Ultimate Guide to Facebook Creator Studio

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Creator Studio

What is Facebook creator studio?

According to Facebook, “Creator Studio brings together all the tools you need to effectively post, manage, monetise and measure content across all your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. It also helps you take advantage of new features and monetisation opportunities that you may be eligible for.”

It’s essentially the best place to manage your Facebook & Instagram page and create content to better manage your community. It’s pretty awesome looking compared to their old publishing tool and makes the process of managing Facebook ads way cooler.

Facebook Creator Studio

In this article we’ll review every single thing you can do in the Facebook Creator Studio so you don’t miss out on any amazing feature and truly leverage the platform like a pro.

How to access the Facebook Creator Studio?

There are two ways to access the Facebook Creator Studio.

Option #1 From your Facebook page.

This method is a bit more complicated bu still super simple. You need to head over to your Facebook page and click on edit with business manager.

Of course you need a Facebook business manager for this, so make you have one set up beforehand.

There you’ll see on the top bar the words more with a dropdown menu where you’ll need to select publishing tools.

Publishing Tools Facebook

Finally, you’ll see in the left hand side menu under tools a link that says creator studio which will lead you where you are headed.

Creator Studio Facebook

Option #2 – Go directly to business.facebook.com/creator-studio

What can you do with Facebook creator studio?

Just a side note, make sure to remember to check your page role because it will affect what you can do inside the Facebook creator studio. If you don’t have full permissions it might be why you can’t access some features in which case you should talk to the admin of the page in question.

Here’s a table going more in depth as to what your role for the Facebook page allows.

Facebook page roles in creator studio

Make sure to check out this table before giving permissions because every role has different access. It would be a mistake to give the advertiser role to someone that needs to create ads since they can’t create posts.

Also if you can’t access features, it might be because you are not yet “eligible or haven’t yet signed up for certain features” according to Facebook. You can check your eligibility by going to in-stream ads and rights manager, you will find all the information you need to gain access.

#1 – Manage multiple Facebook & Instagram pages in the Creator Studio

The first interesting feature that we can look at is the ability to switch between Instagram and Facebook. There’s nothing simpler. At the top of your screen you should see a blue bar with the two icons: Facebook & Instagram.

Switching between Facebook and Instagram
From Facebook
Instagram switching
From Instagram

Next, you can select the Facebook or instagram page you want to analyse by clicking on the top left on the icon of the page you are currently on.

Choosing Facebook page creator studio

As you can see, you can select one page or multiple pages. If you choose multiple Facebook pages you’ll see your data aggregated. You’ll see metrics of all the page combined, the top posts stacked against each other and so on.

You can also create a page collection. This is useful if one of your businesses has multiple pages and you want to analyze them all together.

If you look closely at the image above you’ll create collections as a button. Just click on it.

Facebook creator studio collection

As you can see you’ll just need to add a name to your collections and add the pages that you want to use. You’ll be able to see your collections on the same button you used to switch between pages.

You should already see collections if you have multiple business managers for the pages related to those accounts.

Keep in mind that this feature has not yet being rolled out to the Instagram tab where you can only see one account at a time.

#2 – Leveraging the Home tab

What’s cool about this creator’s studio home page is the way you can customize it to your likings. Here are some examples of what you could decide to add in there.

Facebook creator studio
Facebook Creator Studio Homepage
  • Posts timeline: a timeline that lays out what happened with your posts in the last 28 days for instance.
  • Recent posts: your most recent posts with some key metrics.
  • Top priority: important communications from Facebook or any emergencies.
  • Onboarding cards: some tips to better use the creator’s studio to further use all the available features.
  • Post details: insights on how your Facebook page has performed in the last 28 days for instance.

#3 – Creating all your content

Here’s how to post on your Facebook page from the creator studio. You have two options.

Option #1 – You can either create a post directly from the home page in something that would allow you to add a video or do a Facebook live and write something quickly.

Creator studio posting

Option #2 – click on create post at the top left of your screen to open a dropdown menu.

Create Facebook post

You’ll then be able to choose which type of Facebook posts you want to create amongst your choices.

Facebook post options

As you can see, you can upload a video, multiple videos, do a Facebook live or even post a video across multiple pages.

You also have over 13 different types of posts and 5 different options when it comes to posts. You can create:

Facebook post options
  • A Facebook event: Facebook allows you to have a page for your event with notifications to those who said they would attend, a personalized feed, etc.
  • A job listing: you can post a job if you are looking for someone.
  • Create an offer: you can create an offer that you can share on your page for your customers.
  • Do a Facebook live: Facebook lives are really popular to engage with your audience.
  • Normal post: this would be accompanied by one of the following options.

For the types of Facebook post, you can do the following:

Facebook type of posts
  • Video: a video is pretty straightforward.
  • Photo: a photo is also straightforward.
  • Poll: a poll allows you to ask your audience what they prefer or create more interactive content.
  • Feeling/Activity: you can share if you are doing an activity or feel excited about something.
  • Support charity: if you have a charity or support one you can post about it.
  • Advertise your business: you can make a post that would show your business’s Facebook page.
  • Get bookings: if your business works with bookings, you can make a post to get a few.
  • Multimedia: if you want to make a post with videos and images.
  • Live video: Facebook lives are a good form of interactive content where your audience can interact with you while you are running a live video.
  • Get messages: you can aim to get people to send you messages.
  • Check-in: if you are travelling somewhere or arrived somewhere, you can check in to show that you are actually there.
  • Tag products: if you sell products in your Facebook product catalogue on your Facebook page you can tag them in your videos or photos.
  • Watch party: if you want others to watch something with you then you can check out this type of post.

Another cool feature is you can schedule, backdate or reschedule any post you make which is nothing new but still very useful. After creating a post you can click on the share now button which will give you three options.

Share now Facebook

By clicking here, you should see the option to schedule, backdate or save draft.

And if you click on schedule, you should see the option to change the date in a popup that looks like this.

Schedule Facebook post

Finally, you can boost posts directly from there. All you have to do is create a post like mentioned above and you’ll see the boost post option right under.

You’ll then be able to choose your Facebook ads audience, your Facebook ads budget and enter a payment method! You can also access the boost post feature inside the content library by selecting the post. It looks like this.

Facebook Content Library

#4 – Managing with the content library

Overall the content library is a place to look at your content, how it performs and take actions upon that content. Under posts you should see a list of your most recent posts with their basic statistics and under timeline you should see how your posts have performed over a period of time.

The cool thing is you can filter your posts based on multiple factors such as published, scheduled, drafts & expired.

You can also filter them based the post type, status and period of time, title, length and much more.

Filtering Options Facebook creator studio
Filtering Options Facebook creator studio

You can also perform actions on your posts such as edit posts, view post insights, boost a post, view post, change date or delete. It’s fair to say that it’s probably the most complete platform Facebook ever had.

Edit your Facebook post Creator Studio

You can also create a playlist where you can organize your videos according to themes or topics. All you have to do is click on the content library then playlist. You can also set up a series of posts through the content library.

Playlist Facebook

You’ll then be prompted to select the Facebook page and add the title, description & cover image. You’ll then have to select the videos you want to add to your playlist and you’re jet set.

Playlist Facebook Creator Studio

Then you’ll just need to select the videos in question and you should see your playlist when you come back to the initial playlist page.

In addition, you can crosspost your video to multiple pages and bulk upload your videos all in the home page by clicking on the button upload video.

Upload video Facebook

#5 – Keeping track of insights

The insight tab gives you access to metrics about pretty much anything related to your Facebook page. You can see an overview, stories, performance, loyalty, audience, retention and earning.

You can access all of these within the left hand side tab under insights. So let’s dive quickly into each of them so you know which insight they can give you.

The overview section brings you back to the old business manager where you can have access to a dashboard or numerous Facebook metrics. You can see statistics about page views, followers, page likes, engagement, video views and much more for every single page.

The stories section gives you insight into your stories, which one performed best and which one was the most opened, etc. The performance dashboard gives you insights on certain metrics such as video views, net followers over a certain period of time as well as your top pages and top videos.

What’s cool is that you can combine pages to see the metrics aggregated and even know what is your top performing page based on certain metrics. For more insight into what you can see on the performance dashboard, you can visit Facebook.

Furthermore, the loyalty section gives you insight on your net followers as well as the returning viewers and total views. It essentially gives you insight into how many people came back and if they are engaged. You can also see your top videos by returning viewers in a list.

The audience section is like your Google analytics. You can see every metric you want about your audience such as the age, gender, countries, interests, language, etc.

The retention section is awesome since you can see where your views are coming from, the average time people spent watching. All of that in super good looking graphs.

Retention Creator Studio

Finally, the earnings section is only accessible if you accepted previously to have ads in front of your content. If you already do, then you can see awesome things such as an estimate of your earnings, the amount of money you make per thousand views and the number of money advertisers pay to have their ad play before your videos.

#6 – Managing your inbox

By clicking on inbox you’ll be able to do multiple things inside your inbox but basically just manage it all from the Facebook creator studio which is purely awesome. You can:

  • Delete
  • Mark as spam
  • Mark as unread
  • Flag or follow up
  • Mark as done
Inbox Facebook Option

You can also search in your messages and quickly switch between messenger, Facebook comments, Instagram comments and Instagram DM.

Filter inbox Facebook

You can also change your message status in the settings section from “available” to “away”.

#7 – Monetizing your content

In this section, you can see if your page is eligible to earn money through Facebook’s monetization products. You can track performance or earnings, check eligibility of your content, get personalized notifications and explore new revenue opportunities.

You can make money through the following Facebook’s product:

  • In-stream ads: you need to have videos of at least 3 minutes as well as 10,000 followers or 30,000 1-minute views on videos. You can also launch your own in-stream ads when posting your videos. If you go under the blocklist in the left tab, you can choose to block certain video ads to appear before your videos.
  • Brand collabs manager: you need to have an active following including 1,000 followers and either15,000 post engagements, 180,000 minutes viewed or 30,000 1-minute views on videos.
  • Fan subscriptions: this section is invite-only.
Blocking In-Stream ads
Blocking and restrictions for In-stream ads

All in all, you can see if your page is eligible, which products you are currently using and which monetization products you could use.

There are five different statuses about your eligibility to earn Facebook ads money: monetized, limited or no monetization, pending review, can’t be monetized and not monetized. If ever you get a problem you’ll see it in the policy tab under monetization.

Finally, if you go under payout settings you can set up how you will receive the money you can get from Facebook!

#8 – Using the rights manager

The rights manager is an awesome creative tool to control the use of your copyrighted content. You can essentially:

  • Establish content ownership by uploading reference files
  • Grant permissions to other pages to use your content
  • Review content that might look like yours

There are certain things to note. You can upload a reference file and not have posted anything on Facebook to still manage your copyrights. You also can’t upload a reference file to look at older files but only at new files.

Of course, if you don’t actually have the rights to a certain part of the video, you can’t claim the rights. If you want more information on intellectual property on Facebook, you can take a look at their resource.

#9 – Leveraging Facebook’s sound collection

I don’t want to disappoint but Facebook’s sound collection is exactly what it says a sound collection you can use on your videos. The sounds are nice to have because they are free but definitely not the most original in our opinion. Here’s what it looks like inside:

Facebook sound collection
Facebook Sound Collection

#10 – Managing pages and page roles

If you go in the settings tab of your Facebook creator studio, you’ll have three options: page & permission, page settings and page quality.

The page & permission section allows you to create a new Facebook page or add a person. To add a new person, you just have to add their name, choose the role you want to give them and select the Facebook page you want to give them access to.

Add person to Facebook page

If you choose page settings and page quality, it will bring you back to the old Facebook page editor where you’ll be able to set up a lot of advanced facebook page features and make sure your page doesn’t violate any policy.

#11 – Using the Facebook Creator Studio app

Of course, with content creators comes to use of their mobile phones so the Creator Studio without a mobile app would make no sense. It looks like the following video from Matt Navarra:

As you can see, you have access to your posts, insights, inbox and notifications in a nice and smooth format. If you create a lot of content this might be really useful! You can learn more about the new app here.

In summary

It’s fair to say that Facebook creator studio is pretty awesome for content creators. Not only for the fact that there’s one platform to rule them all but also because of your access to awesome data presentations that are easy to understand.

It’s definitely a game changer for content creators and will be for the years to come. If you haven’t tried the Facebook Creator Studio we recommend you do because it is awesome. For small Facebook pages or Instagram accounts, it might not make a huge difference but it does help.

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