3 Easy Steps to Fully Leverage Facebook Ads Geo-Targeting

Facebook Geo-Targeting 11-Point Guide To Perfect Targeting

If you’ve ever wanted to target a specific person or business location with your Facebook ads then this article will help you achieve that precise goal. By leveraging Facebook geo-targeting tool, you’ll be able to do just that.

All you need to find the address or use a pin to target the location you want to target and enter it inside the geo-targeting option when starting your Facebook ad inside the Facebook ads manager. The method we will show you is extremely simple & efficient.

How to target the right location with Facebook ads?

The first step towards being able to target the right location for your Facebook ads is to create a new Ad Set inside an existing or new campaign & edit your audience size by selecting an address or dropping a pin on a map. Here are a few important guidelines when it comes to Facebook geo-targeting:

  • Maximum radius: 50 miles
  • Minimum radius: 1 mile
  • Minimum audience size: 20 people

Being able to target only 20 people allows us to narrow our audience until we are almost sure the exact people we want to target are inside our demographic. You can add age restrictions, hyper-targeted locations & any interests you are sure your target market likes.

When it comes to Facebook location targeting, it’s crucial to know the exact location you want to target because you can either type in the address or drop a pin if it’s easier.

Here’s an example of an ad where we targeted

Facebook location targeting
Facebook Location Targeting

As you can see, we’ve dropped a location pin that has coordinates and a radius of 10 miles which can be diminished for precision. Facebook will then only target the people within that location radiuses.

You can also see the include option which allows you to choose between including people of a certain radius or excluding them from the radius. You could for example target the entire city of NYC but exclude certain neighbourhoods with the radius options.

Finally, you have four options when it comes to the relationship people have with the Facebook ads location you selected.

Facebook location targeting
Facebook Location Targeting
  • People living in or recently in this location: have recently visited a certain location or visited it.
  • People living in this location: spend a lot of time in the location your targeted, suggesting that they most likely live there.
  • People recently in this location: visited your targeted location but don’t live there.
  • People travelling in this location: have been there during a short trip for a short amount of time.

To further filter your Facebook ads audience, you can filter by age, gender, behaviours or even interests such 18-24 men interested in golf. Adding filters to your audience will narrow it down to allow you to target the exact audience you are looking for.

Let me give you an example, how you could dive deeper in order to target only 500 people. Let’s say you want to target people working in the marketing department of Shopify so that their marketing team starts to give you the attention you deserve. Let’s say we have the address of their marketing HQ in Toronto. All we have to do is input it inside the Facebook ads location option and add the advertising interest targeting.

Facebook Location Targeting
Facebook Location Targeting

This narrows our Facebook ads audience to around 500 people, but let’s dive even deeper. By using Linkedin, let’s find more information about Shopify’s CMO. We could add where he studied, his or her gender, as well as their approximate age and we, would be able to target that specific person.

This might seem far fetched for some, but it shows the extent to which we can target people with Facebook ads. These options are definitely amazing when it comes to generating better results for your company.

Here are a few more ideas to leverage location targeting if you have an event:

  • Run a Facebook ad on your location while the event is running for promotions or to share messages
  • Target people who have been on the location of your event to fill a questionnaire

What’s next?

How did you like this article? Did it spark new Facebook location targeting ideas to crush it? I hope it did because at SH1FT we’ve been able to use the location feature of Facebook ads to deliver some quite delicious results.

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