5 Tips for Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

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Even in our digital world of virtual connections, there is no replacement for human engagement. Consumers still prefer physical interaction with the brands. No matter how easy online platforms have made communication, nothing quite takes the place of a personalized message delivered straight to someone’s mailbox. This is why direct mail deserves a spot in your omnichannel marketing approach. In this post, we’ll explore how direct mail is still effective and provide some tips for crafting direct mail campaigns.

Direct Mail Campaigns

What is Direct Mail Marketing, and How Is It Still In?

In direct mail marketing, promotional materials like flyers, letters, or catalogs are directly sent to current or prospective customers’ mailing addresses. Businesses still incorporate direct mail in their marketing strategy because people enjoy receiving physical mail, and it creates a more personal connection than digital communication. Direct mail engages people in a way that digital marketing often lacks. Email marketing and social media inboxes are very cluttered.

Since people typically look through the mail they receive before deciding what to do with each piece, direct mail lets your messaging catch their eye. If the customers have to physically interact with the mail, like bringing it to a store or clipping a coupon, they are more likely to hold onto it.

Tips to Enhance Direct Mail Campaigns

Here’s what to keep in mind when planning your direct mail strategy

1.   Personalize the Mail

Make each mail feel personal by including the contact’s first name in your greeting or body copy. You can also refer to any other relevant details you have about their past purchases, interests, or profiles to demonstrate that the customer is not just getting a generic mass mailing.

2.   Digital Integration

Be sure to connect your direct mail campaign back to your online assets. While direct mail can be an effective way to generate responses, most of your business likely happens digitally. Use the high response rates from the mailings as an opportunity to guide recipients toward engaging with your social media profiles and websites. Offer scannable codes in your mailers that unlock discounts or entries into giveaways.

3.   Use Folded Letters or Cards

There is power in the reveal effect when recipients open their mail. Just like clicking an email or a link online, opening an envelope shows that they are interested in learning more. However, printing both an envelope and a separate insert can significantly increase costs. Stuffing and sealing individual envelopes also drives expenses up. Instead, you can go for folded mailers. Folded mailers and cards offer more flexibility with sizes and designs while still providing that satisfying reveal factor.

4.   Automation

The less a printer’s hands have to touch each mailer, the cheaper it is. Any manual labor or touch time adds to the price. To keep costs low, design mailers that can be processed automatically.

For instance, instead of tucking a loose business card inside an envelope, have part of the mailer incorporate the contact information or use it as a perforated card that recipients can easily detach.

5.   Include a Clear CTA

A call to action explains why the recipient should respond to the mailing. Choose the exact phrasing for the CTA carefully, as this is critical for getting a response. Make sure to connect the CTA back to the overall goal you set for the campaign.


In closing, do not underestimate the power of putting a promotion directly into customers’ hands. Explore new ways to optimize the physical mail experience and connect it to your broader marketing strategy. Done right, direct mail should deepen relationships long after the contents are tossed.

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