What Are The Benefits of Facebook Dynamic Product Ads?

What Are The Benefits of Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s no surprise to think of Facebook ads right away. Facebook ads can allow companies to generate more sales & leads while increasing their popularity and visibility. Facebook dynamic product ads play a big role in that.

This specific type of Facebook ad allows your brand to upload a product catalogue that dynamically appears in front of your audience at the right time. A lot of eCommerce Facebook advertisers leverage Facebook dynamic product ads to generate better results with their retargeting or even their cold audience targeting on Facebook.

What are Facebook DPA?

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are Facebook ads that are dynamically shown to your customers based on your product catalogue. Essentially, you can upload your entire product catalogue to Facebook and your ads could show the product someone saw on your website.

You can make these ads appear on any placements you want including Instagram, Facebook marketplace, and so on! These Facebook ads are extremely valuable for Facebook ads retargeting because they allow you to show relevant products to the relevant people at the right time. Those three factors are the hardest to get right when it comes to online advertising. If you are already running Facebook ads, running Facebook DPA ads might be a really good strategy to improve your results fast!

If you want to learn more about Facebook ads retargeting, I recommend our article “Facebook Ad Retargeting: 155-point Guide + 18 Fresh Examples“.

Benefits of Using Facebook DPAs

Knowing how important Facebook has become when it comes to online advertising, it’s important to know how to leverage its most powerful tools. Dynamic product ads are part of these most amazing tools because they allow brands to create contextualized advertising. You can show people the product they’ve already seen on your website and customize your message.

  • Leveraging custom audiences: Facebook DPA’s are awesome because they allow you to leverage custom audiences to target people who have for instance added a product to the cart but didn’t end up buying the product. You have tons of different options when it comes to targeting. If you want to learn more about custom audiences, I recommend our article “Facebook Ads Custom Audience: Everything You Need To Know In 2020“.
  • Strong retargeting: with DPA’s, you can retarget custom audiences in as many places as possible online. You can leverage all of Facebook’s placements to appear on Instagram, on the Audience Network and on Facebook as well.
  • Efficient set up: once you’ve uploaded your product catalogue to Facebook, it’s extremely easy to launch a DPA campaign to show relevant products to the people who visited your website recently. You can choose your audience, your ad copy and you are set.
  • Better results: Facebook DPA’s generally yield better results than normal advertising. Why? It’s because people are retargeted with a personalized ad based on the action they took on your website. Someone who saw a certain t-shirt would convert better if they see the exact same t-shirt than another product.

Facebook ads retargeting is nothing new when it comes to digital marketing. The only new important thing that is happening more and more in advertising is personalization. Just take a look at Netflix with their unique feed based on your own personal taste.

Facebook dynamic product ads can really help in making your advertising more personalized, based on your customer’s interest. This, in turn, should have a big impact on your results. At K6, they generally are the retargeting ads that yield the best results.

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