Boosting Online Ads with High-Impact Photography

The competition in the online space is quite tough. Your ad can easily get lost in the crowd, and this only means failing to achieve the desired results. The trick here is designing it in a way that stands out and captivates the potential customer’s interest while boosting online ads.

Using premium-quality photographs can make a significant difference in how your ad fares in such a cutthroat arena. Stats actually reveal that images, on average, have a 12% ROI (return on investment), coming second after videos that boast an ROI of 25%.

Photography stirs up emotions and prompts the target audience to take action. When used effectively, this can lead to increased conversions. This article offers tips on boosting the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns through high-impact pictures. Read on for the details.

Visual storytelling when boosting online ads

You’ve certainly come across the adage, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ This holds true regarding boosting online ads. About 51% of marketers used visuals in 91% to 100% of their content in 2021. Follow suit. Premium quality photos help tell your brand story more effectively compared to using text alone. 

The human brain processes images differently from text. Pictures stimulate the brain, triggering prompt response from the viewer. They evoke excitement, trust, and desire, creating an emotional connection with customers. And that positively influences purchasing decisions. 

Moreover, great visuals explicitly spell out your brand’s unique identity. They precisely communicate your company’s values and personality.    

Visual storytelling is, indeed, powerful. Integrating images that deeply resonate with your audience in boosting online ads will boost brand recognition and inspire customers to buy. Working with professionals is advisable, especially if you don’t have photography equipment or skills. A reliable photography studio London or a similar option in your location with experienced staff can help you get the desired quality of images.

Choosing the right images

It’s crucial to know what images to use to make your marketing campaign successful. To reiterate, competition is tough, and you must find ways to beat the rest. Global spending on digital advertising is predicted to surpass USD$1 trillion by 2027, meaning competition will even be higher.

High Impact Photography Ads

Below are some critical factors to consider:

  • Authenticity: Original photos are more relatable. Use genuine pictures of people using your products in real-life scenarios. Stock photos often lack personality; potential customers may shrug them off. 
  • Matching visuals to target audience: When choosing your ad pictures, consider your target audience’s demographics and preferences. The images should be appropriate for their age, gender, lifestyle, and interests. For instance, if you’re marketing your brand to the young populations, you may want more casual and playful visuals. Contrarily, boosting online ads for a more mature audience will work better with more formal images. 
  • Relevance to your product: It helps to ascertain that your ad images are directly relevant to your product. For example, if you’re selling beachwear, don’t use photos of people hiking in the mountains. Ensuring a distinctive connection between the image and your marketing message ensures customers understand what the ad is about. 

Using the right images drives your marketing point home more effortlessly. 

Technical considerations when boosting online ads

Beyond the aesthetics, it helps to get the technical aspects of your ad images correctly. This ensures they load quickly and display correctly. 

  • File formats: The file format you save your image in affects the quality and load time. JPEG suffices for most applications. PNG might be appropriate for graphics or pictures with transparent backgrounds. Use image compression tools to reduce file size without a reduction in quality. 
  • Resolution: Low-resolution images aren’t the best because of their blurred or pixelated look. Higher resolution images offer more clarity. However, different platforms set limits for image sizes. Take these restrictions into account. Also, ensure you optimize your images for proper display on different devices including desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Photo Editing: Basic editing goes a long way to making your images more captivating. You don’t need to be a Photoshop pro for this. Cropping to the right size and a few color adjustments can make your ad images more polished and professional. 

Mastering these technical bits makes your photos more appealing.

Composition that captivates

Image composition determines how impactful they’ll be to the target audience. Below are some essential tips:

  • The rule of thirds: Draw two horizontal and two vertical lines to divide your image into thirds. Your subject should preferably be along the two horizontal and vertical lines to ensure it’s centrally positioned.
  • Make use of negative space: This is the empty area around your main subject. Incorporate it intentionally to achieve an uncluttered look. 
  • Leading lines: You can incorporate lines in your images to subconsciously guide the viewer’s eyes. These could be roads, building facades, or the curve of an arm.

Mastering these composition techniques makes your images more visually engaging, creating a lasting impression on the viewer. 

Testing and optimization

Using just one image in your ads and assuming it will perform well isn’t prudent. You may want to use A/B testing to optimize your ad visuals. Here, you compare two ad variations with a particular difference, in this case, the image. You can then capitalize on the better performing version and scale the marketing campaign

Testing and comparing ad performance is easy through the analytics tools offered by many ad platforms. Use insights from A/B tests to finetune your ad images over time.


Online ads can obtain a great deal of benefits from high-impact photography. Telling your brand story? Connecting with customers? Driving action? All these areas (and more) can be effectively covered with the right pictures.

Failure to go above and beyond to create an outstanding ad won’t give you the desired results because, as said earlier, the online space is pretty competitive. That said, don’t you think it’s finally time to improve your photography and editing skills? You may also want to engage professional photographers for guaranteed results.

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