Facebook’s Advanced Location Targeting

Facebook’s Advanced Location Targeting

To succeed in Facebook advertising, you need to get in front of the right audience, at the right time with the right visual & offer. It sounds simple but it’s clearly far from simple otherwise everybody starting Facebook ads would be a millionaire.

Location targeting in Facebook allows you to reach people in specific locations such as countries, cities, states, provinces and even addresses. Our goal here is to give you insight into the options you’ll have for Facebook’s advanced location targeting.

Leveraging the specific address targeting

For example, let’s say you have a shoe store downtown Montreal, Canada and you wanted to have more people visiting your store. All you would have to do is go inside your Facebook ads manager, and when creating your Facebook ad, enter the address of your store inside the location field. This would then target people who are in and around your business.

Location targeting Facebook ads
Location targeting Facebook ads

When it comes to Facebook location targeting, there are many options that lie in front of us. You can have access to these options by clicking on everyone in this location which will open a list of options:

  • Everyone in this location: allowing you to target everyone in the area you selected.
  • People who live in location: people who have a home in the selected location.
  • People recently in this location:  those who have visited the selected area.
  • People travelling in this location: travellers who visited your selected location.
Facebook location targeting
Facebook location targeting

Here are a few examples of when to use each of those different options for your Facebook advertising strategy:

  • If you run a one-time event such as a festival, a party or a fundraising event, we recommend you choose everyone in this location feature.
  • If you want to attract local customers for your gym, we recommend you select people who live in this location to target people who have homes in the selected area.
  • You can also target people who have recently passed by your store by selecting the people recently in this location targeting feature

Personalization and context to your Facebook location targeting ads

What’s awesome about location targeting is that it allows you to personalize your message based on people’s interaction with your brand and it’s location. The goal here is to stay in the customer’s mind.

Here’s an awesome idea to level up your Facebook ads targeting game!

Location specific thank you Facebook ad

For example, if you run a one-time business event in Montreal during the summer of 2021, you could leverage Facebook‘s advanced location targeting. Essentially, you could target the people who attended your event.

Here are the steps to do so accurately:

#1 – Launch a reach objective campaign

#2 – Click on drop pin on the location of your event and make the radius 1 mile.

Facebook location targeting

#3 – Reduce the radius by excluding locations around yet inside the 1 mile are of yours.

Facebook location targeting

It can be quite complicated and tedious to do this, so here are my recommendations.

  • Place your initial pin on your location
  • Place each other pins very close to the edge of the first blue pin: since the radius will be 1 mile on each radius, this should make it so that if you put the red pin slightly outside the blue circle, they will exclude a location close to the center of your pin.

#4 – Make sure you run the ad on the last day of your one-time event and have a great promotion in place such as free goodies. The important part here is that you spent money to reach out to your customers.

These will be really happy to see your ad even if you just targeted them to say thank you. In fact, thank you ads are some of the most profitable Facebook ads out there. If you haven’t set them up, you should definitely start soon.

If you want to learn more on this specific subject, I recommend taking a look at Facebook’s guide on the subject which I linked on the word guide. Enjoy!

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