How to Determine Facebook Ads Manager Hourly Salaries in the United States

Pinterest Ads Tips

Determining the hourly salary for Facebook Ads Managers in the United States can be a complex task. While specific data for this role might vary, looking at the broader category of Social Media Managers can provide useful insights. This article provides a comprehensive guide on estimating the hourly salaries for Facebook Ads Managers in the […]

Best Image Size for Facebook Ads | Guide

Operational Challenge

Creating successful Facebook ads involves more than just compelling text; it’s about captivating visuals. While excellent ad copy matters, the striking images and videos grab your audience’s attention, making them pause while scrolling and, hopefully, enticing them to click. With Facebook constantly updating its recommended ad sizes, it is crucial to ensure your images and […]

Facebook Ads:  7 Factors That Effect The Cost In 2024

I would have $332 right now if I had a penny for each time someone searched “How much do Facebook advertisements cost?” on Google this year. How much Facebook ads can you buy? It depends on a lot of factors. That’s a loaded question and in truth, it can’t be answered without knowing more about […]

Facebook Ad Types: Pros and Cons in 2024

Facebook Ad Types: Pros and Cons in 2021

You might already know that running Facebook Ads is one of the most effective ways to advertise online. But did you know there are 11 different Facebook objectives that dictate which ad types work best… and almost endless opportunities to customize your ads? And, do you know how to use them? If not, you’re missing […]

11 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Facebook Ad CPM

Being a digital marketer in 2023 requires a lot of work to stay on top of ever-evolving trends and changes in the industry. For example, did you know that Facebook currently has more than 3 billion users?  With that many people tapped into Facebook, it’s key to understand your target audience so you know how […]

Utilizing Facebook Advertising for Outdoor Gear: Targeting Your Niche Audience

The key to successful advertising lies in its precision and relevance, especially for specific niches like outdoor gear. Facebook, one of today’s most powerful advertising platforms, offers amazing targeting capabilities niche industries could benefit from.  With 3.03 billion active users worldwide, Facebook is not just a social network but a goldmine of user data and […]

Should You Run Facebook Ads in 2024?

Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platform and it’s not going away soon. The popularity of the platform has been uncontested and has produced thousands of multi million dollar brands in the past few years. If you aren’t running Facebook ads, you should. Let’s explore why… Cost-effectiveness Advertising with Facebook is one of […]

How to Promote Unstructured Content on Facebook

Smart Marketing

In this digital age of marketing, unstructured content is gaining substantially more traction than structured content. Unstructured content, characterized by its spontaneous, informal and humanized nature, diverges from the conventional framework of structured content. Yet, small-business owners and marketing professionals are wondering how to use it effectively on Facebook. As one of the most widely […]

Facebook Ads For Real Estate in 2024

Catering Marketing

In the past years, real estate agents have become dependent on flyers, networking, posting, bulletin boards and lead generations. All these old school strategies are not so effective anymore. Generating leads is a tough game requiring creativity. While door-to-door marketing is quite useful – very few people find it enjoyable. On the other hand, you can […]

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