experience?

Key takeaways:

1. Before and after: if people’s life change before and after they use your product or service, then you must show it. The best examples are personal trainers helping people get better-looking bodies.

2. Visual experience: having a visual of what people might be doing without Hubspot drastically helps people relate to the video because they can imagine themselves being the person in the video. This method really helps in driving your point home.

3. Problem-solving: if you know your product resolves a problem people encounter often, you have to showcase it in your video. This is probably one of the easiest ways of creating a video that has high chances of converting.

14. Hubspot‘s SEO lead magnet

What is Hubspot? HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales.

We handpicked this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because it gives a lot of value in a small amount of time.

Want to know the best way to sell a freebie? Give an excerpt that gets people to see how valuable this can be.

Key takeaways:

1. Giving value: If you can help your consumers by giving them value through any means, it will improve your relationship with them. If you help them enough, they’ll see your brand as a friend: they’ll buy from you and will even talk about your product or service to others.

2. FOMO: “SEO is changing, don’t get left behind” is a very strong ad copy, because it makes people as if they would miss out on some valuable information if they kept scrolling. Making people realize the importance of getting what you have by using their “fear of missing out” is always a good strategy.

3. Informational: creating an informational ad can be a really good way of creating goodwill. By helping others, you position your brand as a resource for people which makes them come to you when they are looking for a similar product to yours.

15. Intercom‘s funky Facebook ad

What is Intercom? Intercom is an American software company that produces a messaging platform that allows businesses to communicate with prospective and existing customers within their app, on their website, through social media, or via email.

We handpicked this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because the video is super entertaining and it gives people a product experience of how valuable Intercom’s product really is.

The beginning of the video is also very catchy, native and funky, which gets people to watch the video until Intercom starts talking about their product. It’s a very smart approach to Facebook video ads.

Key takeaways

1. Infotainment: bridging information and entertainment is becoming the norm. If you want to give valuable information to people, why not delivering it in a fun and comprehensive way. Intercom’s video definitely makes it relaxing to learn about their product.

2. Unique style: being creative enough to be unique in your video style will truly help you stand out. One of the best ways to catch people’s attention isn’t to copy something else, it’s to take inspiration from it and create your own style.

3. A better life: showing that people can do what they did before in a better way is one sure way of convincing them they should get your product. More often than not, people don’t even know why your product would be useful, tell them.

16. Lyft experience-driven video ad

What is Lyft? Lyft is a ride-sharing company with a mobile app, offering car rides, scooters, a bicycle-sharing system, and food delivery services.

We chose this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because it has multiple stories and gives a fun touch to using Lyft.

Having multiple stories is a great way to keep people engaged.

Key takeaways

1. Multiple storylines: this is a great strategy to keep people engaged. You essentially create the script for 3-5 different storylines that happen simultaneously with multiple cuts.

It’s perfect for social media because people need a lot of action since they have a short attention span. They want to be captivated.

2. Adventure & fun: if you want your brand image to be related to adventure & fun, it’s important to be able to showcase it throughout your advertising. Those who relate to those terms will connect with your brand and want to learn more.

For example, RedBull and its aggressive strategy to sponsor dangerous activities such as motocross or stratospheres jump.

3. Multiple uses: sometimes people use your product for multiple reasons. For example, Lyft has people using their ridesharing app to take a bike to a party or to take a cab to a business meeting.

If you offer multiple services or products that help a wide range of people, this is an awesome strategy.

17. Netflix movie trailer video ad

What is Netflix? It’s a movie and tv show streaming company.

We took this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because movie trailers are some of the best video ads known to mankind.

Taking only the best highlights to create an intriguing storyline is one of the best ways of keeping people entertained throughout your video.

Netflix does that perfectly, that’s why there’s a lot to learn from that video.

Key takeaways

1. Have a story: have somewhat of a story people can try to understand in your video ad. People love stories and most importantly learn from stories. If you want to run a successful ad, it’s a good idea to think of a story that explains the problem most of your customers face to give them the solution.

2. Show only the best: why showing low-quality footage from your brand? It doesn’t matter if your video is 30 seconds, what matters is the quality of your video. Don’t trump quality for not shooting a native video ad, when we talk about quality, we talk about videos that convert.

3. Show celebrities: having brand ambassadors is definitely a good way to increase your sales, because like we’ve said earlier, people make their decision based on what these people do. If you have footage with celebrities or “influencers”, make sure you include it.

18. Nike‘s shoe rotation video ad

What is Nike? Nike is a sportswear company that sells everything from soccer balls to running jackets.

We picked this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because it shows multiple products in a simple design that puts the emphasis on the products.

More often than not, people make complicated videos to showcase physical products and it doesn’t work. Never forget that people care more about the product and its details than the designs in the background.

Key takeaways

1. Carousel ad in the video: this ad is pretty much a carousel ad of product variants in a video. If you have a carousel ad with images working well, why not transform it into a video? It might not work as well, but it’s worth a shot.

2. Focus on the product: when people see this ad, they want to look at the shoe. Sure, the background and the general design around it is important, but the focus should be on the product you are trying to sell. Good job Nike!

3. Logo everywhere: as you can see, Nike added their logo in the video AND their logo is on every shoe. Having your logo in multiple places helps brand recognition.

If people don’t know your logo just yet, it’s a good strategy to start being known & recognized in your industry.

19. Shopify‘s SaaS video ad example

What is Shopify? Shopify is a multinational e-commerce company with a great e-commerce platform.

We chose this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because it shows how Shopify looks on the inside and gives you a list of features.

In sales, the biggest question is what will I get and a video ad answering that will perform really well.

Key takeaways

1. Simple words: it’s hard to write simple words. Shopify knows why people use their software, it’s to “grow their revenue”. If you know exactly the outcome people want from your product or service, add it to your video so people who want that outcome will stop.

2. What’s inside: people want the outcome your product or service gives, but they have no clue what your product or service does. By writing a list of features or services you offer, people will have a better grasp and will be able to make better decisions.

The future of advertising and marketing is to give all the information (aka the power) to the consumer, so they can make their own decision and remain in control.

3. How can we help: remember that you are here to help your consumers, not to make a quick buck. By finding ways to help your customers, you will build a good relationship, and that relationship goes a long way in getting loyal customers.

20. SquareSpace‘s angle variation video ad

What is Squarespace? Squarespace is a website building tool for anyone.

We picked this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because it combines a website example, a testimonial and a sleek slogan.

Combining multiple purposes in an ad is an effective strategy because people like to consume information fast. Thus, it gives them a truly complete experience of your company.

Key takeaways

1. An example: showing people what an example of what people achieve with your product or service is a great way of getting them curious. Say you want to have a website and you see a tool that says they built a website you like. Aren’t you going to be a little curious?

2. A testimonial for social proof: adding a testimonial is a great strategy to make people feel more secure about their decision. It’s so easy to create a website nowadays that people need to filter which are the legit ones. Making sure you show a testimonial or a certification can truly help your video ad convert better.

3. Your sleek & simple slogan: slogans are hard to find because you need to find a way to convince someone to buy from you with only 3 words. If you don’t have a slogan, you can start searching. If you do, then make sure to add it to your video so people start remembering it.

21. Trello‘s theatrical Facebook ad

What is Trello? Trello is a project management tool company.

We chose this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because it is congruent with Trello’s design and talks about a single benefit.

Having strong design people recognize can have a positive impact on your sales.

Key takeaways

1. Single benefit: finding the most important benefit your customers get from your product or service is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Trello knows real-time collaboration is an important tool for their customers, compared to organizing projects and having to do tons of back and forth.

2. Congruent design: all the Facebook video ads from Trello have the same style & design. This can be risky if you haven’t first tested a design that converts, but once you find one, make sure you share it so people recognize your brand in your Facebook video ads.

3. Simple words, strong effect: “real-time team collaboration” is a simple yet very clear way of explaining a feature. Remember that people’s attention spans are very short. This is why shortening your message is essential to get your message across and get people to convert.

22. VSCO image editing video ad

What is VSCO? VSCO is a photography mobile app.

We handpicked this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because it’s dynamic and focused on a single feature & message.

Giving people a simple yet clear message about a feature your app has can be enough to make people become your customers. You have to pick your best feature and that can only be told through feedback.

Key takeaways

1. The process: if you can, bring people through the process of using your product or service, from start to finish. This is one of the best ways to captivate people while attracting the people who would buy from you.

2. Single feature: “choose from 200+ presets” is one the main reason people use VSCO. This sentence could be enough to convince most future VSCO users to download the app and start using it. If you know such a feature for your product or service, make sure you to write it.

3. Dynamic logo: if you have a presentation of your logo with graphic design make sure to add it instead of a static image of your logo. Facebook video ads need to be dynamic, even your logo.

23. Lastpass metaphoric video ad

What is LastPass? Lastpass is a freemium password manager that stores encrypted passwords online.

We kept this ad for our Facebook video ad examples list because their video uses a strong metaphor people experience to explain why their product is useful.

Sometimes, you need to relate an experience people have to make them understand why your product is useful.

Key takeaways

1. Moments people relate to: explaining how your product or service helps your customers through a relatable situation is one of the best way of getting people to understand. For example, if you sell a service that website security, it could be getting your house stolen.

2 Metaphors: this is hard to use, but if you find a metaphor that can explain the problem you solve, it could help you stand out. Metaphors are rarely used in Facebook video ads. By using a metaphor, you could increase people’s interest in your video ad and thus convert more people.

3. Why they need you: make sure your future customers know why they would need you. Giving people situations in which they would require your help can help them find reasons to buy your product. And if they have enough reasons, they will have no choice but to work with you.

24. Uber‘s feature video ad example

What is Uber Eats? Uber Eats is a food delivery company related to Uber the ride-sharing company.

We selected this ad as part of our Facebook video ad examples list because it gives the user a lot of interesting features that might convince them to start using Uber Eats.

If you don’t know which feature truly makes your customers tick (or sometimes it’s not only one), make sure to put all your amazing features forward.

Key takeaways

1. List all your features: the best way to convince someone is to give them too many reasons to buy and no risk of buying. Adding as many features as possible could be a good strategy to push people to want what you have to sell.

2. People using your product: showing people using your product is a great way to get people to imagine themselves. If your product or service creates a moment, make sure you capture it and add it to your Facebook video ad.

3. Loyalty programs: if people can join for free and earn points, you should push them to do so. They virtually have no risk, now the goal is to convince them with enough reasons to make the effort to subscribe.

What’s next?

I truly hope you enjoyed these successful Facebook video ad examples and learned a thing or two.

I truly recommend just going out there and taking a few ideas at a time to implement them. Not everything will work out for you, but if you find something that you believe can fit inside your Facebook video ad strategy, go for it.

Now, let me ask you a question: which idea will you implement next in your Facebook video ad strategy?

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