5 Ways to Grow Your Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency Growth

A digital marketing agency grows and breaks new boundaries every single week. Not only marketers innovate but customers needs change very quickly. It’s why people love using the word trend when it comes to many social media platforms.

If you’re working in the digital marketing realm, you know staying up-to-date is a vital part of delivering results. We’ve laid out a few strategies to keeping your marketing agency afloat, no matter the situation – from staying lean to growing your revenue.

#1 – Outsource to marketing experts

No matter your marketing projects, there will come a day when you and your team are dealing with something entirely new. Be honest with yourself about your limits and consider outsourcing aspects of your work that you can’t confidently manage.

Marketing Agency Growth
Marketing Agency Growth

For instance, you might have needs for a motion designer or a developper. Those skills are much harder to learn on-the-go and hiring someone could save you tons of money and time. You might also decide to hire someone for a project because your team is full right now.

In reality, there are a lot of problems that can arrive when doing something new. Some of those problems can take you 8 hours while another person can fix them in 10 minutes. While we often think in-house is cheaper, it’s not always the case. If you want a local agency in Australia, you could look at Brisbane digital marketing agency. A lot of companies work remotely now, especially for SEO and it does give you a bigger talent pool.

Another example would be writing. You might have a talented academic writer in your team. They are creating peer-reviewed articles or textbooks but a need arises for ad copywriting. Ad copywriting requires being witty, fun and human. You’d probably benefit from hiring someone with this specific expertise for the project – even if it means just learning from her. You could even find a ghostwriter.

#2. -Check the latest regulation

When it comes to digital marketing, gathering and sharing data has become normal. Given the intense value of data, you need to take data security very seriously. Data rights are becoming a component of human rights, and governments are getting more and more serious about those issues. A data breach could cost you millions of dollars depending on the amount of data you process.

With hackers developing new strategies every hour, you need to have regular security reviews and devote time each week to keep track of cybersecurity news and updates. Specialists at nerder.com emphasize starting with the basics for your website: SSL and HTTPS. You should also follow local government bills pertaining to security to make sure you’re meeting the new security standards.

#3 – Marketing agency inspiration

Visual and tonal trends are changing faster than you think. You can definitely subscribe to trend-spotting channels and newsletters but that’s when everybody knows about it. We recommend spending doing marketing research every week by yourself. The goal is to find something you like before it becomes popular to help you grow your revenue.

You can also:

  • Read books you’ve never heard of
  • Go for walks
  • Paint
  • Meditate
  • Dedicate time each day or week for original inspiration

It’s also important to do this to keep your inspiration and motivation. Your best work is an authentic one and it comes from following your own taste. Go and explore the infinite world of creativity.

#4 – Take care of your marketing agency team

A digital marketing agency is only as strong as the people who work for it. Even if you’re working alone, you should take care of yourself to do better work. Creating a sustainable marketing agency requires sustainable work – one giving as much as taking. Sadly, a lot of companies only take which often leads employees to burnout.

Marketing Agency Collaboration
Marketing Agency Collaboration

To give back to yourself and your team, you should offer:

  • Paid vacations
  • Flexible hours
  • Hybrid environment
  • Better pay
  • Team building activities
  • Corporate progression opportunities

You can also ask your team what they would like to have. For instance, they might want to have new company laptops or a lavish party. Sometimes, it’s better to ask what people want for Christmas and same applies to company benefits.

For instance, paid vacations support employee well-being through paid time off, flexible hours enhance work-life balance, and a hybrid environment offers adaptability, while better pay and team building activities recognize contributions and foster collaboration.

Additionally, offering career development opportunities, online or such that include traveling, is a valuable benefit, and partnering with corporate travel agencies can provide convenient and cost-effective travel solutions with expert guidance.

#5 – Never stop exploring

Brand new SaaS and websites pop up every single day. As a digital marketing agency owner, you should constantly seek out new ideas that could stimulate your team and increase the quality of your work. We recommend trying rather than reading if there’s a free trial – you could often be surprised, positively and negatively. It will also give you a way to see how it could fit in your employee’s work. Employees are usually very busy and taking the time to filter for them goes a long way in reducing their stress.

Hold your horses

Those are definitely not all the aspects of surviving as a marketing agency but they are the most important according to us. You have to stay lean, flexible and sustainable. Your agency will build its reputation over time and it’s why investing in people is the best thing you can make.

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