Using Facebook as an Effective Marketing Tool

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As we progress through the age of the internet, it is quite evident that we do not need to rely on print media anymore when it comes to marketing businesses. As a very effective alternative, people have shifted to using the Internet to market their businesses instead. When we talk about the “internet” as a whole, we include social media applications such as Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook.

To use the internet as a marketing strategy, you must first ensure that you have an internet connection that is reliable enough. Such an example is Xfinity internet, which is popular all over the country for its blazing-fast internet speed. In this article, we will be keeping our focus on Facebook and how it can be used as a marketing tool effectively.

Creating a Business Page on Facebook

While you can create random pages on Facebook, you can also create a dedicated page for your business as well which gives you all the tools you would need to look for insights into how well your business is performing. You can list down all of your products and your services on your Facebook Business page so that people can browse through them with ease. To give a better idea of your business’ niche, you may also add links, images, and videos regarding what your business is about.

This way you would be ensuring more data traffic towards your business since a lot of people these days use Facebook regularly and use it as a marketing tool to attract a larger audience. While other forms of media such as print media are serious, there is no obligation for you to be serious as you market your business on Facebook.

The incorporation of Facebook Ads

Another effective method of using Facebook as an online marketing strategy is to invest in Facebook Ads. These ads have been effectively used by people for a long time and a lot of businesses still rely on Facebook Ads to attract a larger audience. Normally, these ads do not function as those annoying pop-ups you usually get, rather you find these ads on the sides of your screen and they are still prominent enough to catch someone’s attention.

Most of these ads mostly consist of an image with a link next to it, something that is convincing enough for someone to click on the link. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are smart with your ad, you need a catchy tagline to go with the ad so that it looks appealing and clickable.

Intelligent Features of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are demographically very accurate, with certain algorithms, it knows which audience it has to target. These algorithms work on the basis of the ages of the audience, the area that they live in, their general interests, and even the type of education they have. Facebook Ads also allow you to set a certain budget for your ads so you don’t go overboard when it comes to investing in ads.

Facebook also allows you to test your ads before you have them published, this gives you more perspective in terms of how the ads would look once they are published. You are also provided with measurement tools that can show you how well your ad is performing and the number of people that are targeted through the ads, giving you an entire demographic report.

Paying Facebook to Promote Your Ads

If you feel like it still isn’t enough and you are not getting the reach that you are expecting, you have the option to pay Facebook so that you can promote your ad and give it increased prominence. You can set promotions on individual ads, meaning you can add a promotion to the ad you want to perform the best. What this does is that it increases the reach of the post, meaning more people are able to see your ad as soon as you set a promotion on it.

It also increases the impressions that your ad makes, which is the number of people who have seen your ad, if not interacted with it.

The Addition of Sponsored Stories

You would be surprised to know that the “word of mouth” element still exists today. However, in this digital age, it is changed in the form of “sponsored stories”. It works in a very interesting way, let’s just say that you liked something on Facebook. Now Facebook would want your friends to know about it too, so Facebook will create a “sponsored story” where it will tell your friends that you liked a specific thing and they should probably check it out as well.

In this way, the more people see that sponsored story, the more the chances would be that they would interact with the same business that you liked only because your friends know that you are a credible source and the business would likely be good too.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning on starting a business or if you already have a small start-up, you should definitely consider using Facebook to market your business because that would increase the reach of your business and it would flourish as more people would know about your product or services. Now you have a reason to not just Facebook to socialize but to run your business too!

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